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Chapter Three

Later that afternoon, JoJo was sitting in his usual spot during lunchtime: outside, under a large sycamore tree. It was enough of a distance away from the school so that the other kids' noise wouldn't disturb him but close enough to still be considered on the school's grounds.

He leaned back against the tree's trunk and closed his eyes, enjoying the cool September breeze that passed over him. It was times like this he found to be the most relaxing, besides being at the observatory of course. He took a pen out of his backpack and gently started tapping it on his knee. He soon got a neat little rhythm going. That was one of JoJo's talents he was most thankful for. He could hear music in just about anything, from the tapping of an old typewriter to the rhythmic bounce of a ball. If it had a beat, JoJo was sure to catch it and turn it into something beautiful.

He looked around inside his bag for anything else he could possibly make music out of, but when that search proved futile he went to digging around in his pockets. His good mood dampened a little when his fingers brushed against the crumpled piece of paper. He pulled it out and smoothed it down to read over the words again.

'Her handwriting is so ...neat,' JoJo thought to himself. It was a big difference from his writing style, which his mother constantly referred to as 'darn near illegible' (although he personally didn't think it was that bad). And she wrote it in a very bright pink, so bright it would hurt your eyes if you stared at it for too long. He could also detect the faint scent of strawberries coming from the paper. JoJo mostly just used odorless, black inked pens.

It didn't take long for JoJo to realize that they were two very different Whos. With a deep frown he put the paper back in his pocket and continued to make up a beat from the tapping of his pen.

Finally the long day had ended and all of the Who girls and boys were free to go home. Some walked, some waited for their parents to pick them up and the rest rode the school buses. Once JoJo and his sisters were dropped off at their stop, they made their short trek home. JoJo quietly lead the large group of giggling girls. So deep in his thoughts, he almost didn't feel the hand tapping on his shoulder. He looked back to see one of his sisters, Harley, smiling at him. He gave her a little half smile.

"How was your first day of school, JoJo?"

JoJo's smile disappeared. "Fine," he mumbled, looking down.

Satisfied with that answer and not noticing his change in mood, Harley went back to talking with her sisters. JoJo really didn't want to, but he supposed he would have to tell his parents about the arrangements sooner or later. But not today. Next week, maybe.

The group of young teens ambled through the door, adding to the noise that was already going on in the McDodd household. "How was everyone's day?" Ned yelled over the racket. He got about ninety-six variations of the word "great". And he promised to listen to each of their individual stories at dinner.

JoJo silently went upstairs to his room. He felt exhausted. Maybe waking up before the crack of dawn to beat the bathroom rush wasn't such a good idea after all. He'd have to think up a better solution tomorrow. Wordlessly, he dropped his backpack near the door, emptied the contents of his pockets onto his desk and collapsed onto his bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

A few hours later, JoJo awoke feeling much more rested. He looked at the clock on his wall and saw that it was dinner time. So he went down into the dining room where the rest of his family was already seated. JoJo timed it perfectly so that he effortlessly fell back onto his chair as it whizzed past him.

The mayor was taking twenty seconds with each of his daughters and in that twenty seconds he intently listened as they told him about their first day of school. Then, it finally came time for JoJo's turn. His chair glided and stopped directly in front of where his parents were sitting.

"So how was your day, Sweetie?" Sally asked, cutting up the food of the youngest McDodd daughter.

"It was fine," JoJo replied with a casual shrug.

"Meet anyone new?" Ned inquired, cutting a piece of roast beast and putting into his mouth.

JoJo shook his head. For a split second he was tempted to tell them about Marley and their Whostory project but he decided against it. So he kept quiet until his time was up and his chair slid away.

Later that evening, after dinner was eaten and dishes were cleaned, JoJo made his way towards the front door. Now that his parents were completely fine with the observatory he frequented during the nights, he found he didn't have to sneak out anymore.

The phone rang and Sally picked it up, answering with a polite "McDodd residence."

"Oh, really? Well, that's wonderful."

"Yes, he's still here. I'll get him."

JoJo's hand was already on the doorknob when his mother called out for him. "JoJo, there's a phone call for you!"

With an annoyed huff JoJo turned back around and went to his mother, who had her hand over the lower end of the receiver. Sally smiled down at her son and handed him the phone. "It's a Marley McCoy."

JoJo froze, the receiver clutched in his hands. What little colour was in his face had already drained away. How could he forget? She told him she would be calling. Did his mom already know? From the look she was giving him, he guessed that she did. He put the receiver up to his ear.

"Hello? JoJo? It's me, Marley," she stopped and chuckled nervously. JoJo noted that she did a lot of that. "I guess you already knew, your mom probably told you who was. I don't know why I said that. …I'm rambling aren't I? Anyway, I came up with a schedule for our project meet-up days. I can give you a copy of it tomorrow. Oh and just so you know in advance, the first meeting is on Wednesday after school. Is that okay with you?"

JoJo scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, sure." He glanced up at his mother, who was just standing there, with that silly look still on her face. Why was she still there?

"Well, that's good. I guess I'll see you later. Bye."


"I thought you said you didn't meet anyone new," Sally said as soon as JoJo hung up the phone.

"She's nobody," JoJo responded with a shrug.

"JoJo McDodd!" Sally chided. "You shouldn't talk about someone like that. She seems like a very nice girl." Sally put her hand up to her chin in thought. "Hm… Why don't you invite her to have your little study session over here? And ask her if she could stay for dinner too."

JoJo gave his mother the most respectful 'are-you-crazy?' look he could muster. But she paid no mind to him. Instead she went into the TV room, no doubt to tell her husband all about what she just found out. JoJo shook his head and left for the observatory, not wanting to be there when his father heard.