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Ice Blue Eyes

Chapter Seven

When Cameron opened his eyes again, he was looking up. Doing the logical thing, he started to count the tiles on the ceiling until it set his headache into full blast. Then he shut his eyes again and groaned. His head and his eyes hurt. It had been awhile since he cried. For anything. Still groaning, he tried to remember exactly what had happened.

Oz had told him that Trevor was dead. No. That Trevor had been murdered. He wasn't sure of all the details because Oz didn't tell him. He knew that Oz was trying to spare him as much pain as he possibly could. It didn't really help matters. If anything, it made it worse. It gave his mind the chance to think of the most gruesome scenarios. What if he had been electrocuted? What if they skinned him alive? Did they break every single bone in his body and leave him to bleed out?

Cameron held back a chocked sob and tried to close his eyes tighter. The he remembered how he broke down.

"Oh God." He broke down in front of Oz. Not only that but he broke down on Oz. And he cried like a little baby. Somehow, probably because of exhaustion, he passed out during his girl moment. That was all he remembered. Anything he tried to think back on was entirely black. He didn't even know where he was.

"Come on Cameron, time to open your eyes." It took a little while but once again, he was staring up at the same ceiling he woke up to. Hands started moving, trying to feel out where he was. They felt leather. So he must have been on a leather couch. Oz must have carried him.

Turning his head, he realized that he was still in Oz's office. The blinds were still down and the lights were off but he didn't see Oz anywhere. Cameron slowly sat up, trying to ignore the tired feeling in the back of his eyes and the pounding in his head. He had to get back to work. If anything, he just really wanted to find the bastard now.

When Cameron opened the door, it was quiet. He looked around to see people staring at him. Before he could stare at the floor and continue walking, he was tackled by a flying blur. A very heavy blur. A blur that sent them both crashing to the floor, Cameron becoming unable to breath because said blur was chocking the air out of him. Opening his eyes, Cameron was staring straight at Cash who had a small smile on his face but eyes full of pity.

"I know that you're not a big nerd and all but I would like to show you my action figure collection. And my Star Wars collection with my costume and everything. I would also like to invite you to my house for a small Star Wars party that I am throwing with some others. You know, the one I was talking about earlier?" Cash looked at him, clearly waiting for an answer.

"Cash, I can't breath man." Cameron chocked out with a small smile as he watched Cash quickly scamper off of him and hold out a hand. Cameron took it and got up off the floor, wiping off his pants. When he looked up, every eye darted away from him and hands started working, trying not to be caught staring. Cameron shook his head and started walking to his desk, Cash trailing behind him.

"Has anything happened since I've been out?" Cameron didn't really wanna talk about the reason he had fallen asleep but there was a sliver of something telling him that Cash already knew.

"Well, Oz disappeared to somewhere. Of course it was after he made sure that his office was locked and made it clear to everyone here that we were not to go in there. And I've just been here, waiting for you to wake up with some snacks!" Cash ran pass his desk and grabbed a few bags. "So we can snack on something while we figure out what we should do. I got tons of candy." Cash began digging through the bags as he walked backwards, following Cameron to his desk.

The chair creaked as Cameron pulled it out and then plopped down on it. He sighed and ran both hands through his hair and down his face. Cash had placed his bottom on Camerons desk, casting him a worried glance before pulling something out and chomping down on it.

"Are you eating the wrapper?" Cameron stared at his friend. Cash's eyes were closed as he tried to eat the entire candy bar.

Cash pulled it out of his mouth. "Have you ever eaten this candy? Even the wrapper taste like it and it is so tasty. Delicious." Cash eyes slowly closed as he licked the candy bar. Cameron couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Anyways, are you sure that you wanna work right now? You still look kind of tired. I also bet that your eyes hurt and to be honest, youu kind of smell. Which is confusing by the way because it hasn't been long enough to smell. It's weird. Maybe you sweat more than other people. Who knows." Cash's advice turned into a self ramble, naming all the great people who had a problem with sweating too much.

Cameron rolled his eyes and interuppted his list. "No. I need to find this guy. There's no way that I am resting until I at least know the guys name."

Dramatically, Cash sighed before swining his legs and moving his entire body to face Cameron. "It's going to take some time. Why can't you sleep while your programs run in the background? Shower too. You're not the only one on this, let other people take up the slack, ya know man? Not that I'm saying you're slacking, cause you're not. Just that, I'ma shut up now." Cash covered his mouth with his hand, mumbling underneath it.

"Maybe, but I would really like to keep busy now. Plus, I feel like I should keep both eyes open or something you know? An odd feeling is all." He shrugged his shoulders and kept his eyes on the computer screen.

Cash gasped and brought his hand down to his chest, covering his heart. His voice was laced with mock hurt. "You don't trust us enough to protect you?! Oh the pain. It's chest deep! Only more candy can heal this pain." He threw his hand to his forehead and dramatically leaned his head back, "CANDY!" It was his attempt to get Cameron to laugh. And more candy.

Rolling his eyes, Cameron let out a little chuckle before scooting back in his chair. "Don't you already have enough candy?"

Cash peeked at him through partly closed out before reaching down and choving a wrapper in Cameron's face. "No more of this perfect little angel though. It's all gone! GONE!"

Cameron laughed a little. "Alright. I'll buy you candy. I want something too." Standing up, he patted his back pocket only to frown a little. "Or well, I'll owe you? I forgot that I still don't have my wallet or anything."

"Alright. I'll heal this pain myself." Cash jumped off the desk, leading as they headed to the vending machines, still being stared at.

"Why are they staring at me?" Cameron looked down as they walked, quickly picking up speed.

"They might know what happedned." Cameron looked up at Cash, a horrfied expression on his face. "Hey, it's a small office. Everone knows everything about anyone. Eventually."

"Oh, come on. So not cool." They had reached the vending maching and started figuring out what they had wanted. That's when Cash smirked at Cameron.

"Well, at least I'm the only one who knows how sweet Oz was to you. Well, and the whole team. It was a very touching moment not to mention adorable." Cash's smirl grew when he saw a blush spread over Cameron's cheeks.

"I hate you so much right now. Seriously." Cameron bent down to get his candy, still not sure why they were getting candy when Cash has a whole bag on his desk.

"No you don't. You love me. Or Oz." Cash started laughing out loud when Cameron whipped his head around to glare at Cash, face beat red.

"Shut up dude!" Cameron stood up and glared at Cash some more until his eyes went saucer like and the red penatrating his face got brighter and started traveling down his neck.

"Which dude is shutting up?" Oz was leaning against the door way, smirking at both of them but really only looking at Cameron.

Cameron couldn't say anything so he just stood there until Cash swung an arm around his shoulders. "Hey, what's up Oz!? We needed a candy break!" Cash tugged him into a loose hug.

Cameron gasped before he answered. "Cash was actually shutting up now. We're going back to the desk now." Cameron started walking, dragging Cash along. Still clearly flustered about how he broke down. He really did not want to talk to Oz right now.

Oz had different plans.

As soon as Cameron went to pass him, he threw his arm over Camerons shoulder, coming to rest on the arm that Cash already had there. Hooking his elbow around Cameron's neck, Oz tugged on it until Cameron's head was titles so that his face was smashed into Oz's neck.

"I'm thinking that a candy break isn't the right kind of break for you. I was thinking that your break should be a hour to shower and what not then eight hours to sleep. So, a ten hour break really." Cash removed his arm and grabbed his candy from Cameron before backing away in front of them.

"I'll go make sure that everything is on and working. I won't sleep til it's all in order!" Saluting, he turned and started to skip away,

Cameron watched him go before looking up at Oz. He started to say something only to get cut off.

"No. Now, we should really get going so you have ten hours. My house is a but far." Oz started to drag Cameron.

Cameron really didn't have a choice but to follow.

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