Tomas VS Ekatrina

It was a one of those days where all you wanted to do was lay in the sun and relax, without Hamilton Holt. As Sinead read her book, Hamilton was doing push-ups. Really, will he ever open a book? Thought Sinead.

" Why don't you do some push-ups instead of reading your 5th book of the day?" said Hamilton as he continued his round of non-stop push-ups.

" It's my 3rd and why don't you go read a book instead of doing push-ups?" said Sinead.

" Exercise is way more important then reading. That is why my family almost won the clue hunt." said Hamilton as he sat up and started doing sit-ups.

" Your family didn't almost win. The only reason we didn't win before you got the second clue is because… of what you did!" It was still hard to talk about the explosion at the Franklin Institute.

" Oh I'm sorry if it's my fault that you and your brothers walked into the trap that my parents set for Dan and Amy. It wasn't even my idea!" said Hamilton as he continued his sit-ups.

" We walked into a trap, is that all you think of that explosion? A mistake? My brothers almost died in that 'trap' Hamilton! " she could feel her face heating up and turning red.

" But your brothers didn't die, and it was a mistake, so don't flip out."

"Hamilton, you are unbelievable!" said Sinead as she slammed her book shut and started walking to the house. A mistake? It was only a mistake? How can he call an explosion a mistake! Thought Sinead. As bolted up the stairs of her house and slammed her bedroom door shut. She sat on her bed and couldn't help reliving the explosion.

Sinead and her brothers were hiding behind a museum exibit, when she tapped Ned's shoulder and motioned for them to go around the other way.

" So this is the second clue?" Dan asked." Or a clue to the clue?"

As soon as she came out from behind the exibit, she took a picture with her cell phone of the piece of paper that Dan and Amy had illuminated with their black light reader. The camera clicked.

"Either way, nice job." Sinead looked over Amy and Dan, Ned and Ted had cornered them too." You lost us pretty well on the highway, but fortunately, there were only so many Franklin sites you could've been heading to. Thanks for the clue."

Sinead snatched the black light reader away from Dan. "Now, listen close. You brats are going to stay in the museum for half an hour. Give us a head start or we will be forced to tie you up. If you leave early, I promise Ted and Ned will find out about it. And they won't be happy." Ned and Ted grinned evilly.

"W-w-wait! Th-there's a man…." Amy started turning red.

"What man?" Sinead asked.

" He's been watching us!" said Dan. " Following us! It isn't safe to go out the main entrance."

Sinead smiled. "You're concerned for our safety? That's very cute, Dan, but the thing is… I DON'T BELIEVE YOU."

Sinead and her brothers were walking thro the main enterence when she heard a low rumbling and then BOOM! The explosion when't off and everything when't black.

Sinead awoke with every part of her body acing and felt dizzy. She realized she was under the rubble from the explosion. She heard sirens and men calling out for survivers.

"Help! I'm down here!" she screamed as loud as she could but dust from the rubble made it difficult to breathe. Just them she saw a ray of sun light as the firefighters made their way to her. All of the sudden she was pulled up and out of the rubble. The sudden sunlight temperaraly blinded her.

"Do you know if anyone else is down there?" asked the firefighter as he put her down on a stretcher.

" My 2 brothers." She croaked. They put an oxygen mask over her nose and mouth and put her in the ambulance. They stuck something in her arm and she fell asleep.

When she woke up she was in a hospital room along with two other beds. She sat up and gasped, it was her brothers! But Ned had a huge two inch gash on his forehead, and Ted had a bandage wrapped around his. She was shaken out of her thoughts by a knock on her bedroom door.

"Sinead can I come in?" asked Amy.

"Sure." She didn't even know she had been crying until she saw her reflection on one of her scraps of metal. She quickly wiped her eyes as Amy opened the door.

"You okay? I saw you run inside from my bedroom window."

"Fine, just planning how to legally kill Hamilton Holt."

"What did he do?"

"Called the explosion a mistake."


Sinead told Amy everything that happened.

"Sinead, I know he can be a pain sometimes but, can you guys just make-up so we can be ready in case there is another Vesper attack?"


"Let me know when you deside." said Amy as she got up to go.

Sinead knew she wasn't going to apolagize, so she started to think of ways to get revenge. And then she got it.

" Hamilton Holt won't know what hit him." she mumbled under her breath as she started putting her plan into action.