Elite's Thoughts Before Battle

Sometimes I wonder why many are afraid of me? Is it because of my deadly powers that I seem to intimidate the others, including Assault bomber, that sadistic bastard who would destroy everything. Like Assault Bomber, my fellow ally, I, Bomber Elite, have killed some people, leaving lots of blood behind and I seem to scare the living shit out of everyone. But I became who I am because of my past, which was a major reason why some people even compare me to Russia from Hetalia. I definitely have the innocence and cruelty of a child like Russia does and we both have those auras that seem to scare the crap out of everyone. As a child, I isolated myself from the others as I was forced to, due to my lethal psychokinetic powers. It saddened me as a child despite the fact that I would always keep a cracked smile since I never really had friends. I always ended up hurting everyone I met, including the ones I love. They would usually die on the same day I first met them and it was always because of me, which is why almost nobody EVER came to me and those who did were afraid of me after meeting. Hell, even the bandits, Mujoe, and even my fellow Crush Bombers, including that psychotic bastard Assault Bomber and Eagle Bomber, who is pretty much Mujoe's bitch for hell's sake. However, that Bomberman kid is on his way to fight me, but I hope he isn't afraid of me like everyone else is, but to be on the safe side, I will be easy on him to prove to him that I am not that scary as everyone says I am. Hell, I would rather lose and die knowing that someone wasn't afraid of me than winning and staying alive and having everyone afraid of me. In fact, I sort of hope that I would lose this fight as I could care less about death as I already have too much sorrow to deal with.

Nearly five hours later, Bomber Elite fought Bomberman, but was defeated and killed in battle. He commended Bomberman for being the first person to ever defeat him and died happy. However, Bomberman shed a tear in respect for the powerful Crush Bomber, the only one of the Crush Bombers who wasn't obsessed with killing him, the one who was desperate for a friend, the one who was forever alone.

AN I decided to write a oneshot revolving around Bomber Elite. I feel he needs more love in the Bomberman fandom, which is why I wrote this. Please Review ~