A new case had the BAU heading to Las Vegas.

"Five homosexual males between the ages of twenty five and thirty have been murdered in the past two weeks." Garcia informed them on the jet.

"Do they have any connections to each other?" Prentiss asked, looking through a file.

"Only one, they each had gotten a gay pride tattoo at the same tattoo parlor. Each of them had gotten the tattoos no more than five days before they were murdered." She said sullenly.

"Well, at least we know where we're going first." Morgan commented.

"You guys can go there as soon as you land. The police aren't ready for you yet." The techie let them know.

"I thought they said they had everything ready an hour ago." Hotch asked confused.

"They did, but then they got slammed with a pile up that caused uproar. Not even half the police force is at the precinct, the chief being one of them. His deputy said they should be back in two or three hours." Her tone was apologetic.

"It's fine. Be prepared to go straight to the field when we land." Their leader informed them.

The team was standing in front of the brick building. The only indication that the building was actually a place of business was the large sign above the black steel doors. It had a black background, yellow and purple lines twisting and curving around randomly. In the very center with a gothic, red font was written;

Dom's Tattoo Paradise

"This is the place? It hardly looks like anyone would find this place, let alone be able to stalk other people from here." Prentiss practically scoffed.

"Well, we can't go to the precinct for an hour anyways." Derek rolled his eyes.

They all sighed and drudged into the building.

It was surprisingly busy in the space that was actually quite large. There wasn't much room to move around in, but they still managed to get to the front desk. A male with sandy blonde hair, who looked to be only about twenty, was at the desk, smiling. Reid turned his back to the desk, deciding to look around the shop. At all the people getting inked.

"Hello, may I help you?" The kid smiled at them.

"Yes, we must talk to the owner." Jennifer told him.

"Ya already are. So what do you- wait, you're from the FBI, aren't you?" He asked.

They were all shocked by what he had just told them. They still managed to nod in a dignified way however.

"I will gladly speak to you, but could you come back later? We're really busy as you can see, and I don't feel comfortable leaving my business. We get slow from about seven to nine at night." He requested.

"Sure." Their leader politely smiled back.

Then Spencer turned around to look at the owner. The sandy blonde kid got a slightly confused look on his face, it faded seconds later into extreme joy and disbelief.

"Spencer Reid?" He asked, walking out from behind the desk.

The genus looked at the kid confused, but them his look also turned to disbelief and joy.

"Dominic?" He asked.

They both made high pitched screams and practically ran together to hug. The team watched confused. The two broke apart and immediately started doing that annoying thing re-united friends do.

"You look so," Dominic began.

"And you're," Spencer smiled.

"Still nothing compared to,"

"Well who could?"

"There's always,"

"No way."

"Yea way, I heard she,"


"Your hair is so,"

"Well look at you."

"I've barely changed compared to you."

"Pfft, no way. You're way more,"

"You always were one for lying."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

"Well thanks for that mister triple doctorate."

"Still mad that you only got to double?"

"Pfft." The business owner laughed then. "Hey, you still got the-"

The intellect started coughing ferociously them and managed to shake his head in a slightly subtle way. Dominic looked confused, but then noticed the group of people looking at them like they were aliens, so he let it go.

"I should probably get back to work, need to check the ink levels. But I would really love to catch up with you." He smiled at his friend.

"I'd like that too."

"Well, you always know where to find me. See ya Pen."

"Later, D." Reid smiled as the younger male turned and left.

It took seconds for him to feel the stare of five sets of eyes on him. He turned to see his team that all had the same look on their faces. A look that said "What just happened? Explain… NOW!"

"Uh, I should go see if the chief is back. We have a lot to set up, see you at the precinct." He said quickly before hurrying from the building.