Hi, you all lovelies! First of all, I have not forgotten about you nor this story, don't worry! Life's been pretty hectic; I'm working full time, going to University, trainings, and a 100 other things and so I had to put the story on hold for a while. I literally had no time to write these past few months cause every time I had time to write something, it was writing my graduate paper. :') So life is still hectic, which means it will still take some time before I will be able to upload a new chapter (Oda-sensei is still on the Tea-party Arc anyway, so the cannon didn't really get away from me that much XD). I will be posting as soon as possible, but to be honest, I don't see I'll have much time to write until July or August, so expect the new chapter sometime in summer.

Sorry for not reaching out to you sooner, I'm sorry I worried you. Honestly, Fanfiction doesn't allow just announcement updates (there has to be a story, chapter, something), but I didn't want my readers aka you to worry unnecessarily, so after some contemplating I decided to write to you anyway. Hey, we can call this "A Letter to my Readers," maybe then it'll be allowed as a piece of literary work. XD

I hope you are all doing well. Life hasn't been easy on my end, but it's nothing to worry about, I'll get everything sort out like always. ^^ As for you all, expect my new chapter in summer, but don't worry; I may be slow with posting, but I won't give up on 'I don't like you!' I hope you all won't either. Thank you for all the wonderful comments I've been receiving, I read them regardless, and my messages also, so just know I'm still on this site and reachable; I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth yet. :P

As all letters end; best regards to you all, my friends, and I hope to write to you again soon (a new chapter perhaps).