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"You completely butchered her," Eddie whispered, going completely pale. Sparcticus had taken Petula's severed body and brought it out to the front, where all the trashbags were. Seiko was sitting in one of the chairs at the bar, sobbing loudly.

"I-I didn't kn-know!" She cried loudly, not even wanting to look at her murder victim, as some of them were calling it. She could feel some of them glaring at her, and Eddie wouldn't even look over in her direction.

"Well, there is only one thing to do now," Arfur muttered, holding up a gun. It was pointed directly at Seiko. The gardener's eyes widened, tears still falling from her eyes at an uncontrollable rate from underneath her mask.

"What in the world are you doing?" Leafos cried out, her hands weaved and pulling on her own hair. Arfur didn't turn around, keeping his aim.

"You kill, you die," he said, his finger on the trigger. Some of the villagers looked horrified, while others looked away, not wanting to see what was about to happen. Seiko began to cry even harder, so hard that she couldn't even plead for her life. As soon as the trigger was pulled, Eddie reached over and pushed the gun away from Seiko and to the bottled alcohol behind the counter. Arfur looked at the Lizard boy, a bit confused. Eddie, for the first time, had a feirce look in his eyes.

"She didn't mean to do it! I know Seiko, and she wouldn't kill someone," He said sternly. Arfur look at him a second, and then pointed to Petula's corpse.

"If you don't remember, Seiko wasn't down here when Petula came in, not to mention that Petula looked like one of those... um..." Eddie trailed off for a moment.

"Zombies." Dustin informed on the side.

"Whatever," Eddie said, still not breaking his gaze with Arfur. The room was quiet for a moment, the sound of liquid pouring onto the floor from the broken glass that was shot. Arfur shrugged.

"Fair enough. Sorry for almost shooting you Seiko," Arfur said, even thought the girl was crying too hard to even hear him.

"Um... fellas?" Willy's voice rang out, cutting off the silence. People had turned, gasping at the site. Petula's mouth was already rotting, and low, groaning sounds were coming from it. Her eyes were glazed over and drooping, and her head was rising up. Her bleeding arm swung out, coming close to scratching Sparcticus.

"H-How? She wasn't even bitten?" Sahari exclaimed as Petula struggled to get up. Arfur was the first to move, aiming his gun at her head. He pulled the trigger, hitting her square in the head. Petula dropped onto the table again, a loud cracking sound being heard. The room fell silent once again.

"... Did anyone see a bite on her?" Maxime asked, her dark eyes looking around. Dustin held his hands up.

"I didn't see a thing on her," he paused. "Well, besides her clothes and stuff." Maxime gave him a look, wondering how anyone could be so stupid.

"How in the WORLD could she be one of those things then?" Lottie asked, her eyes wide. Maddie decided to finally step in.

"She probably already had the disease already in her," she piped up.

"What do you mean by that?" Sahari asked. Maddie sat up in her chair, smirking a bit.

"Well, I have been watching... well not really watching, more just listening while my dad watches it- anyway, it's this show called 'The Walking Dead',"

"Oh my God, I love that show!" Dustin spoke up. "Yeah, there was something about it where the disease in in the air, and so everyone has it inside of them, meaning that when they die they become a zombie." Once again, for the third or forth time, everyone went silent.

"You mean I'm full of DISEASE?" Leafos shrieked, almost passing out. Dustin rolled his head.

"You were already full of it, but yes. We are all... THE WALKING DEAD." He said dramatically, although it didn't have as much effect as it did in the actual show. Everyone began to mutter to each other, some believing it and some not. Maxime clicked her tongue, nodding.

"That really would explain the-" Maxime was going to finish when Maddie cut her off.

"Hang on there. Dustin needs to go ahead and get whatever stupid thought that is in his head right now," she said, and at that exact moment, Dustin's stupidity started to show.

"Oh my God, this changes EVERYTHING! We are re-enacting the TV show! Which would mean," he turns on his heels, first pointing to Sparcticus and Sahari. "Sparcticus! You are the main character, Rick. You tell us all what to do and stuff, keep us alive, and fight a black guy later! Sahari, you will be Lori, who is a complete bitch and is SUPER fat because of her pregnacy."

"Why you little-"

"It's not worth it," Sparcticus muttered in Sahari's ear. Sahari huffed, crossing her arms angrily over her baby bump.

"Arfur, since your all big and stuff, you will be Shane, and will be the actual father of Sahari's baby, and you will go sherbatshit insane later-"

"Dustin, this really isn't necesarry," Arfur said in a warning tone. Yet again, Dustin continued.

"Seiko and Eddie will just fuck each other a lot, like Dale and Andrea, even though Eddie isn't a billion years old," Dustin ranted, his fanboy showing. "Which would mean that Maxime can be Maggie, who fucks Glenn a lot, and I would be MORE then happy to play Glenn-"

"You are pushing it," Maxime fumed. Dustin stared at her a second.

"... Maddie... well, you can probably play Sophie, but that would mean that you need to go outside, get lost, and then come back as a zombie so Sparcticus can kill you," Dustin walked over to the front door, unlocked it, and opened it up. "Alright Maddie, go girl, go!" Lottie and Willy both looked at him in disbelief, while Maddie looked completely irritated as she stayed in her seat.

"What am I, some Barkbark to you?" Maddie growled.

"...If I answer no, will you get lost?"

"Shut the door Dustin! You're going to let the dead in!" Bart shrieked. Dustin rolled his eyes.

"I think your being a little over-dramaOH MY GOD A ZOMBIE!" Dustin shrieked as an undead Watchling lunged at him. Everyone shrieked as Dustin tried to shut the door, but was prevented because of the undead. It slammed on it's head, the sound of a skull cracking open being heard. Dustin screamed, repeatedly opening and shutting the door with all his might, continously crushing the Watchling's skull. When it finally went limp, you wouldn't even know there was a skull to begin with. Sparcticus stormed over, used all his might to kick the body away, slammed the door and faced Dustin.

"What the hell were you thinking? Are you trying to get us all killed?" He hissed. Dustin's face went completely pale, and for once, he didn't say a thing. He was shaking, quite violently like that, whether it was from almost being eaten by a zombie or the angry Eskimo before him.

"I say we throw him out. He's going to be nothing more then a nuisence!" Lottie said, her hands resting on Maddie's shoulders.

"I agree," Bart said, arms crossed. More and more people began to agree, to the point that Sparcticus was about to pick him up.

"Now hold on just a minute! We can't justr throw him out," Maxime spoke up, to everyone's surprise. Sparcticus raised a brow, his lips slighted partly.

"Are you trying to save him?" he asked. Dustin looked over at Maxime, who nodded.

"It's not like he killed anyone," she said.

"He could have. What if there were more zombies at the door then just that one?" Bart sneered.

"But there wasn't. Besides, survivors always stick together," she said, giving Sparcticus a stern look. Sparcticus didn't return her look, and took a step away from the blonde boy. Dustin finally let out a breath of relief, looking over at Maxime.

"God, tha-" He was cut off when Maxime grabbed his shirt collar and yanked him out of the front room. Dustin made loud choking sounds as she tugged on him, taking him to the stairs where Petula was accidentally killed.

"What are you- OOF!" He weezed as he was thrown to the wall. Maxime got cornered him, getting real close to his face.

"Now you listen here buddy," her voice sounded so cold and angry, "I saved your ass this time, but I didn't do it because I like you or anything."

"Then why-"

"Like I said, survivors stick together, if they are useful. You may know a lot about how to survive zombie invasions," she began to jab his shoulder with her pointed finger with every word, "But so help me, if you open that door, or say or do anything stupid, then you will be sacrificed to the undead. Do I make myself clear?" Dustin winced, grabbing his shoulder as a new bruise was forming.

"Does that mean no-"

"No jokes, no stunts, no more references to 'The Walking Dead' or any other dumbass movie or show you have seen. Understand?"

"... Does this mean no more-"


"Yes ma'am," he squeaked, completely terrified. She may be a few inches shorter then him, but Dustin had never seen anyone look so scary in his life. Maxime nodded in satisfaction, and promptly walked back to the front where everyone else was. Dustin stood there, frozen in his spot.

Either joke or death, he thought a little bitterly. This means I'm going to have to be serious... Whatever that means...

"So... they got you already?" Dastardos cooed, looking at the ground at his father, Jardiniero. Jardiniero was crawling along the ground, his legs not mobile even in his undead form. Half of his body had been torn away, his blood splattered everywhere. He gurgled and spat, snapping at Dastardos with no avail. Magnar covered his face with Dastardos's scarf, shivering in fright underneath his sweater. Dastardos knew the little pinata was scared to death, but he had to see for himself if his father was alive or not. If you call him a father or not.

The old bastard deserves it anyway, Dastardos told himself in his head. Even if he cared nothing for the old man, seeing him undead almost scared him.

Pester really went overboard this time, he thought, swatting at Jardiniero's reaching hand. At least the professor was dead.

But might have been the only one who could create a cure, a small voice in his head had said. He growled, turning away from the zombie and floated to the doorway.

"Seedos! You're okay!" A loud, girlish voice had called out. Dastardos peered out the door, not worried about Jardiniero at all. His eyes, both the good and bad one, had widened when he saw Seedos walking out into Dustin's abandoned garden. He was also surprised to see Gretchen close behind him, a bunch of dried blood caked all over her and her clothes. Storkos had dropped to the ground after hovering down, and ran up as fast as she could to Seedos. The heroine grabbed her youngest brother in a big Fizzlybear hug, causing Seedos to choke.

"Can't... breathe!" he rasped. Storkos loosened her grip, her hands still on his shoulders.

"I'm so glad you're okay! I have been flying all over the place, trying to find you and Leafos," She said, her voice sounding relieved as she gave him another hug, much more gentle this time. Seedos' eyes widened a bit.

"You have seen what's been going on?" he asked, sounding a little surprised.

"I saw while doing my rounds. What happened? Does anyone know?" she asked, looking back and forth between Gretchen and Seedos.

"Not yet. I found a few of them while on a hunt. Saved him when he was trapped in his shack or whatever," she gestured to him. "I managed to get him out just in time. We are trying to look for other survivors."

"Other survivors? You sound like the world alreayd ended," Storkos muttered, looking over towards the house. Dastardos stiffed slightly when she saw him, but made no effort to move.

"What are you doing here? Did you do something to Jardiniero?" Storkos asked, her eyes widening. Seedos had the same look, although he was staring at Dastardos as if he was sure he would be dead.

Like that will ever happen, he thought to himself.

"I didn't do anything. Someone else did, however," As if on cue, Jardiniero had crawled his way to the doorway, exposing his rotting flesh to his youngest children and the huntress. Storkos covered her mouth with her hands, holding back a cry. Seedos didn't know what to say, but he felt Gretchen's hand gently place itself over his shoulder. Storkos' eyes blazed with anger as she stomped over to the reaper, her fists clenched.

"What. Did. You. Do?" She growled. Dastardos put his hands up, his bloodied stick still in his hand. Magnar hid himself under his sweater very well.

"I didn't do a thing. I just got here and found him like this," he answered as truthfully as he could. Storkos stopped, just far enough so Jardiniero couldn't get her.

"How do I know you're not lying?" She asked. "For all I know, you and Pester had something to do with this." Dastardos glared at her, and then brought down the stick on Jardiniero's head, crushing his skull inwards. Storkos let out a loud gasp.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" She shrieked. Dastardos scoffed.

"What, that's the thanks I get for saving your life?" He sneered. Storkos glared, her feiry blue eyes never meeting his dull grey as Gretchen and Seedos joined them.

"Storkos, it wasn't really him," Seedos said weekly. Storkos looked at her younger brother.

"Why are you defending him? He was probably the one who did it to Dad," She said. Seedos looked down at the ground. He wasn't sure what to think about his "father". He wasn't exactly upset that he was gone, but wasn't exactly happy either.

"Well, I would tell you all what happened, but it seems like we have some unwanted company," Dastardos said, gesturing what was happening behind them. Storkos, Gretchen, and Seedos all turned around. A few undead helpers and Ruffians were making their way to them, their jaws opened hungirly.

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