The act of excessive eating or drinking.

"Please d-don't k-kill m-me."

This was almost his favorite part, the begging. The look of desperation in his victim's eyes, glossy with fear, her salty tears threatening to spill over and run down her pale cheeks, all blood drained from her pretty little face from sheer uneasiness.

Most vampires thought the best part of being a vampire was the hunt. The stalking, the creeping - the way they were portrayed in movies and, much to Damon's dismay, bad television.

As for him, he preferred getting right down to business. He was quite impulsive, always ready to snap a neck and just as eager to tear out a few hearts. He wasn't a pussy vampire like his younger brother. Stefan was all about feelings these days and caring about the feelings of other people and what they cared about. It drove Damon mad. Who gave a shit how people felt? The only feelings he cared about were the little that he possessed. Fuck what human beings felt and wanted. The only thing that mattered was what he wanted.

And right now, all he wanted was to drain every single drop out of this woman's body. The way he was holding her in his arms, had anyone happened to walk by, they'd have thought he and her were some couple, romantically gazing into each other's eyes or some typical thing like that. If they happened to come closer, they'd hear the erratic breathing of the female's and see the growing fear etched on her features. Damon held her in a vice-like grip, his arms wrapped around hers, so the only defenses she could possibly use were her head and feet.

For whatever reason, he didn't believe she was that stupid. She had to know what he was by now, and if she didn't catch on, the whites of his eyes turning red and dark veins tracing them had to give her some clue that he was not just any assaulter. He was not just going to attack her; he was going to eviscerate her.

He felt the rush in his veins, the blood-lust consuming his mind to no end. Why this lady chose to take this path, of all paths, was beyond him. Apparently feeble young woman liked to take dirty old alleyways in downtown Virginia. It didn't faze him though, it only satisfied him. Sometimes, humans were oh-so convenient. They were always in the right place at the right time for Damon.

"Please, somebody, help me! Oh, God! Somebody, help me!" The woman's screams were of no use to her. It only made Damon chuckle, running his tongue along his fangs. "PLEASE, somebody PLEASE help me!"

Her voice was becoming hoarse, and soon, her shouts and pleas were inaudible. Damon forcefully threw her up against the concrete wall, her skull making a pleasant cracking noise, all light in her eyes seeming to burn out. Cold sweat laced her forehead, running down the length of her nose. Her breathing was out of control. She was whispering now, still asking for some savior to rescue her from this compromising position. When she opened her mouth again, Damon figured he'd had enough. He took her head in his hands and quickly snapped her neck, causing her to slump against him. He held her head up by her hair, which was, without a doubt, the sweatiest he'd ever felt a girl's hair before. He then shoved his fangs into her jugular, draining what he summed up as his thirteenth victim of the night.

And he was still hungry. And there was only one person that could sedate his hunger.

They were a tangled mess. Hands roving through each other's hair, the occasional tug that caused who it belonged to let out a strangled grunt, as their lips were too preoccupied with each other's to speak. Damon was a hypocrite, he knew. Saying how much he didn't give a shit how humans felt and yet, there he was, caring about nothing more than pleasing the witch fidgeting beneath him.

He couldn't understand why she'd invited him inside her house. As far as he knew, Bonnie couldn't stand him. She resented vampires - especially evil, ruthless ones like him. So when she'd let the words "come in" slip from her all-too tempting throat, allowed him upstairs, into her bedroom without so much as giving him one of her classic aneurysms, he'd decided she was tricking him somehow.

But now they were in her bed, going at it like rabid animals, fully clothed, grinding and moaning, completely lost in whatever new dimension they'd stumbled upon. Damon broke their heated kiss and stared into her eyes, an unfathomable expression on her face. Her pink lips were parted and she was breathing hard, her hands still grappled in his hair.


He cut her off with his lips again, an unknown emotion suddenly taking him over. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip, taking it between his teeth and biting down gently too gently, eliciting a soft moan from Bonnie, who squirmed beneath him, no doubt seeking release. The thought of her being turned on by him; by her needing him, spurned a more familiar feeling deep inside of him. He could feel his mind being clouded by the darkness that always consumed him, the one that so easily made him tear into people's throats without so much as a blink of an eye.

It especially didn't help when the tongue of the witch beneath him grazed one of his, now more obvious, fangs, causing a hint of her blood to collide with his penetrating tongue. A low growl escaped his throat as he tasted the most divine, mouth-watering life fluid of the night. A whimper escaped Bonnie's mouth as Damon sucked her tongue, licking at it and biting it harder, drawing more blood.

God, she tasted like no other! Was it because she was a witch? No, that couldn't be it. Witch or not, Bonnie was still a human. And no other human, especially none of the thirteen bodies of blood he'd had tonight tasted so… so indefinable, so delectable. She was on a different level from the others. She was out of this universe.

"Do you know how amazing you taste?" Damon ground out roughly against her parted lips, flicking his tongue over them before shoving it back into her mouth. He felt her twitch against him, probably because she could taste herself. Good. He wanted her to feel what she was doing to him. Feel it.

Bonnie took his head in her hands and lifted it, his mouth leaving hers with an all-too arousing smack. His icy blue eyes were hazy and dark, and she could see the uncontrollable blood-lust in them. His vampire nature had completely taken him over. She licked her lips, his eyes drawn to them now, as he tried to lean in, she decisively moved her head to the side, causing his lips to meet her neck instead. Damon inhaled her scent audibly, his fangs itching to sink into her warm, tender flesh.

And he wanted to. He wanted to so fucking badly. But for some annoying reason unbeknownst to him, he wanted her to ask him, to give him her approval. His mind was becoming boggled. No one, whom he ever planned to drink from, had ever been able to break into his routine like this. His impulse always won, no matter what. So why the hell was he hesitating when all he wanted to do was devour her?

"Do it," he heard her breathe. "Do what you need to do."

She trusted him? He couldn't hide the look of shock on his face as he studied hers. She looked completely serious. Well, if she'd let him go this far…

His mouth hovered over her neck for a moment before he slowly, but surely pierced his fangs into the flesh, moaning as her blood flowed into his mouth freely. If there was a Heaven for vampires, Damon was positive this was what it was like. His eyes closed at the sensation of Bonnie's groans, feeling her nails clawing through the back of his t-shirt. It was pure bliss, the way her tangy, warm blood danced on his tongue, like it was meant to be there forever. His tongue lapped up the deep crimson fluid, causing breathy whimpers and other inaudible sounds from Bonnie. He was lost in it, lost in her. He had to stop. He had to stop before he drained every last ounce out of her.

He finally pulled back, and was pleased to see a look of delight on her face. Her breathing was calming down, and her eyes were becoming heavy.

That would be the effect of excessive drinking, Damon thought smugly. He sat up, his knees on either side of her laying form, and brought his left wrist to his mouth, biting down. Bonnie's eyes widened as he brought his bleeding wrist down over her mouth and she squirmed beneath him.

"You need it," he assured her, his voice husky. "I drank too much."

Her eyes softened and she opened her mouth willingly, her tongue flicking over the skin of his wrist. He could see his blood coating her lips and he bit back a growl, pulling his wrist from her mouth when he figured she'd had enough.

He swiftly brought his lips back down on hers, ravishing her mouth, their mixed blood intoxicating his already confused brain. He didn't know why she was being so accepting tonight, and he really didn't care…

…Until he felt an unpleasant feeling wash over his stomach, a tense, burning feeling. He let out a choked breath as he gripped his abdomen, looking up into Bonnie's fiery green eyes.

"What," he choked, "did you do to me?"

Suddenly, she sat up, a little wobbly from the blood loss. Never the less, a smirk pulled at her blood-coated lips. A familiar rage filled her eyes.

"You like it? Before you got here, I was working on a new repelling spell. It makes a human's blood seem completely delicious to vampires. Different from how any other human's blood they've had," she explained, kicking him off her bed with force, causing him to hit the floor with a pained groan. "Sure, you think you're on cloud nine for a while, which is what the victim wants so that you can drink and drink and drink, all the while never realizing you're being poisoned the entire time. Unfortunately, this spell only works for an hour."

Damon coughed, feeling utterly weak and defenseless. He wanted so badly to rip her throat out. So that's why she'd invited him in and let him have his way with her. So she could try out her newest concoction on him.

"You… fucking… bitch," Damon wheezed, black blood shooting out of his mouth.

"Oh, and I also found a spell to un-invite unwanted vampires into my house. Looks like you won't be staying the night after all," she sneered, sliding off her bed, standing over him.

Before he could grab her ankle and pull her to the ground, she chanted a quick, "Exitus, malum mortuus!" Before Damon could register what was happening, the room seemed to be spinning, and he quickly found himself being shoved by an unseen force. Bonnie's bedroom door unlocked, opened, and Damon was soon being pushed down the stairs. The front door unlocked and opened as well, the force getting stronger. Soon, he was out the door. He watched as it slammed on its own, an audible click confirming that it was locked.

Damon gripped his middle and coughed again, feeling his insides tear. It had only been 2 minutes, tops, and he'd have to endure this fucking pain for one, whole hour. His eyes weakly looked up at Bonnie's window, to find her looking back, an irritably pleased look on her face.

That fucking bitch!

The pain didn't go away for three hours.

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