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Walking down the school hall, Yao laughed at his companion's confession.

" So, you mean you've actually told him you'd wait for him ? You, the pervert of all perverts ? I can't believe that I lived to witness this day."

Francis scratched his goatee and threw Yao a lopsided grin. " Yes. I know you believe that I'm only led by my dick but that's not entirely true. You see I just hadn't found the right person to settle for yet."

" You mean after you cruised your way through half of the freshmen, the sophomores and most of the female seniors? Now you suddenly have decided to settle down ?" Yao countered, his tone as sarcastic as he felt.

" I admit that I went a little over the top but-"

" A little ?" Yao smirked knowingly.

Francis chuckled, defeated. " OK, maybe a lot. But what I feel right now is nothing like I've ever experienced before."

Yao wanted really to laugh at how un-typical Francis sounded at that moment but he held back as he watched Francis's usually-smug grin melted into a gentle smile.

" You know Yao, Mathew is different. There is this something about him…. I just can't help wanting him. " Francis's features softened and his clear blue eyes almost glimmered. " He is special."

Yao's breath caught is his throat. Oh God, Francis isn't joking. This is for real !

" Oh boy, the almighty Francis has fallen." Yao couldn't believe it. Francis ? The insatiable Casanova of the entire school ? The end of the world must be closer that he thought.

Francis looked straight into Yao's eyes and smiled. " I guess he did after all."

Yao tried to get over his initial shock as he fumbled for words. " so… what are going to do now ?"

Francis sighed " Well, I asked him out and we've had few dates but he still want to keep it discreet."

" You mean no one knows ? Please don't tell me he is a closet case." Yao sure hoped he was not, that will certainly complicate things.

" No, he's out. His parents are quite liberal." Francis carded a hand through his golden locks, a gesture he only did when he had a lot on his mind. " He just doesn't want the school to know."

" And why not ?" Yao felt confused as hell.

" Yao, Mathew had been bullied throughout middle school. He doesn't want a repeat of that in high school and we all know that high school is a hell lot nastier than middle school and college combined."

" So that is it ? You are going to keep it secret but for how long exactly ?" Yao didn't mean for his tone to come off as accusing but he couldn't help it. He couldn't see how they could do it for two years more to come. No kissing, no holding hands in school, no endearments of any sort. Nothing.

Francis let out a long deep breath and leaned against Yao's locker. For a moment there, he looked so weary that Yao wanted to brush the entire conversation off.

" I know what you are thinking, Yao. You think I like it ? Well, I don't. I hate it Yao, I wish if I could hold him close, kiss the life out of him and make the entire school know who he belongs to but I can't. I promised I won't rush him, that we will take it slow, that I won't do anything he is not comfortable with. I can't break my promise. If I do, I will lose him." Francis looked at Yao with eyes that pleaded for understanding, eyes that made Yao feel as guilty as hell.

" I'm sorry, Francis. I had no right. You just do whatever you have to." Yao wanted to smack himself for his insensitivity.

" Hey," Francis called softly. He leaned over until his forehead rested against Yao's " You did nothing wrong, you just want me to be happy and that's your way of showing me that you care. You are the best friend I could ever ask for and I wouldn't trade you for the world, you hear me ? " Francis brushed a hand through Yao's silky black hair, ruffling it affectionately. " Are we cool, Panda boy ?"

Yao couldn't help but chuckle at that silly nickname Francis invented for him. He was about to counter with one witty comment of his when a throat clearing startled them both.

Yao jerked back, looking for the source of that sound and his eyes settled on the object of Francis' affections. Matthew stood a few feet away from them, his eyes darted back and forth between Francis and the floor, his face was slightly paler and he looked as uncomfortable as they come.

" Oh…..I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.." The Canadian swallowed and took a step back " I will just go."

Matthew turned around and practically run out of the hall but not before Yao caught the mist that formed over the blond's violet eyes.

" Oh my god Francis ! He misunderstood. Go after him, go !" Yao shouted pushing the taller blond to move.

" oh, hell.." Francis cursed under his breath and took after Matthew, running so fast as that Yao feared for a moment that the French's feet would catch fire.

Could this day get any worse ?


Matthew's vision was blinded with tears. Everything looked so damn blurry that he couldn't see a thing. He angrily wiped them away with the sleeves of his jacket but the damned tears kept pouring out of his eyes.

He could hear the familiar footsteps of Francis getting closer and closer. He didn't want to talk, not now, maybe never. He just wanted to be somewhere private where he could cry himself out in peace, hopefully until there would be no more freaking tears to shed.

Oh God, he was so stupid. He kept denying Francis, stalling for time, saying he wanted to take it slow but look where that got him, Francis must have had enough. Who was he fooling ? Who would wait two freaking months to finally have sex with their date ? He was a coward. Francis has seen right through his previous false bravado when he pretended that he was ready for whatever his boyfriend wanted. Truth to be told, he was not ready and maybe he will never be. He couldn't even get past the fact that Francis has chosen his scrawny ass over everyone else, he knew without a doubt that the sexy French could have anyone he wanted with just a flick of his finger. Yet, Francis chose him. And look what he have done, he ruined it.

What was he expecting ? that Francis would remain utterly faithful to him when he couldn't even get anything from him ? Of course , if he couldn't get it from Matthew, he will get it from someone else. Someone else like that beautiful Chinese guy who Francis seemed to be very fond of.

He couldn't compare to Yao, he knew he never could. Maybe Francis was just toying with him, maybe he never meant anything of what he said to Matthew.

But ...

" Je t'aime, bébé."

His eyes shone with so much sincerity when he told Matthew he loved him… The eyes do not lie, or do they ?

Or maybe Francis was just a great actor…

Matthew cursed as he felt his eyes fill up with more tears.

Damn it !

Matthew yelped as a strong hand gripped his forearm tightly, bringing him to sudden halt.

He almost tripped himself over but another hand wrapped itself around his slender waist, catching him before he fell over. He felt Francis' broad and warm chest against his back and he almost sighed.

Francis' arms joined at his waist, holding closer, cocooning him with warmth and security. For a moment, all of Matthew's worries and doubts flew out of the window as he cherished the feeling of being held by the man of his dreams.

" Bébé, je t'en prie, ne m'échappes pas. Mon chéri, ce n'était rien, tu as mal compris. Yao est seulement un ami. Je le considère un frère et rien de plus. Je tu jure c'est la vérité. » **

( Baby, I beg you, don't run away from me. My dear, it was nothing, you've misunderstood. Yao is just a friend. I consider him a brother and nothing more. I swear to you it's the truth. )

Francis whispered heatedly against Matthew's ear, his hold of Matthew tightened with every word, it was as if he was afraid Matthew would slip away.

Matthew gazed down at Francis' arms, they were firmly locked around his waist but they also were… trembling. As if they had a mind of their own, his hands moved slowly to cover Francis'. They felt so warm and so large against his own. His lover landed a gentle kiss on Matthew's temple.

" J'avais peur, Francis. J'avais peur de te perdre. J'avais pensé que tu en avais marre de moi. »** Matthew whispered back.

( I was afraid, Francis. I was afraid of losing you. I thought you've tired of me.)

Swiftly, Francis turned Matthew around, crushing him against his chest. He gazed at his younger lover with eyes so intense that made Matthew's entire body shiver.

« Jamais, mon amour. Jamais ! »** ( Never, my love. Never !)

" Do you mean that Francis ? Do you really love me ? Please tell me the truth, whatever it is." Matthew's small hands curled tightly around Francis' jacket, desperation written all over his face. He begged with his eyes, he wanted to know, no, he needed to know more than he needed his next breath.

" I know I've always come off as the insatiable young man who changes lovers like he changes shirts. A young man incapable of love and commitment, a young man who is always on the hunt for newest conquest, a young man who discards his lovers the moment he got bored with them."

François' beautiful blue eyes softened as he brushed his palm tenderly against Matthew's tear-stained cheek.

" I almost believed it, I almost believed that I am nothing but that young man I let everyone see… until I met you. You shook my entire world Matthew without even knowing it. Your beautiful eyes, your sweet smile, your hair, your voice, the way you speak, the way you walk… everything about you called to me. That moment, I realized my eyes could only see you and no one else but you."

Matthew felt his own eyes water once again but this time as tears streamed down his face, he didn't even try to wipe them away. They were tears of joy, of relief, tears of a new beginning without clouds of doubts and insecurities.

" Francis, " Matthew whispered as he buried his face against his lover's chest, his slender arms wrapped around Francis' solid back and squeezed. " Je t'aime."

" Je t'aime aussi, mon chéri. » Francis replied , holding Matthew even closer. He hid his face against Matthew's sandy-colored hair and inhaled. A shudder surged through Francis' body and traveled down Matthew's body too.

" I'm sorry I made wait for so long." Matthew murmured as he tried to stand on the tips of his toes. He placed a small kiss on Francis' soft lips and snugly tucked his head under his taller lover's chin.

" Matthew ?" Francis' eyes were questioning, but that glimmer of hope in them was Matthew's undoing. He couldn't fight this anymore, he couldn't fight it because he wanted it too, if not more.

" Kiss me, Francis." Matthew stared straight into Francis' blue orbs. He knew Francis wouldn't resist it.

" But baby, we are in the middle of the school hall and students are—"

Matthew didn't care anymore. If the entire school were to find out then be it. He won't fight what he wanted anymore and he denied Francis for so long because of his misplaced insecurities and cowardice but now he will no longer deny what he and Francis craved : a committed relationship without fear and without hiding. He wanted the entire world to know that Francis is his and that he's off the market for good.

" Kiss me Francis, " Matthew repeated with much more confidence and insistence.

Francis smiled, his signal of giving in."And who am I to ever deny you anything ?"

Matthew couldn't help the heat that spread across his cheeks at the seductive tone of Francis's voice. His older lover stared at him smirking knowingly.

Smug bastard, he knew what his voice could do to me…

Francis landed a hand on the small back of Matthew's waist while he used the other to tenderly cup his younger lover's jaw.

Almost tentatively, Francis leaned closer until mere inches separated his lips from Matthew's. Closing his eyes, Matthew felt the butterflies of sweet anticipation and desire danced over stomach, almost uncontrollably.

Matthew felt his entire body tremble as Francis's lips finally brushed against his. The meeting of their lips almost took Matthew's breath away with its tenderness but he wanted more, he hungered for more.

He unconsciously parted his lips and Francis took up the opportunity to enter his tongue. Francis's tongue drove deeper inside Matthew's mouth, tasting him everywhere. Then that wicked tongue touched his own, inviting it for an erotic dance it never experienced before.

Their tongues entangled around each other like two lovers who couldn't stand to be apart. Pleasure like no other surged through Matthew's spine, making him shiver in Francis's arms.

Oh, sweet heaven, he wanted more.

Francis's tongue retreated slowly and licked at Matthew's bottom lip, Francis took that lip between his teeth pulling it gently before biting into it. Matthew swore that he melted into the ground with all the pleasurable sensations cursing through his body from that single gentle bite.

Francis slowly pulled away and whispered against Matthew's ear. " Did you like it ?"

Matthew struggled to get past the drugged state his brain settled in. " Huh ?"

Francis chuckled " I guess that's my answer then."

Francis rested his forehead against his lover's and rubbed his nose against Matthew's affectionately, a gesture that draw a soft chuckle from Matthew.

" You have no idea how much I adore you, chéri."

" I kind of started to know." Matthew smiled.

" eww, you two ! get a room ! "

Matthew chuckled as he watched Yao pass them by, a faked grimace of disgust on his face.

" Maybe you should too ! With that big Russian of yours and—" Francis couldn't finish his sentence and Yao was hot on his heels, running toward the taller blond.

" You disgusting bastard ! I will show you !" Yao screamed at the top of his lungs and Francis took off, a teasing smirk painted his lush lips. Matthew couldn't help it, his mouth busted out with loud laughs while he held his stomach as it started to ach.

This is going to be so much fun…

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