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Spencer looked around the room they were in. It was a honeymoon suite at a hotel. It was huge… and had hearts all over the place. Derek was standing by the window, looking out at their view.

"This place is amazing." The genius chuckled slightly, looking around from his spot on the bed.

"Not as amazing as you in a tux." The jock smiled, turning to look at his husband.

"What'd the girl say when you reserved the honeymoon suite?"

"She asked who the lucky lady was."

"And you told her?"

"That my amazing husband was going to accompany me. The man I've wanted to marry for a long while will be with me."

Spencer smiled and got up. Derek met him halfway and wrapped him in a hug.

"I love you Doctor Morgan." The black male smiled, looking into his loves eyes.

"And I love you Mister Morgan." The white boy smiled back.

The two leaned in and started kissing. Derek walked them backwards until they were finally lying on the bed. His lovers leg immediately wrapped around his waist, pulling him close.

"Someone's eager." The strong male smiled, pulling away a little bit.

"You're not the only one that thinks his husband looked good in his wedding outfit." The geek informed him, hands running down the toned chest.

He slowly began to undo the buttons on his mates' shirt.

"Ya know, we haven't opened the wedding gift from Dominic and Garcia yet."

"If it's anything like his engagement gift to us, it's a good thing we haven't." The genius chuckled.

"Do you wanna see what it is?"

The intellect took a deep breath.

"Yea. I gotta admit, his engagement present was really fun." He smiled, getting up with his husband to get the gift.

"You're telling me. I'm the one that came home and saw you using it. God you're hot when you're moaning my name." Derek said in a very happy tone.

He resisted the urge to shove his lover against the wall and have his way with him there. The box was pretty big, so they were a little worried. They took off the top and were immediately looking at a piece of wood that fit perfectly into the box; it had a little divot in the top that made it so they could put it out. The piece of wood said "DO NOT OPEN THIS INFRONT OF ANYONE BUT EACH OTHER! FOR THE EYES OF DOCTOR AND MISTER MORGAN ONLY!"

They both chuckled, but their fears were confirmed. They pulled out the piece of wood and braced themselves. Derek just started pulling things out, scared to know what they were before his husband did. He pulled out six things.

They were: A vibrating cock ring, a small vibrator looking thing that said "colt turbo bullet" on the package, a long black vibrator that had a pretty big handle (Derek immediately smiled), another small vibrator that had the control settings on a small thing that you put on your finger (Derek smiled again), a silver thing with three little bulbs on one end then it curved and an inch or so later was another bulb that ended it (Derek was having far too much fun with these gifts), and finally a six inch long black vibrator that was covered in something clear that made it waterproof.

Spencer just looked at all of it, his jaw on the floor.

"I haven't seen so many sex toys since I house sat for Hotch." Derek said, also looking at the toys in shock.

"Ew! Did not need to know that!" His love said, covering his ears.

"No, its ok, I'm pretty sure they weren't his."

"Still don't need to know!"

"Fine." The elder laughed. "So, wanna use any of these?"

"Weeeeeeell," The nerd said, lightly running his finger over the long black vibrator with the big handle.

"I had my eye on that one for you too."

"I have my eye on this one for you." Doctor Spencer said, pointing to the vibrating cock ring.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes really. Want me to put it on you?" The younger male asked, grabbing the toy and getting down on his knees in front of his love.

"Young man, I am not some kind of cheap date. You have to wine and dine me first." The elder said in a fake indignations tone.

"Fine." Spencer rolled his eyes.

He stood up and snaked her arms around his husband's neck. He felt two hands come to rest on his hips. He leaned in and connected their lips once more. He got an excited tongue licking at the seam of his lips. The doctor opened his mouth slightly, loving the feel of his lovers tongue. Derek did not disappoint. He swiveled his tongue around, making sure to touch the few sensitive parts in his submissive's mouth.

A loud moan vibrated from the bottoms mouth to the tops mouth. The jock started tracing a circle around the turn on spot on his husband's hip, making the genius in question go weak at the knees. Derek knew just what to do for that. He pressed the lanky male against the wall, earning another moan.

"So fucking hot." He moaned, pulling away for a second so he could move to his lover's neck.

Spencer just moaned again. He began slipping his clothes off. After he was almost completely naked, he went to his loves clothes. Derek just chuckled, letting himself be de-clothed. He made sure to suck and bite just hard enough to leave little hickies all along the milk white flesh. He loved it when he was able to see the marks of their love making a day… or five, later.

"Pleeeease!" The doctor moaned/whined as Derek finally got to sucking on his Adam's apple.

"Tell me what you want baby." The agent teased, only moving a few centimeters away from the sensitive spot.

"You know!"

"Tell me."

"You're a dick!"

"I don't think that's what you want."

"Fuck me with the vibrator!" Spencer finally managed, digging his nails into his love's shoulder.

"Oh, is that what you want?" Derek asked in a husky voice, moving so he was next to the younger's ear. "You want me to open your hole up with that long toy, Shove all six and a half inches of the plastic into your tight channel? Want me to turn it up to its highest setting and push it into your prostate? Do you want me to make you cum using only that toy, not even touch your raging hard on?"

"God yes!" Spencer moaned, pressing his knees into his husband's hips.

"Then be a good boy, and get on the bed." The jock smiled, pulling away.

"What about you? You need to feel good while you're making me feel good." The geek said, slipping down onto his knees once more.

Derek smiled as he grabbed the vibrating cock ring and handed it to his lover. Spencer quickly smiled and licked all over the cock. He didn't want the toy to hurt his lover. After it was sufficiently lubricated, he slipped the ring over it and immediately slid both of the buttons up; the vibrating started immediately, and the elder male moaned loudly.

"Feel good?" The doc asked with a fake innocent look on his face.

"I'll show you how good it feels. Get on the bed… on your back."

Spencer bit his lip in happy expectation and obeyed. Normally he would have put up more of a fight, but he really wanted something up his hole. He lay on the bed; he put a pillow under his lower back and waited for the pleasure that was sure to come. (Just like him)

"You're gunna have almost as much fun as me." His lover smiled, getting the vibrator and walking up to the waiting male.

The genius gave a little squeak of excitement as he swayed his hips a little on the pillow. Derek grabbed the bottle of lube that was on the bedside table and poured a very good amount of his loves waiting hole.

"I love you Spencer." He smiled up at his husband.

"I love you too Derek." The bottom smiled down to his husband.

After a brief moment of silence where they only looked into each other's eyes, the top pressed the long toy into the younger adult's anus in one swift motion. Spencer arched high as he let out a soft moan of surprise.

"Like that Pretty Boy?" The dark skinned male asked, slowly rotating the toy in the tight channel.

"God yes Derek… fuck, you're so good at this!" The genius panted, digging his nails into the elder male's shoulder.

"Well thanks… I intend to show you just how good I am."

The toy got turned up to notches and the male with a gay pride tattoo moaned loudly. He gripped his husband's neck and pulled him down so that they were kissing. Their tongues mingled together in a perfect semblance of a wrestling match as the toy that was vibrating inside the ring of Spencer's pulsing muscles began getting moved in and out of it.

The motions started out slow, but as the body it was sliding into began pressing down on it, the action got faster. The object propelled in and out of the tight hole. The married couple wrapped around each other. Spencer's legs were loosely wrapped around the elder agents waist while his arms were wrapped around the strong neck. Derek's left hand was gripping the slender male's wait to try to keep him in place as his right hand guided the very fun toy in and out of the younger agent's lithe body. They were moving in synchronized rhythm as the younger adult moved his body down onto the toy and the elder instinctively rocked his body forward in time with the thrusting of the vibrating object in his hand.

"Yes… yes… oh my god… you're so good." The genius moaned, his body moving without him consciously going it, eyes closed in absolute bliss.

"Yes baby… God, so perfect."

The strong agent turned the toy up all the way and moved it as fast as he could in and out of his husband. He smiled when the lanky male arched again, his eyes going wide. Derek loved to make his love cum faster than he had expected to. The smarter male instinctively moved with the toy, meeting each thrust with increasing enthusiasm.

"I haven't even touched your cock yet Pretty Boy, are you ready to blow already?" The dark male asked with a smirk.

"Oh fuck… damn it… I don't want to cum yet."

"Oh baby boy, we have all night. And you know how I've always wanted to test the theory that only girls can have multiple orgasms."

"Actually, the studies that have been done in that field are quite accurate. And the testing that they've done which is quite strenuous shows that, under normal circumstances, a male cannot- OH GOD!" The doctor cut himself off when the cock-like device propelling in and out of his sensitive orifice's angle changed slightly so that it hit his prostate with each thrust.

The amount of force/pressure that was put on his prostate made him turn into a mumbling fool that couldn't finish a coherent sentence.

"Oh, g-…damn, that… fuck… oh god ye… fuck! Shit that's… god damn… it's so… FUCK!"

"Fuck, I love it when I make you like this. Do you like it Pretty Boy?"

All the bottom could do was nod as he felt his climax approaching quickly.

"Gunna cum? Gunna cover your stomach with your hot seed, even though I haven't touched that gorgeous cock of yours at all?"

Again the bottom could only nod.

"I know it. You're such a bottom boy. I know you love it when I make you cum with a few simple ministrations."

"D-Derek… it's… ugh! Almost!" The doctor whined, pushing his body even more to match each thrust with more force so that he could cum quicker.

"I'm gunna make you cum gorgeous, using only this toy… then I'm gunna fuck you with my rock hard cock. Then, after you cum, I'm gunna do it again, and again, and aga-"

"Oh God… Yes DEREK!" Spencer shouted as he came, shooting his spunk all over him and his husbands stomachs.

Lucky for Derek, the vibrating cock ring that was currently stimulating the base of his cock was just tight enough to make sure he didn't cum.

It took five minutes for Spencer to finish and come down from his orgasmic high. Mister Morgan pulled the vibrating object out of his love. He turned it off and gave it a long lick as he looked straight into his husband's eyes. That was all it took to make the genius' resolve break. He didn't care if he had just ejaculated and honestly wanted nothing more to take a nap… he grabbed his husband's neck, flipped them so he was straddling the strong male and kissed him again.

"Now I really want to see if we fit under "normal circumstances" in the orgasm department… or if we can have multiple orgasms… care to help?" He panted slightly, only pulling away to look into his loves smoldering bedroom eyes.

"Anything you want gorgeous." The male that was now on the bottom panted slightly, his normal breathing taken away by his husband's lust filled eyes.

"I want you to lie there… and let me make you feel good while I make myself feel good as well." The genius said as he got off of his love.

He calmly walked across the room in a way that could only be described as a tigress stalking her prey. He stopped at the little table that the room had, a few of their bags were on there. He opened his backpack, rummaged in it for a minute, pulled something metal out of it and stalked back to the man that his eyes clearly showed he viewed as his prey.

He climbed onto the very end of the bed and slowly… seductively crawled his way up his loves body. Lips mere inches above every inch of skin that was exposed. When he was far enough up, he straddled the strong waist again and showed his husband the objects in his hand. It was two sets of handcuffs.

"Like I said… you're gunna lie there and I'm gunna make you feel good, while also making myself feel good… Any objections need to be said now." The doctor said his voice not more than a seductive whisper.

Derek just shook his head, voice taken away by how fucking sexy his new husband looked. An impossibly hot smile crawled onto the genius' face as he leaned up and began securing Derek's hands to the headboard. Once the stronger male was secured to the headboard, Spencer leaned back and smiled at his handiwork.

"Now… I'm gunna take this off of you." He smiled, grabbing the vibrating cock ring on his husband's member as he said it.

The genius slipped off the toy slowly, relishing the low moans he earned from his love. When it was pulled off, he chucked it across the room where it landed with a 'thud'.

Spencer raised himself slightly, resting both his hands on his husband's stomach as he lined the erection beneath him. He took a deep breath before he impaled himself on the hard cock. He moaned loudly, his eyes closing, his teeth biting down on his lip, and his head flying back.

"Fuck you look so hot." Derek moaned, wishing his hands were free so he could run them over every inch of sweaty skin of his beloved teammate.

"God I love it that you are inside me raw… fuck!" Spencer rocked his hips as he said it, loving the feel of only his husband… not a thin sheet of latex.

"This our first time like this baby boy… are you sure you're gunna be ok?" The elder agent couldn't help the worried tone that showed through as he asked.

As a reply, Spencer lifted himself until only the head of Derek's cock was in him before dropping himself down on it. He moaned loudly as he bit his lip harshly.

"God damn it Pretty Boy."

"Unless I stop… don't worry about me. I control this right now… so I'm only gunna do things that make me feel, oh so very good, and that I know will make you feel good. So stop worrying… okay?"

Derek nodded.

"Good… now buckle up."

With that, the genius began fucking himself on his husbands cock faster than a man who had just recently cum should be able to. He dug his nails into the dark flesh that he was resting on as he soon became aroused again. His hands mindlessly played with Derek's nipples, making the elder male moan loudly, and scratched lines down the toned pecks of his love. The stronger man thrust up into the hot body above him as well as he could. He honestly wished he was free so he could flip them over and pound into the tight ass of his one and only.

"Tell me what you want Derek." Spencer moaned as he picked up the momentum of his body.

"I want to flip us over and fuck that tight ass of yours that you know I love."

"Yea? …What else?"

"I'd fuck you hard, and deep. Make you scream out my name."

"Keep going, oh God… please keep going."

"Oh, I'd make you scream my name over and over. I'd fuck you so hard, and pump your hard cock so fast that the only two words you'd remember, were Derek, and Please. You would barely remember what either word meant, but you would know that those were the words you needed to say as I pounded into your hot ass with all of my strength and energy."

"Fuck Derek! I can't wait! Ugh…. More… fuck, I'm already close again."

"Oh, yea… I'd fuck you hard and fast, until you were begging for release… then I'd pull out and slowly slip back in, until you were no longer about to burst, then I'd fuck you hard and fast again. I'd repeat this for hours until you were so wrecked, that you wouldn't even care if I misspelled a word. You wouldn't care if I made fun of your beloved Latin and German books."

"Oh, fuck… yes… ugh!" Spencer was jumping up and down on the hard cock fast, his cock bouncing with him.

He was biting his lip, scared of what would happen if he didn't try to censor himself at all. His head was thrown back and the sweat on his skin shone brightly because of the lights that were still on. Derek loved seeing the other half of himself like that… it was reassuring to see that the genius wasn't immune to the most basic needs of humans.

"Cum for me baby boy. Show me that you're a good boy. Show me how much you love me… cum on me." Derek whispered.

That was what finally did it for the younger BAU member. It wasn't the string of dirty talk, it wasn't the hot cock propelling in and out of him without and rubber separating them, it wasn't the fact that the love of his life was letting him take control of their sex life… no… it was the fact that he was commanded in the most gentle, yet firm tone in a hushed voice to prove his love in a purely physical way.

The male formally named Reid dug his nails in harshly as his cock exploded all over Derek's chest, a little on the dark males face, a bit on his own chest, and even a drop on his own chin. The face his love made as he came, mixed with the channel tightening in the most harsh, yet heavenly way around his penis, mixed with the image of the genius with his own cum on his face made the elder male explode as well.

They both came down quickly. The doctor unlocked his love and rolled off so that he was lying on his back panting next to his love, who was also panting.

Spencer's eyes starting to close… sleep taking him over.

"Oh no you don't… like I said Pretty Boy… we have all night. And two isn't what a lot of people would consider to be "multiple"… so, I think we have to make you come undone at least one more time before we can prove that men can have multiple orgasms too." Derek said, shaking his husbands slightly.

"God… you're gunna be the absolute death of me."

"Yea… but at least lust is the funnest of all the sins."

"Damn straight." The doctor smiled before pulling his love on top of him and connecting their lips again.

~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~

Derek smiled as he looked over at his husband. The doctor was asleep next to him, his pale skin giving the sheets a run for their money. Spencer was amazing, his love was sure. Derek smiled as he ran a finger over the nerd's cheek. He couldn't believe how much he loved this man. With one final look, Derek thanked God that he had found someone so amazing. He was happy he got to see the beautiful sleeping form of his husband every night.

He couldn't imagine a better way to spend the rest of his life.

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