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Like Towns on the Highway

Chapter 1: And We're Off! –

The sun beats down hard on this mid-July day as Brooke Davis-Baker steps outside to the backyard and is greeted by the playful sounds of laughter and splashing water. Looking towards the pool, she smiles to herself, seeing her three favorite boys joking around and having a good time.

In the middle of a heated game of Marco Polo, Julian is the first one to notice his wife standing there. He swims up the edge, propping his elbows up on the ledge of the pool.

"Hey, baby," he greets happily. He'd get out of the pool and greet her with a proper hug and kiss but he knows she'd scold him for getting her clothes wet. "Why don't you get a bathing suit on and come join us?"

"Actually, I have something to talk to you about," she replies instead.

Any other time, starting a conversation like this would make Julian nervous. However, the light in her eyes tells him that it's nothing too serious. At least he hopes…

"Okay…" Julian laughs a bit at her mysteriousness.

"Daddy, come on!" Jude interrupts, annoyed at having to wait for his father.

"It's your turn to be Marco…oh, hi mommy!" Davis chimes in, waving along with his brother.

"Hi, boys," Brooke waves back to them from the other side of the pool before turning back to Julian. "I see you're letting them swim without their floaties on," she says, raising a suspecting eyebrow. She's been very wary about letting their five-year-old twins swim on their own despite taking and excelling in numerous swim lessons. She can't help but worry sometimes.

"They're fine, baby," Julian sighs in an amused manner. "You'd actually be so proud of them. Earlier, they tried doing handstands under water…of course neither of them could reach the bottom of the pool…but that's besides the point," he laughs. "They're like little fish or something…made for the water."

"Well as long as you keep an eye on them, it's fine," she caves in with a small smile. "But anyway, back to what I was saying."

"Yes," Julian nods, reverting his attention back to the topic. "What is this news you have to share?"

"Okay, well keep your mind open…"

Julian groans dramatically in an exaggerated fashion. "Well this can't be any good," he teases.

"Just wait!" she shushes him. "So me and Hales were video chatting with Peyton, right? And we were all just talking about how we haven't seen Peyton in literally the longest time…I mean Sawyer's already eight!" she pauses to take a breath and Julian just laughs at how excited his wife seems to be. He just can't wait to hear her the point of this long, drawn out story. It must really be good. "So then…we all came up with this fabulous idea! And I just know you're going to love it."

Julian stifles a laugh at her sarcasm and raises his eyebrows. "Try me."

"Well," she drags the word out, building anticipation. "How would you feel about taking a road trip?" The hopefulness in her voice doesn't go unnoticed.

Julian loves road trips. He really does. But something isn't matching up here. He furrows his brow in confusion. "Wait…you mean to Lucas and Peyton?" he asks cautiously, afraid to hear the answer that is bound to come out of Brooke's mouth.

"Uh huh," she nods energetically. In her mind, this plan is foolproof.

Julian still has a lost and dazed expression on his face. "…to California…?" he inquires, shaking his head at the absurd idea. "Brooke, you do realize that if we all drive there, we'll have a car full of three little kids and a potentially, and probably, bored fourteen-year-old?...Why can't we just fly?"

Melodramatically, Brooke drops her hands to her sides with a frown. "Because this would be more fun, Julian. Come on! Think of all the memories the kids would have! They'll never forget it! We'd make stops in different states, find fun stuff for all the kids…"

Julian looks at his wife, sees her sullen face, and sighs. There's no way he can say no to Brooke Davis. He's never been able to.

He knows she's already won this battle, like she always does, but he'll still put up a tiny fight.

"What does Nathan have to say about this?"

"Daddy," Haley walks down the stairs and hears her six-year-old daughter giggling. "Stay still!"

When she rounds the corner, she is met with Lydia sitting on Nathan's lap, facing him, putting some ridiculous color eye shadow on him. She can't help but find the scene too adorable.

From the corner of his eye, Nathan catches sight of his wife. "Hales, save me."

Lydia giggles even more, turning around to face her mother. "Mommy, tell daddy he looks pretty!"

"Well, I have to agree with you on that, Lyds…The pink really makes your eyes pop, Nate."

"See, mommy thinks you look pretty!" the small girl exclaims, climbing off his lap. "I'm gonna go find some nail polish to match!"

As Lydia dashes off, Haley decides to take her now vacant seat right on Nathan's lap. "I kinda like this look on you," she teases.

Nathan scrunches his face and goes to wipe his eyes. "I think I'm getting an allergic reaction or something."

"Hey!" Haley swats his hand away. "Haven't you learned anything from your makeup artist? You can't smudge your makeup!"

Nathan shakes his head and mutters under his breath, "Right. And I'll be sure to thank Brooke for getting our daughter that makeup kit."

Haley laughs, leaning further into his body, wrapping her arms around his torso. "Speaking of Brooke…" she begins.

"Oh, no…" Nathan sighs. "This can't be good."

"Shh…listen. The two of us were talking to Peyton and we came up with an idea."

Nathan looks on in curiosity. "What kind of idea?" His tone is a bit hesitant.

"Well…how would you feel about taking a road trip to go see Luke and Peyton?"

"A road trip?" he sputters. "You mean all the way across the country? With all the kids…?"

"Come on," Haley whines. "It'd be fun," she tries to reason. "You remember that trip we all took down to Honey Grove during senior year?"

"You mean when we had to pick up Mouth from jail, and the car broke down and we ran into Chris Keller?"

Haley rolls her eyes. "Okay, maybe that wasn't my strongest and most convincing argument."

"Julian's okay with this?"

"Brooke's talking to him now. We just thought it was a really good idea."

Nathan shakes his head. There's no way he is going to be able to say no to Haley. And he knows Julian probably feels the same way about Brooke.

Just as he's about to respond, they hear the front door open and footsteps padding down the hall.

Jamie appears, dropping his basketball and panting out of breath.

"Have fun at the rivercourt, Jame?" Haley questions her already fourteen-year-old son. He's been practicing there a lot over the summer because come fall, he will be in high school already. And that means he will be following Nathan's footsteps and hopefully be joining the Ravens.

Jamie nods, wiping his forehead and trying to cool himself down from the heat outside. He stops abruptly and looks towards his dad with a confused and disgusted expression.

"What did Lydie do to your face?"

Lucas stands out on the balcony of his home, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Lately, he's found himself doing that a lot. Just looking out at the waves and the surfers and other beach-goers. It's nice…but sometimes he just really misses home. And his home will always be Tree Hill.

They had traveled a lot, been all over the world, and it wasn't until Sawyer was nearly two that they finally decided to settle down in Los Angeles. Peyton, having already established Red Bedroom Records back in North Carolina, would have an easy time finding work in L.A. And Lucas could write from anywhere, so it wasn't really ever an issue. They worked on a routine, and in no time, they got used to California.

While it isn't quite home to Lucas or Peyton, it is home to Sawyer. And his bitter, sarcastic, replica-of-Peyton, baby girl absolutely loves her home.

"Hey, you," Peyton meets him outside as she walks over to wrap her arms around him.

"Where's Sawy?"

"In her room listening to music, drawing," she replies and Lucas smiles. Of course she is.

"How are you?" she then asks him.

"I'm good," Lucas breathes in. "But now that you're here beside me, I'm great," he answers, leaning down to kiss her on the lips.

"Well I have news that's about to make your mood even better," she tells him matter-of-factly with a smile.

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"We're gonna be having a few visitors soon."

"Where did you even get a van like this?" Nathan shakes his head in disbelief.

"Well you didn't think we'd all be able to fit in one car, so I just had to prove you wrong, Nate," Brooke playfully responds, sticking her tongue out at her dark-haired friend.

Julian shuts the trunk door and makes his way to the front of the car. Haley is loading bags of food and toys into the back row of the van.

"Trunk's all packed," Julian says to the group. "So I'm the first one driving?" They had sat down a few nights before to go over a driving schedule, mapping out who would be driving and for how many hours. They also decided how many hours a day they would be driving, and which cities and states they'd be stopping in. If their calculations were correct, they'd be making it to Lucas and Peyton's in about five days.

"Yep," Brooke answers him. "Which means I call shotgun!"

"Then we'll switch off in a few hours," Haley says. "Too bad Jamie doesn't have a license," she jokes.

At this, Jamie, who had been preoccupied with texting on his phone, looks up. "Hey, I'll drive!"

"Sorry, son. Not for another two years."

Jamie frowns at Nathan's response and goes back to his phone.

"He's talkin' to his girlfriend!" Lydia says to Davis and Jude, causing the three little ones all to break out into laughter.

"Shut up, Lydie!" Jamie playfully shoves her before getting into the car.

Lydia huffs and crosses her arms over her chest. "Meanie."

"Well this should be fun," Julian retorts with a grin, before going to the driver's side.

"Come on," Brooke ignores her husband, turning to the three small kids. "Lets get you guys buckled in your booster seats."

After everybody is buckled in and set to go, Julian turns on the GPS and pulls out of the driveway.

"And we're off!"

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