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Ice Blue Eyes

Chapter One

Breathing was ragged and uneven. His legs were burning as they kept going, running through the alleyways.

It was dark out, the stars in the crossfire as the clouds hid the moon from prying eyes. Streets were strangely empty and dead. The only noise that he could hear were his sneakers smacking against the cement and the voices that came at him from the dark corners.

Coming the the and of an alleyway, a fence was blocking his way and he stopped for a few seconds. He spared a glance over his shoulder. The black abyss stared back at him, beckoning him to come back. He shook his head, trying to clear out the haziness before he grabbed on to the fence and began climbing up.

His body was screaming at him to stop but he couldn't. They were after him. Hands screamed in protest at every wired hole and grabbed onto to lift him higher on the fence.

Fatigue starting to take over his body. His brain reminding him that he wasn't an athlete, he sat at a desk and skillfully hacked into people lives. Yes, this boy wasn't use to out running people and jumping over obstacles.

Finally he reached the top and swing his legs over, literally jumping down and hurting his foot in the process. It didn't matter, he picked his speed back up and started running again. He had to get to his apartment, his life depended on it.

He was close.

But he wasn't close enough.

Tires squealed at the end of the street behind him. He whipped his head around, a deer caught in headlights.

The car kicked into gear and started speeding towards him. He started running faster , he needed to get closer to the office. Building passed by as slow as the time was going. The car was making ground, getting closer to him every second.

The burning sensation from his ankle was getting hotter as he begged his legs to go faster. Rapid beating in his chest made it impossible to hear anything else.

Lights were getting brighter and he felt the air pass him before he saw the car.

He made a dead stop as he watched the car skid to a turning stop. The brights were placed on him as he started stumbling backwards as the car started slowly inching forward.

The engine roared loud enough to drown out his heartbeat and before he had a chance to turn around, something hit the back off his legs and he went down.

His feet no longer being on the ground, his body decided that it was over for him.

His eyes stayed open though as he looked up.

The man that had been chasing him, the one with ice blue eyes, looked down at him before bending down and smiling.

"Nice job. I'll talk to you in a few hours, Cameron."

Then his head went back and hit the ground as he blacked out.

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