Author's Note: Wanted to practice poetry. Needed to get my Riechenbach angst out. This is what happened.

He's fallen for John

In every sense of the word

Fallen from the rooftop

Fallen from grace

Fallen in love

Love was first

Who can say when it started

The first meeting?


John is dazzling

Moreso because he doesn't realize it

John is the first one to see that he's human

John is the first to care

And Sherlock can't help

Falling in love

Grace came next

He always considered himself

Above human

John shatters that illusion

Like glass

John is his weakness

His heart

Sherlock lets John change him

And falls from his imagined pedestal

Finally, the rooftop

The most literal interpretation

He stands at the edge

Drops the phone carelessly behind him

The conversation ringing in his ears

John stands down there

On the street

Begging in vain for an explanation

Sherlock sees only a blurred outline

And he's unsure if it's distance

Or tears

That obscures his vision so

This is it

He doesn't want to do this

But he will

There's never been a choice

He takes a breath




For John