Dastardos raised a brow.

"Yes... Yes..." Pester said, rubbing his hands together evilly as he watched the chemicals in the various beakers bubbled. Dastardos floated on the side, watching as his boss was being a complete weirdo.

"If I may ask- what in the HELL are you doing?" Dastardos asked as Pester started to mix the random ingredients together. Pester continued to laugh evilly as he held up a beaker, showing the grey bubbling liquid inside of it.

"THIS! It's an experiment I have been working on," Pester said proudly, bringing the beaker close to his face so he can see it better. Dastardos wasn't impressed.

"What kind of expiriment?"

"A scientific experiment!"

"... You have no idea what it is, do you?" Dastardos asked. Pester was quiet a moment.

"... Well, after you test it out for me, then I will know!" Pester said. Dastardos scoffed.

"What? You want me to drink some random-ass thing that you just made? No way," Dastardos said, "Not to mention I can't even drink stuff anyway." Pester frowned.

"You will never know unless you try it," Pester said. Dastardos shook his head.

"No," He said stubbornly. Pester growled, holding the beaker out as he started to make his way over. At the same time, a Ruffian was on the side, eating a banana.

"Come on Dastardos, I don't ask too much of you- AH!" Pester screamed loudly as he slipped and fell on the ground. The beaker in his hands flew up into the air, spilling all of the professor's face as his head smacked against the ground. Dastardos burst out laughing, kicking his legs out as he clutched his stomach. The Ruffian, the one who was eating the banana before, ran away as quickly as he could before Pester could have gotten up and asked where the discarded banana peel came from.

"Ah..." Dastardos said as he started to calm down, looking over at Pester, who was moaning in pain on the ground, "What, did you hit your head to hard or something?" He mocked. Pester didn't respond though. Instead, he was still lying on the ground, his moaning coming out to sound a bit more choke-like. Dastardos coughed when an awful smell took over his nose.

"Holy shit, what the hell did you mix?" Dastardos coughed, using his hand to fan the smell away from his face. Pester was starting to get up now, though it was quite strange. He was getting up slowly, a bit jerky too. He was grunting as if he was in pain but didn't want to scream. From the fall he had, his mask was broken in the back. The cracks started to come around the mask, up to the front, and it started to fall apart.

"What in the hell?" Dastardos muttered, looking at the disgusted face of Pester. Sure, the man was ugly before, but damn. Pester's face was a bit of a sickly green color, like he was going to puke or something. His unbelievably large nose looked to be drooping a bit, and his eyes were all saggy as if he hadn't slept in days. Dastardos glared a bit.

"Hey, are you okay or what?" He asked suspiciously. Pester had managed to force himself to stand up now, and he was now stumbling over to Dastardos. Dastardos started to float backwards a little as Pester made his advances.

"What are you-" Dastardos was cut off when Pester grabbed his arm, his ugly face quickly lowering as if to take a bite. Dastardos quickly went into his ghost form, releasing himself from the grasp of the evil idiot. Pester was slightly confused at first, making a face as if someone had stolen his dinner from right out under his nose. Dastardos was floating away a bit quicker now, his mind racing in wonder as to why Pester had just tried to bite him. Dastardos turned his head, looking over at another Ruffian- Ruffian 24 in fact- as it came stumbling in. The thing wasn't exactly being quiet, and it caught Pester's attention right away. His head turned to the Ruffian, and he moaned out loudly as his advances now started towards the unsuspecting Ruffian. Dastardos was in a corner on the opposite side of the room, hiding in the shadow it gave off as he watched what was going on.

The Ruffian at the time, was looking at the strange spilled liquid on the ground, sniffing at it as if to wonder if he should lick it or not. He didn't see that his Professor was stumbling up to him a little quickly, despite the moans he was giving out. Dastardos's eyes widened a bit. Pester's face was still a green color, and had a lot of grey to it as well, giving it a dead-looking appearance. The Ruffian finally took notice that someone was creeping on him, but by now it was too late.

Dastardos watched in horror as Pester's giant hands grasped the Ruffian's ponytail, his head moving down quickly. His ugly, discolored teeth sank into the Ruffian's flesh, making the creepy experiment cry out in pain. Pester's head came back, ripping a good chunk of the Ruffian's flesh right off of the arm, the thing crying out even louder now. Dastardos's spiny back was pressed against the wall, feeling a bit disgusted as blood started to pour onto the ground as Pester swallowed the stringy flesh he already had in his mouth, and he went in for another mouth full. Dastardos didn't know whether to run- or rather float- away, or if he should still be watching the horror he was watching right now.

After a few seconds of Ruffian screams and the sounds of ripping flesh, Dastardos quickly darted through the walls, getting out of there. What had that fat-ass idiot done this time?

... Yes, it's a bit disturbing. I just really want to write a horror story for this section xD I don 't know why... but I do...

Well Pester has done it now. What has he done? That's for you to decide...