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Ice Blue Eyes

Chapter Six

Cash had gone to McDonalds and gotten them a few burgers. Cameron had wanted to pay for his own food but realized that he didn't have his wallet. Which meant that he either left it at his apartment or lost it. He wasn't sure.

"Yo Cam. You alright?" Cashs voice snapped Cameron out of his thinking process. His burger was in mid air, hanging their as he and Cash sat on a bench in the park.

Cameron took a bite of his burger before nodding at Cash, humming an approval to him.

"Hey man, I just wanted to apologize for getting you involved in this. I know you are just the middle man." Cash was rubbing the back of his head.

Cameron looked at him, curious. "How are you sure of my part?"

Cash smiled. "Because, you have never even heard of Oz until now. Anyone who knows of him isn't stupid enough to go against him. And if they are, they're not stupid enough to leave a trail. Not saying that you're stupid." Cameron went to say something but Cash continued on. "You're also a terrible liar. I can just tell."

"No I'm not!" Cameron started getting defensive. "I can lie." His bottom lip was sticking out. He was pouting as he crossed his arms.

Cash just laughed and threw an arm over Camerons shoulder. They sat in silence for a bit, staring off at the lake.

"He's protecting you." Cameron turned and looked at Cash who continued to stare off at the lake.


"Oz. He's protecting you. The Boss man doesn't believe that you were the mastermind behind this and anyone who would go after Oz is probably really smart or crazy. Both of them are dangerous. There's no saying what would have happened to you if we had just left you alone." Cash looked back at Cameron and smiled.

"But I don't really need protection."

"Like Oz would have taken no for an answer. Hell, he didn't even ask you. You had no choice if you don't remember." Cash laughed some more. It was louder this time.

"Don't worry about that. Even if I did forget, my body still remembers. It's still incredibly sore from running away from you guys!" Cameron rubbed his thighs, listening to Cash laugh again.

"Sorry man. We thought we'd be able to nab you in the beginning. The fact that it took awhile to catch you really caught us by surprise. We didn't expect you to last that long because really, we thought you were a big nerd." Cash continued chomping on his burger.

Cameron gave a small laugh. "I am a big nerd. Just a bit cooler than most."

Cash and Cameron looked at each other before they broke out laughing again. Once their laughs started to die down, they continued to look at the lake in silence for a little while longer.

The sound of a wrapper being crumpled up broke the silence. Cash threw the wrapper ball in the bag and threw the bag in the trash before getting up

. He stretched a bit and yawned.

"Well, we best be getting back. Oz should be there by now." Cash waited for Cameron to get up before he started walking away.

Walking back into the office, both of them were holding their stomachs because they were laughing too hard at something Cash had said.

"Cameron!" They looked up to see Oz quickly walking towards them. He had an undefinable expression on his face as he grabbed Cameron's arm and started dragging him into his office. Once they gt there he made Cameron sit down, closed his doors, grabbed his remote and put the blinds down.

Grabbing his desk chair, Oz rolled it in front of Cameron before sitting down in it and staring at Cameron.

They sat in an uncomfortable silence.

"When was the last time you saw your friend?"

Cameron blinked at him. "A few days. When he came to talk about the job. He was at my place for a few hours because he didn't really have enough information on it so I was, unsure of taking it."

Oz sighed and Cameron's eyebrows rose.

"What's wrong Oz?"

"How close were you guys?"

"Childhood. His family took me in when my parents died. We were family. What happened to Trevor Oz?" Cameron started to sit up in the chair only to be held down by Oz's hands on his thighs.

"The door was kicked open when Mel and I got there. When we walked in, Trevor was in the living room. We were too late for him." Oz squeezed Cameron's thighs and looked into his eyes.

Cameron stopped breathing, his eyes blown wide open staring at Oz but too out of focus to really see him.

Oz's hand moved automatically to Camerons face, stroking his cheek with his thumb while Oz kept one hand on Camerons thigh. But Cameron didn't notice.

"Cameron, you need to breath. Cameron." Oz grabbed his chin and forced Cameron to look at him. "Breath."

Cameron took a huge gulp of air that came out shaky when he exhaled. His hand grabbed on to the other one on his thigh. Wet blue eyes looked down, his head following his eyes and hanging down.

Tears started streaming down his face as he brought his free hand up to his face to try and hide his eyes. Oz grabbed it though and brought it to Camerons other hand. Then he used the hand that was still on Camerons face to lift his head again, stroking his jaw line lightly.

"Oz, he was all I had left." Camerons cheeks shined from the tears running down it and the salty water building up in his eyes made them look more blue.

Oz moved like lightening, moving his hands and arms to wrap them around Camerons shoulder and back, pulling him closer. With no where to go, Cameron buried his face into Oz's chest and grabbed on to Oz's shirt. His sobs were ripped out of his throat when he could no longer contain them and he completely broke down.

Oz grabbed on to Cameron tighter, lightly pulling him closer. One of his hands soothingly running through Cameron's hair, trying to sooth the guy sobbing into his chest. He could feel the wet spot start to form from the tears on his shirt. Even though he cringed at the wet feeling, he held on.

Outside of his office, the team was looking in. Cash had them crowded around his computer, eyes on the monitor at all time, listening to the bad news and watching Cameron break down on Oz.

"It was horrible. When we walked in, there was blood everywhere. The entire place was turned over. They had the guy hanging from the ceiling. They had beaten him and tortured him. It was horrible." Mel ran a hand through her ponytail, sighing as she remembered the scene that they had walked into.

"When he comes out, I'm gonna hug him. Then show him all my robots and toys. Maybe my grand Star Wars Collection. I'll even dress up in my costume." Cash was staring at the office doors rather then the monitor.

Both of them where trapped in their own heads, thinking about different things that they had to do or already dealt with. For Melanie, she would never forget what she walked into and Cash was thinking of all the ways he could try to make his new friend smile. They weren't focused on their other teammate behind them.

Josh stared at the screen, a darkness deep in his eyes. Looking at his teammates, he quietly backed up and turned around, sending one last look to the office before walking away. Slowly, he walked out of view from everyone's eyes.

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