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Chapter 1

The Encounter


"Do you believe in the unbelievable?"

"If it's the unbelievable, why should I believe in it?"

"Because Naruto, you are a part of that unbelievable…"


"I'm going out now Iruka!" Naruto yelled to his caretaker as he slipped one foot into the orange Nike shoe he'd gotten for Christmas last year.

"Okay, just don't get into any trouble okay!" Iruka replied from the kitchen.

Naruto was just about to grab the door knob that led to his freedom when Iruka's head popped around the corner.

"Naruto, is it gone? Or can you still feel it?" Iruka asked with concern, his face scrunching into a slight frown as he heard Naruto sigh.

"It's still there…" Naruto stated but turned around to smile, showing white pearly teeth to his father, "but don't stress out too much Iruka. Stress causes wrinkles and if Kakashi saw you with wrinkles, he'd leave you in a heartbeat."

Iruka's face dropped as quickly as Naruto turned the door knob and ran out. All concern flew out the door and Naruto quickly ran for his life. All he could hear was yelling in the background and loud screams of "see if I care!" or "trying to be a good parent".

"And he tells me I need to watch my temper," Naruto chuckled and continued walking to the park to meet his friends. He kept to himself quietly, just taking in the beautiful scenery that day. The sky was unusually blue, with no clouds in sight. The wind was blowing lightly, whizzing through his blonde locks. It actually felt quite nice for an October morning. Naruto smiled lightly to himself, noting that his eighteenth birthday was coming up in a week. It seemed that nothing could go wrong… until he felt it. His body froze for a second; feeling as if someone was hugging him tightly from behind, but there was no one. It was only him walking alone on the sidewalk.

"Naruto…" He heard the voice whisper. It always whispered his name lowly, as if not wanting anyone but him to hear. Naruto shivered involuntarily and tried to keep walking but his body was frozen. He felt a hand run gently through his hair and onto the nape of his neck. A slight breeze of warm air hit his adam's apple and he could swear the life was being drain out of his body.

"Naruto!" he heard a distant voice yell. As if on cue, the slight hold on his body quickly released and Naruto breathed in a mouth full of much needed air.

"Hey, you okay dude?" The voice came again.

Naruto turned around to face a concerned Kiba alongside a worried Hinata. He shook away the chilling feeling and smiled at the pair.

"Yeah I'm good, just lost my train of thought that's all." Naruto lied easily. Kiba gave Hinata a knowing look as she nodded back. They both knew there was always something bothering their friend but decided not to push it. When he was ready to tell them, he would.

"Well if you say so, let's hurry cause the others are already at the park waiting," Kiba answered as he pushed forward. Naruto nodded absent mindedly as he followed closely behind. They made it to the park just in time as the whole gang arrived a few minutes later. Throughout the whole day Naruto couldn't help but feel as if something was watching him the whole time. Even when with his friends he still felt unease at the constant nerve wrecking feelings. The day was meant to be exciting and fun but due to his paranoia, it turned into a day of frequent looks over the shoulder and restless jumps at the slightest touch instead. Kiba continued asking him if everything was alright but he would just shrug it off on reply with a nod.

Naruto walked home that day feeling more tired than usual as he bid his friends farewell near the bus stop. As he neared the house he saw the kitchen light on and stalked towards the drive way. Iruka's black Honda was parked outside, noting that he was home and probably cooking dinner. Naruto sluggishly pulled out his ring of keys and searched for the house keys to open the door. As he fumbled slightly with the batch of key he felt a slight change in the wind pattern, but dismissing it, he plunged the key into the door knob and twist. It opened easily as he pushed his way in murmuring a small "I'm home".

Taking off his shoes he saw Iruka pop his head around the corner. Naruto smiled warmly at his father and walked towards the direction of the kitchen.

"Welcome home Naruto," Iruka said with a smile as he walked towards the fridge. He opened the door and grabbed a plate of food out onto the table. "Want something to eat? Kakashi helped me make it earlier, it's actually quite good."

Naruto nodded leisurely as he took a seat on a bar stool behind the island table. He gently folded his arms on top of the counter and laid his head unto them, watching Iruka hum a soothing tune whilst heating up the meal. He felt so tired and drained as he watched Iruka pace back and forth.

"You okay Naru?" Iruka asked concerned as he took the plate out of the microwave and set it in front of Naruto.

"Yeah I'm fine Iruka, but you know, on second thought, I think I'm just gonna head off to bed…sorry." Naruto replied pushing himself off the red seat. Iruka watched with a frown marring his expressions as Naruto ascended up the stairs to his room. He heard the door shut and simply stood there, trying to understand what was wrong with Naruto. Something clicked in his head and he quickly ran over to grab his cell phone. Iruka rapidly punched in a few commands and called the only person who could handle this situation.


"Kakashi, I think it's happening," Iruka said rather swiftly, fingers tapping against the marble counter tops. "I can tell he's losing more and more energy each day and it's not even his eighteenth birthday yet! What are we supposed to do?"

"Iruka, hey…calm down, maybe your just over reacting," Kakashi reasoned but he knew what was happening. It had to be him; there was no other person who could still be following Naruto around after all these years.

"No I'm not, Kushina warned me but… I'm not sure, if I can protect Naruto anymore," Iruka all but cried unto the other line.


Naruto felt horrible about refusing dinner. Usually he was always hungry but as of lately, his hunger just hadn't been as nagging as usual. He walked over toward the bed and plopped down, face first, into the throng of pillows and blankets. He didn't want to worry Iruka. The man had done so much for him after his mother passed away and it didn't seem fair that Naruto couldn't repay him back in any way possible.

He sighed loudly into his pillow and closed his eyes. Maybe sleep would help him for the new day. Just when Naruto was about to drift off he felt a sudden pressure on his back. It was the same exact sensation he had been feeling for the past seventeen, almost eighteen years and he still wasn't used to it.

He tried moving but again, it was pointless. His body never seemed to respond to him during these times and all he could do was wait it out. Then it began, the gentle caresses he would feel at his sides and the slightest pressure near his neck. It was the same routine and somehow, Naruto couldn't deny that it was addicting to a certain extent.


He gasped at the sound of his name. The voice was so near that it was practically whispered into his ear. The blonde felt a new sense of strength and he began to lift his weight up slightly from the bed. In an instant the pressure that he had been feeling vanished but there was still something lingering in the atmosphere. Naruto heaved in much needed air and sat up as best as he could on the bed.

"Who are you!" Naruto shouted out, totally forgetting Iruka downstairs. This was the first time in seventeen years he had felt enough courage to answer back. Usually he was always out in public when his name was spoken but this time, he would find out what this thing wanted. "Show yourself you coward!"

Unexpectedly, Naruto was pushed back onto his bed, both hand held captive in the capturer's grasp as another hand was slapped over his mouth. Naruto struggled to comprehend all that had happened when he was met with endless pools of black. His cerulean eyes widen comically at the thing in front of him and the sinister eyes it possessed. The creature's midnight locks swayed perfectly over his defined jaw bone. Its pale creamy skin was flawless and unmarked with any blemishes. The obviously male creature would have been a perfect Adonis save for a pair of giant black wings protruding from his back. The wings looked even darker due to the pale skin contrasting with it. The creature must have seen the look of shock in Naruto eye's as its expression easily morphed into a knowing smirk.

"Naruto," He all but purred out, removing his hand from Naruto's mouth. The hand traveled down the blonde's whiskered cheeks and stroked his baby soft skin. Naruto shivered at the longing touch but was in too much of a shock to scream. He just continued to stare at the figure above him, his heart beating erratically within his chest.

The figure's smirk never faded and he couldn't help but continue with his actions of caressing Naruto's skin when the boy wasn't fighting back. He pressed himself fully against the blonde's body. It was such an addicting feeling, the heat and power radiating off of Naruto.

"I've waited so long for you, Naruto…You don't know how bad I've wanted you…" He said with such hidden lust, thrusting slightly against the entrapped boy.

Naruto couldn't move away to protest, it was as if his mind wasn't working and a spell was somehow cast over his body. All he could do was lie there and endure the creature's shallow thrusting of their lower regions. Whether he liked it or not, the friction was creating a pleasant feeling to his hardening member and the creature was far more than happy to continue pleasuring the blonde. Dark hair tickled his face as warm air was blown unto his ear.

"Who am I you ask? I am the one who has always been there for you, I am your shadow, and I am your incubus, my name is Sasuke Uchiha," He whispered into the boy's sensitive ear. It was as if time had ceased to exist as the name sunk into Naruto's muddled mind. As soon as those words left the creature's mouth though, the door suddenly burst opened with a worried Iruka and a silver haired Kakashi in tow. Naruto's body finally jerked back into control but it was useless as there was no trace of Sasuke anywhere. He seemed to have just vanished into thin air.

"Naruto, what happened?" Iruka yelled as he made his way over towards the blonde.

Kakashi followed after as he took in the dazed expression on Naruto's face. Iruka fell to Naruto's bed side, knees pressed against the wooden under drawers as he gently placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "Naruto?"

He looked into the boy's eyes but his expression was still unreadable and dazed. Naruto was staring at the empty space above him, eyes glazed over with shock. Kakashi bent down to Iruka's level and softly removed his hands from Naruto's shoulder.

"Naruto's just stunned Iruka, give him a couple more minutes and he'll snap back into reality," the silver haired man assured the other. Iruka nodded but his eyes refused to leave Naruto's form. He had never felt more useless to Naruto at that moment and all he could do was continue to wait. Kakashi stood up and shook his head and was just about to head for the door when he heard Naruto mumble out a name.

He froze on the spot, eyes widened at the all too familiar name. He heard Iruka gasp as he turned to see the surprised expression on the brunette's face.

"I can't believe it," Iruka murmured, a sense of dread coursing through his veins. He felt even more powerless as he turned his body and slumped against the side of the bed. "He's back Kakashi…Sasuke's came back."


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