Author's Note

It's been a while since I've looked at this fanfic, but after reading the reviews (thank y'all for being so kind, by the way), I've asked myself whether George would really do this for Lennie. I don't think it's the question of whether he's willing to sacrifice himself to save Lennie, because I think he would, but whether his sacrifice would matter. Since Lennie is so innocent and slow-learning and cannot grasp the extent of his own strength, how does he know this won't happen again? How will Lennie cope with daily life without George as his teacher? Won't Candy eventually get fed up with Lennie's slowness since he doesn't love him like George does?

When I first finished Of Mice and Men, I wondered how George could've been so cruel to shoot Lennie but thinking about these things make me convinced that John Steinbeck's ending was, in fact, more satisfactory.

This fanfic was something I wrote for an English assignment-the exact same story actually. Some readers pointed out to me that the plot was a little rushed; this is the reason why. My English teacher gave us a limit of 2-3 pages and I suppose I should have edited or extended the story before posting it here but...I'm lazy.

This was also the first fanfic I've posted. I remember creating my account, wondering what to do now, wishing I could write some novel-length, thought-provoking story but too lazy to do so. Then I remembered this thing and was like what the heck...

I end this with thanks, to you, dear reader, for reading. You do not know how absurdly happy it makes me when I realize that people have been reading my work and like it. And sometimes, on one of those rare days, I get an email informing me about an review and it makes my heart burst and I feel like I want to cry with happiness but I can't because I'm smiling too much.

Thank you.