Sakazaki Yuuya eyed his sophomore homeroom teacher with lazy speculation. Mr. Nanaki had fallen asleep against the blackboard again, and was slowly erasing physics equations with his face as he slid downward. The angle of sunlight caught the resulting cloud of chalk dust in a fine aerial shimmer, nearly invisible against Nanaki's light hair.

While idling on infirmary duty, Yuuya had started reading medical books, among other things. They included several references to narcolepsy... including the claim that in addition to the spontaneous nap attacks, narcoleptics sometimes lost their balance and collapsed in response to really strong sensory or emotional triggers.

It might've been the effect of being around Dr. Iwamine too much, but Yuuya really, really wanted to find out.

"Mr. Nanaki," Yuuya said to him at mid-morning, projecting as much innocent concern as humanly possible. "I noticed during class, it looks like there's a rash on the back of your neck, under the edge of your hair. Do you want to come to the infirmary and have me put some ointment on it?"

Mr. Nanaki rubbed his neck thoughtfully, but shook his head. "No, this happens around the same time every year. I'm used to it, but thank you."

"If you're still sleepy later on, you can always come into the infirmary anyway and take a nap."

"Oh, don't worry about me. I wouldn't want to inconvenience Dr. Iwamine like that."

"People hardly ever come in during the afternoon, when I'm on infirmary duty by myself. I'd be happy to make sure that no one else disturbed your rest."

Nanaki nodded. At least, Yuuya thought he was nodding, and not just nodding off. "It's a very kind offer, Mr. Sakazaki. I'll be sure to keep it in mind."

Lunchtime. "Mr. Nanaki? I was wondering, would you like to share this picnic with me up on the roof?"

"The weather does seem lovely today, but I'm afraid I have to finish grading these papers first. Perhaps tomorrow, though."

At the end of the day, when the staffroom was otherwise empty, Yuuya found Nanaki sipping tea at his desk. "Ah, hello, Mr. Sakazaki. Do you need help with something?"

"Mr. Nanaki, I'm having trouble with some of these physics concepts, and I was hoping you could suggest a different example I'd understand more clearly. It's about Bernoulli's principle, and... suction."

Nanaki didn't even seem to notice when Yuuya placed a hand on his wrist. Instead, the teacher simply stood up to fetch a book from the shelf, making Yuuya's hand slide off to the side. Nanaki flipped through the book and opened it to a diagram. It looked to Yuuya exactly like the diagrams Nanaki had been drawing on the blackboard all morning.

"Well," Nanaki said, smiling, "the apparent suction effect is just an illusion. It's not that a vacuum actively pulls things inward; it's just a matter of relative pressure differentials. What's really happening is that the higher-pressure area outside is pushing against the boundary between them, and the lower-pressure area isn't offering enough resistance to keep the boundary from encroaching. But if the pressures are nearly equal, then nothing happens. Do you see what I mean?"

Dammit, Yuuya thought. Cockblocked.

Chasing Mr. Nanaki was a lot like chasing a feather through the air. Rush up too obviously, and it would effortlessly waft away. Sit down and wait, and it might drift to you of its own accord over time. Or it might not.

Yuuya decided to give up for now. He walked away, whistling cheerfully. To honor his worthy opponent, he planned to go home and fall asleep over his porn stash. Perhaps he'd have better luck tomorrow