Characters: Ten/Donna

Summary: some things become a ritual in life.

Disclaimer: all I own is the Tardis pen I used to write this with.

A/N: written in response to Time Travellers' prompt #64 – 'ritual' over at doctor_donna on livejournal.

Night Ritual


Care. She will have to take particular care with this nightly ritual they had developed between them. One where they shared an evening cup of tea before heading for bed. Because each evening he had started to creep in and join her, nestling up against her body.

And each evening she opened her bed covers and welcomed him in.

Sometimes the snuggling became cuddling, with promises of more. Promises made with gentle presses of lips on exposed shoulders, hands smoothed over tangled legs, or hair fondled with a loving touch.

If she wasn't too careful she could fall in love with this ritual, and him, forever.