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All You Wanted

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-- *Chapter 12: Night Escapade* --

"Do you remember the day she ran?"

"Yes, clearly. I think it was the saddest day of my life."

-- ** --


"Wow, that was quick," Ami commented.

"Yeah, I know, Setsuna's a wiz when it comes to these kinds of things," Makoto replied, embracing her in a large hug. "I'm so happy to see you. I mean, we were beginning to lose hope!"

When Usagi finally got off of Rei, she bounded over to Minako. "You look terrific," she commented.

"So do you," Minako replied, a smile on her face. The two girls hugged each other, falling into a fit of giggles. Once all the girls had hugged all the girls, the stood in a circle to face each other.

"Where is this place? The city is totally weird! It's huge, too! Sestuna took us through a gate and we ended up in this place. We used the tracking devices on the communicators to lead us here," Usagi explained. "The people here dress really funky."

"Yeah, you could say that," Minako said uncomfortably. She was in her SeeD uniform, like Ami and Rei.

"So....are we going back home?" Usagi asked, smiling.

"No!" Zell said. The guys had been silent up until this time, and Makoto and Usagi smiled at Zell. "I mean, you know, Rei's still got her problem."

At this, Rei smiled sheepishly at Usagi and Makoto.

"We're here, so tell us what's going on," Makoto demanded.

"Gee..." Rei started, "I don't know where to begin. Um, well..."

Rei told them the story about her attacking Seifer, and why she was in Esthar("Esthar? So that's what it's called..."). Seifer even spoke up to tell them about the sorceress Ultimecia and his theory that Rei was possessed. Doc Odine told them that he would konw for sure what was wrong with her by the next morning. Usagi and Makoto listened intently.

"Of course, it would be...stupid, very stupid to let Rei go free in your dimension if she is possessed by Sorceress Ultimecia," Seifer said. "She's the most powerful sorceress this world has known- she could wreak havoc, destroy things..." His voice trailed off.

"I understand," Makoto said seriously. "But once she's ok, we have to go back home. A lot has happened there..."

"Like what?" Minako asked.

Usagi shook her head. "A spider attacked the day you disappeard. We couldn't handle it. It destroyed the city. The outers finally came to our rescue, but the city is still in ruins. It takes more than two years to rebuild a city...things are going slowly. A lot of people have just left for Kyoto or Osaka, but...a few people remain. We're gonna rebuild Tokyo. But it's overrun with monsters! That thing...it must've been breeding or something, because there are tiny little spiders everywhere. They're extremely deadly, but usually one of us on our own can handle it."

"Tiny spiders?" Seifer asked.

"Yeah, creepy little things that scuttle around at night..." Makoto shuddered. Seifer seemed to withdraw into his own thoughts.

Minako yawned. "Let's go back to the hotel! I'm getting sleepy..." It had been a long day, and the sun was falling over the skyline of Esthar.

"Rei must stay here!" Odine shouted.

"Why?" Usagi asked.

"Because if she doesn't, the sorceress could take over her from inside," Seifer said. "She'll be safe in the observation room."

"Whatver you say," Usagi replied, saluting him sarcastically. Makoto and Usagi went to Rei and each took long hugs from each of her. They told her how much they missed her, and they hoped they would have Sailor Mars back soon.

Rei nodded, calling after them, "Have fun in Esthar! And don't do anything that I wouldn't do!" The four girls giggled and waved as they walked out the door of Odine's Lab. The guys followed. Seifer remained a second longer, giving a look that was almost apologetic to her. Once everyone had gone, two of Odine's assistants took her back to the observation room where she had been spending her nights.

-- ** --

It was late. The girls had decided on getting a room on their own, so they guys were together in another. Seifer was up, looking out the window. He was quiet, careful not to wake Zell or Squall. He began pacing, and the plastic blinds moved as he passed them. Moonlight fell into the room, illuminating his dull surroundings. Seifer had been trying to sleep for sometime now, but to no avail. His old dreams were returning to him worse than ever.

He could hear her, in his head, threatening to take away his dreams...When Seifer was a kid, he was constantly plagued by dreamless sleeps, something he grew to hate and fear. He couldn't understand why falling asleep to darkness terrified him- he guessed it reminded him of something like dying. And so the sorceress promised to give him dreams, and to grant his wish of becoming a Knight. But knights have honor, and he gave all that up the moment he sacrificed Rinoa to Adel. He was still paying dearly for that thoughtless act.

Seifer, you foolish, worthless boy...She had said it to him over and over every time he had failed, and somehow, he was hearing it again, he had failed again. At what? Protecting Rei....He knew Ultimecia was using Rei to get back at him. Seifer cursed quietly. He put on his clothes, grabbed Hyperion on left the room without a noise.

Once outside, Seifer was astounded by the realization that the dead of night wasn't at all dark in Esthar. Lights from shops, hotels and nearby houses were on, flashing and blinking. He saw a great bulb lighting up the sign that read PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. He smirked, wondering if that old goof was still President. Laguna Loire, rumored to be the greatest ruler Esthar had ever had. Ultimecia had been kind enough to inform him that after defeating SeeD, she would go after Laguna before time compression. Of course, her plans slowly began to unravel, and instead of killing SeeD, she ended up deciding on time compression first.

He walked almost aimlessly for a few more minutes, until he turned up at Odine's lab. The doors were locked for sure, but a door was nothing in the way of Seifer Almasy. He walked to the door and twisted the knob- to his ultimate surprise, it was unlocked. He figured that Odine had set up some sort of security device. Ah, what the hell. Wing it. Seifer simply walked through the lobby, expecting an alarm to go off any minute. When it didn't, he stepped onto the elevator, went up and walked into the control room. There was a lock for Rei's door up there, and he breifly wondered if it was safe unlocking it. He looked through the glass. Rei was sitting against a wall, and she seemed to be nodding off. He clicked the button and took the elevator back down. He pushed the door to the observation room open.

Rei looked up upon his entrance. She stood up and ran to him.

"What're you doing here?" she asked. "Doctor Odine will kill you-"

Seifer laughed. "Odine? Kill me? Do you really have that little faith in me?"

"I have plenty of faith in you," Rei said. "So what're you doing here?"

He shrugged. "Came to check up on you. Make sure you're ok."

"Well, I'm fine."

Nodding, Seifer replied, "That's good. Anything weird going on in there?" He gestured to her head.

Rei glared. "No. Like I told you, I'm just fine. Go back to the hotel. Sleep!"

"I can't anyway," Seifer admitted. "I told you I was having sleeping problems the night you tried to kill me."

"Oh....sorry about that," Rei apologized. "I don't think I ever apologized for nearly murdering you."

"About a billion times!" Seifer said. "You're forgiven. You have a damn sorceress inside of you. I talked to Doc Odine. He said that Ultimecia could have possibly controlled your emotions. I understand what you went through, because she's done it to me. None of it was real, so I don't mind."

"Well...." Rei began uncertainly, "not all of the things I felt for you were fake. I mean, I see what you're getting at Seifer, and no...just, that's not true. Sure, I could be possessed, but I'm still me. I still...love you, and that's me talking- not a sorceress."

Seifer turned to her and started scaling her body with eyes. Had she just said what he thought she said? That she loved him? Well, of course she did. Rei had told Seifer once before that he reminded her of a big brother. His eyes grew dark. "I'm still just a big brother to you, huh?"

Rei's eyebrows furrowed. "Are you getting tired of me?"

"Tired of you?" Seifer laughed, "Of course not, Rei." That's the opposite of the problem...

"Then why does me calling you my big brother bother you so much?"

Seifer gave her a calculating look. He had an idea, but it could ruin so much! Two years worth of a friendship...He tilted his head as he thought about another reaction. It could start something ultimately greater than the risk. He went for it, remembering the thought he had went he entered the lab, Ah, what the hell. Wing it.

"Because of this..." he started, but his words were lost as he moved to her, and his lips met hers for a kiss. Rei was a bit stiff to start off, and Seifer was terrified, for one heart wrenching moment, that he had made a mistake. But when Rei's lips parted, giving him access to her sweet mouth, the word 'mistake' was the furthest from Seifer's mind. She was absolutely perfect, responding to him wonderfully. He moved his hands around her hip, and she stood on her toes, trying to taste as much of his mouth as possible. Seifer was in swimming in pure bliss- this is what he had wanted since the moment he had fallen in love with sometime a year ago.

Rei pulled her lips away from his and laid her head on his chest.

"You know," said Rei, mind still swimming, "this is impossible. It's extremely likely that I'm a schizophrenic who's other half wants to kill you. If not, then there is a sorceress inside of me that wants to kill you. What's more, you're a SeeD, sworn to kill the sorceress."

He placed a hand on her chin an urged her to look at him. "I was the Sorceress Knight once, I'll be the Sorceress Knight again."

She smiled sadly at him. "You should go now. Make sure to lock the door on the way out."

"You'll be ok?" he asked, a look of concern on his face.

Rei placed a delicate kiss on his lips. "I'll be fine."

Seifer turned and left the room, throwing one last glance at her. Rei slid against the wall and fell onto her bottom softly. She hugged her knees, and she couldn't help the insanely delighted smile that came to her face.

He loves me!

A small click in the door told her that it was now locked. She looked up and saw the tail end of his trench coat swirling dramatically. Every bit of him was gone, and Rei was at a loss. Several times during the night, she found herself crying tears of joy. The man of her dreams returned every bit of feeling. And he was a fantastic kisser.

-- ** --

The next morning, Usagi woke before everyone else, which was highly unusual. It's just that someone was banging on the door, screaming for Minako. She rolled off her bed, somewhat crabbily, and woke up Minako, who woke instantly.

"Hmm...?" she said, rubbing her eyes.

"Don't you hear it?" Usagi asked. "Someones...*yawn*...calling you."

Minako did in fact hear the furious banging and her name being called. She recognized Squall's voice and briefly wondered what she had done wrong now. She answered it, and he looked flustered.

"Minako," he said breathlessly.

She immediately noticed something was wrong. "What's the matter?"

"Rei escaped from Odine's lab. Her mind has been completely overtaken by Ultimecia."

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End of Chapter 12 |