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Chapter 1 - Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Belle is kind, brave, intelligent, independent, stubborn, outspoken, bold, beautiful, and imaginative.

Jesus, I don't know how the hell it can still be so cold and be summer, but I'm freezing my ass off … and have been for over a week now.

For the past ten nights I've come to this exact spot to wait and watch … and watch and wait. It's totally and completely nuts; if I could figure out what the hell I'm doing, I'd seriously try to stop. I'm not a stalker or anything but I just can't stay away. I tell myself all day long that I won't come, and every night, I crawl out of bed and leave the warmth of my blankets to come here.

For her.

A twig snaps behind me from somewhere hidden in the woods. I pull up the hood of my sweatshirt. I shove my hands deeper in the pocket of my Forks High Soccer hoodie and lean against the tree beside me, never taking my eyes off the door I know she'll walk through.

Night after night it's been the same thing. At precisely the ungodly hour of two A.M. she walks out of her house and makes her way to what I have come to call her sanctuary. Hell, to most everyone else it's like a huge game room or maybe even a workshop of some sort, but I can tell by the way she rushes out of the main house and the way her entire body relaxes the moment she steps foot inside the cavernous building, for her, the space means she's free.

Free from what I have no idea, but I'm damn sure going to find out.

From the first moment I saw her as she drove through town, catching just the barest glimpse of her long brown hair and her pale skin, she's occupied my every waking thought, and when I finally get my ass back in bed, my dreams as well.

I have no idea what her name is.

I have no idea what the hell she's doing in the tiny town of Forks.

I have no idea what makes me come and watch her every night from the trees that skirt her property, but here I am and here I'm going to stay until I can figure out what my next move is going to be.

Because as sure as I'm standing here in the fucking cold in the middle of the night, I will do something.

I have to.

If Emmett or Jasper ever catches wind of this, I'll never hear the end of it, but somehow no matter how cringe-worthy that thought is, I know I won't stop coming here.

I can't.

Thank God my parents are out of town for the next month or so now that summer vacation has started and thank God Dad convinced my mom that I'm old enough to stay home this year. I shiver, and not from the cold either, when I think about how thankful I am that I don't have to endure weeks of my 'Cousin' Tanya's nasty ass. She's not really my cousin, a fact for which I'm extremely grateful.

She's a pretty girl, I suppose,if you go for fake blonde hair and an even more fake personality.

I don't.

Whenever my parents force me to go to Alaska to visit their good friends Eleazar and Carmen and their daughter, Tanya, I pray every time I will make it back to Forks with my dick still attached. Sometimes I'm pretty fucking amazed I manage to make it out alive to be quite honest. Tanya's pretty damn relentless when she wants to be. Of course Jackasses One and Two, or Emmett and Jasper respectively, ride my ass like nobody's business for not tapping that when I'm given free shot after free shot, but it's just not my thing.

Thinking about the brown-haired beauty that will be making an appearance any second makes me extremely happy about that.

I'm not totally inexperienced mind you. I mean come the fuck on, I'm an almost eighteen-year-old male so I've fooled around some, but I'm not a man-whore like that fucker Newton. I have more respect for myself than that and after it being drilled in my head since I hit puberty, more respect for the few girls I've dated, too. I've had a few girlfriends in the past, but none I was ever serious enough about to even think of taking things to the next step and have sex with them.

It's not always easy, listening to the guys in the locker room go on and on about this chick or that chick and all the things they've done, but I know none of that's for me. Doesn't mean I don't want it, because Lord knows I really do, but up until now, not one girl I've ever met ever did much for me.

Not until her that is.

Drummer Girl.

I don't know her name yet, so that's what I've started calling her in my head.

Pretty apt description I think, since she plays the drums. And when I say plays, the girl fucking rocks. The first night I crept through the dark and saw her, I about came in my pants watching her she was so fucking hot. Sweaty, hair flying everywhere, arms flexing with each up and down movement; I swear it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I play the guitar and piano so I know about getting lost in the music, but her … she wasn't just lost, she was totally immersed. She played with such wild abandon, it was as if she was running, trying to escape some unseen or maybe even unknown force and wouldn't stop playing until she was safe.


If I had any thoughts of talking myself out of watching her, after seeing her that first night, after watching the way her chest heaved and her body swayed and moved, after watching the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen grace her face when she was done … any thought of being able to stay away flew right the fuck out the window.

I want to know what makes her play like the devil himself is chasing her.

I want to know what the hell she's doing awake every damn day at two in the morning.

I want to know why she looks so sad when she walks out of her house.

I want to know her.

I want her.


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