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Italy x Germany

Canada x France

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« Would you go out with me ? »

Arthur's grass-green eyes widened as he looked down at the blue eyed teen kneeling before him.

" Come again ?"

Alfred took a breath and stared up at Arthur's furrowing face.

" I said.. Would you go out with me ?"

" Are you high ? " Arthur suggested in a deceivingly calm tone.

" No, I'm perfectly fine, Artie."

" No, let me rephrase that." Arthur leaned closer so his nose was nearly brushing Alfred's.

" Have you lost your ever loving mind ? ! "

Alfred winced, his hand unconsciously traveling up to his bleeding ears.

The British teen could be downright scary when he was pissed off.

" Now, if only you would listen to me—"

Arthur abruptly stood up nearly hitting Alfred's chin with his knee.

" I tell you what " he looked down at the taller blond, still kneeling on the ground : " stay the bloody hell away from me ! "

Alfred hasty rose to his feet, following the Brit before he could reach the door.

" Please, Artie. Just five minutes of your time. Five minutes. No more no less."

Arthur remained motionless for a while. Alfred held his breath.

" Please, Artie."

" Okay. five minutes ? That's all, you hear me ? "

" Right. I promise just five minutes."

Alfred sighed as he took a seat in the vacant Art club room.

" My Dad wants me to hook up with this Chinese girl whom I never met. She's the daughter of one of his most important business partners. Well, the problem is that my dad does not only want me to date her but he wants me to MARRY her."

Arthur swiftly turned to face him. His eyes were wide and disbelieving.

" What ? Is your father out of his mind ? you are only eighteen for God's sake !"

" I know, I know. " Alfred sighed heavily " He doesn't want me to marry her now but he said that after graduation, he would host an engagement party, for both of us. So in other words, she would remain my fiancée until I could you know …Until I could… Jeez.."

Alfred buried his hands in his golden hair as he struggled for words. His eyes were tightly shut while he fought himself to remain cool-headed. He knew this was going to happen eventually, he was his father's only son, so to secure his father's company future, he would need to settle down as soon as possible.

In the first time in his life, Alfred felt helpless.

He was even more surprised when he felt a slender hand land gently on his stiff shoulder.

" Your father has apparently lost it. But you see, even though I don't really like you , I'm NOT letting him ruin your life." Arthur mumbled " That bloody stupid wanker ! What was he thinking, anyway ? "

Arthur's cute mumbling brought a soft smile to Alfred's face, spreading soothing warmth over his heavy heart.

" So that why you were asking me to know.." Arthur trailed on, too embarrassed to say the words.

" To date me ? Yup . My plan is to lead my dad to believe that I'm gay . That would get him off my back about this marriage stuff for good."

" I see."

Taking Arthur's smaller hand in his, Alfred squeezed gently " Thank you."

" Don't thank me you idiot ! I'm just doing it out of pity. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm no homo ! "

A joyful laugh burst out of Alfred's mouth.

Flustered and adorably uncomfortable, Arthur snapped

" Stop laughing, you fool !"

Alfred laughed even louder.

" There he is."

" Where ? "

" That lunch table down there, next to the door ." Elizabeth gestured with her chin, trying to be discreet.

" oh.."

Feliciano hugged his notebooks closer as his heart beat frantically against his chest.

Setting there, in all his glory, was Ludwig; the School's Soccer Team Captain. He was accompanied with his older brother, Gilbert and his childhood friend Roderich; who both were the lead Guitarist and the lead vocalist of the school famous band, Moonless.

He sighed as he noticed the restless eyes of young girls as they kept glancing at those three and giggling among themselves.

That was nothing new; those three were among the most popular students in the school. They are the ones who get confessed to almost daily and they were the ones who get tons of chocolate every Saint-Valentine Day and they were the ones who everyone got a crush on at some point.

They were simply every high school girl's fantasy.

Feliciano glanced back at the three.

His brown eyes automatically settled on the blond German hunk. He drunk in the sight of those powerful arms under the perfect white T-shirt and that covered muscled smooth chest. His eyes traveled up to the Blond's perfectly shaped face.

He couldn't help but admire the blue steel eyes and the long blond eyelashes around them. His throat tightened at the sight of that beautiful silky hair and that pale soft-looking skin.

His hands itched to slip them through those silky strands, to know if that skin was a soft as it seemed.

" This is sickening."

Talk about a mood spoiler.

" It's not." Feliciano shot back at his usually grumpy twin.

" Come on, you keep staring at that bastard all day long with those dreamy eyes of yours as if he's some super Star. Not only is it sickening, it's as creepy as hell."

" Not, it's not.." Feliciano fought to avert his eyes away from his crush.

"Just ignore him. He just loves to bitch around. " Elizabeth shot a scolding glare at Lovino then as quickly, she smiled at Feliciano and patted him on the shoulder.

" Besides the fact that it's disgusting, It's hopeless, bro. that guy wouldn't even spare you a glance. You are as invisible as thin air to him."

Elizabeth snapped at Lovino: " Would you just shut up ? "

No matter how considerate Elizabeth was trying to be of his feelings, Feliciano would still know that nothing could change the ugly truth.

Truth to be told, Feliciano was always well aware of that fact. But with his twin thrusting it in his face every time, it was even more painful. He wouldn't lie, it hurt and it hurt a lot to know that one person who means the world to you does not even realize you exist.

There were no words deep enough to covey the pain and the anguish of unrequited love. Nothing could ever be more self-defeating.

He knew he should've given up a long time ago but his foolish heart wouldn't listen. He tried, he truly tried to forget about Ludwig but all in vain.

The German would always be the last thing he would think about every night before his sleep and the first thing he would think about once he wakes up.

He knew his will was no longer his own and it bugged him to know that the blond had that kind of power over him. He felt helpless and yet he couldn't find it in himself to just move on.

He loved the German for more than two years. He had wanted to confess so many times but his courage would fail him at the end. He feared the burning sting of rejection more than anything. So he decided to love the German quietly and from afar. He though that was enough for him.

But … It was never enough.

Matthew settled as usual under the oak tree. It was lunch break.

While everyone spent it chatting away at the lunch room, he preferred to have his meal in this peaceful spot where quietness pervaded.

It was a nice day.

He loved the feel of the warm breeze against his white skin. His violet eyes gazed up at the endless blue sky, noting idly the overly-cheerful birds as they flew effortlessly over the occasional passing clouds.

He lost himself in the sight that he failed to notice the hand tagging gently at his arm.

" Francis.. " He shyly smiled once his eyes settled on the handsome face of his lover.

" Salut, Chéri."

Long fingers slipped through his short sunny-colored hair as his French boyfriend placed a tender kiss on his sweaty forehead.

Matthew heavily blushed at the loving gesture, His heart beating a mile away.

Francis leaned closer. Cupping his shorter lover's face in his hands, He rested his forehead against Mathew's.

" je t'aime. Tu me manque." He whispered quietly, only for Matthew's ears to hear.

The Canadian felt heat creeping its way down his face and neck. He sighed softly and entwined his hands with Francis.

" I missed you too."

Francis smiled and wrapped his arms around Matthew, bringing him closer against his chest. He buried his nose in his Canadian lover's hair, inhaling the sweet scent of sunshine and Lavender that was Mathew's.

" Come over tonight ?" He whispered against Matthew's soft hair.

The implication of Francis' request was loud and clear to Matthew.

He has been dating Francis for three months now but he was still a virgin. Francis was actually his first lover and Matthew has never been with anyone else before so he was very inexperienced in that area.

They kissed, they cuddled and they made out but never went all the way. Francis was very patient with him and very considerate of his wishes when Matthew admitted to him that he was not ready yet.

Truth to be told, Matthew was scared. Francis has told him that it was perfectly normal to feel that way since it would be his first sexual experience ever but he still found the idea hard to stomach.

However, something else scared him even more. It was the thought of Francis leaving him because he was incapable to fulfill his lover's needs.

He knew Francis enjoyed sex, who wouldn't ? To not be able to satisfy his boyfriend that way because of his fears would eventually drive Francis away and that, in other words, would result in them breaking up and in Francis finding someone else other than him.

Matthew buried his face deeper on Francis' shoulder, trying to chase those negative thoughts out of his mind.

" shh. Je suis désolé. I never meant to push you. It's fine, baby. We could wait."

Francis tightened his hold of his smaller lover, clearly conveying his fear that he might have pushed his beloved into doing something he doesn't want.

Summoning up all the courage he could master, Matthew looked at his lover.

" It's okay, Francis. I think it's time anyway. "

" No, Forget it. I will take you out tonight. How about we go and watch a movie, what would you like to watch, Chéri ?"

" Francis…"

" No, love. I will wait. I will wait as long as you need."

" Francis, I know you would want to do it and-"

" No, this is not about me. It's about you, baby. It's your choice."

" But…"

" No buts. I promise when you are truly ready love, I will give you the time of your life."

Matthew's cheeks flushed at the seductive tone of Francis's voice. He smiled sweetly as Francis brushed his nose against his; winning the soft giggle he was yearning to hear from the Canadian.

" Love you, Francis."


* Tu me manque = I miss you

* Je suis désolé = I'm sorry

* Chéri = Darling

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