I was currently burning down a bush.


Because it was in the yard of a house. A mansion, in fact. And this particular mansion belonged to someone who dared to make me mad. Perhaps it was something simple. Such as not giving up her seat. Or perhaps it was something big, like giving away my treasured hideout. Whatever it was, she'd ticked me off.

I held my knife between my teeth as I surveyed the damage I'd done. A satisfied smile crept across my face.

"Kay! We're all done here." I smirked.

"You sure, boss?"

Boss. I reveled in that word. I stepped forward in the lush grass and dropped the lighter in the flowerbed.

"Yup." I dusted my hands off, watched the fire rise, and turned away from the flames. "Let's go."


I turned to see the the girl running towards me. "HEY! Put that out! Wh-Who the hell do you think you are?"

I threw the blade up in a perfect movie flip and caught the tip between my middle and index finger. I turned, one thumb hooked in my back pocket, flipped my bangs out of my eyes, and fixed her with a glare.

"Rin 'Rebel' Kagamine."



I officially have no life.

I've been berating myself for this very fact, actually, but now it's slapping me in the face.

You could call me a resident playboy. I like to think that I'm pretty good looking for that matter. Right now, I'm walking down the halls to see the high-rank owner of this prestigious school.

Leon Kagamine.

The dude has the same last name as me, but we're not related. He has three daughters, and as far as I'm concerned, only one of them is in the same grade as me. I've never seen her around. But who wouldn't know his two oldest daughters, Lily and Neru Kagamine?

Lily was everything anyone would want in a daughter. She literally sparkled. She'd gotten top grades, aced every exam, and also aced the college examinations. Every college wanted her. She was a genius, super-athletic, and was, not to mention, very pretty.

Neru followed in the steps of her older sister, memorized the periodic table at age seven, and went on to do Biology at ten years old. She was currently in college and only sixteen years old. Also very pretty.

And as for the third daughter, I know virtually nothing about her. I'm sure she's probably super smart as well.

And pretty. Wait, if she's like her sisters and I don't know who she is, that means that...She's not someone I've slept with.


I knocked on the oak door leading into his office and let myself in. He has an office in all the schools, and he spends most of his time in this one. I heard him talking to someone and was about to back out, but then I heard something that made me keep listening.

"Where is she?"

"I don't know, Sir, it seems that she's skipped school again. Someone says they saw her burning down their garden, or something of that sorts. This is the first entire two weeks that she's skipped. The teachers are dead terrified of your daughter-"


"-She's not my daughter. I don't know who she is," Leon said tightly.

"Yes, Sir."

"Now go."

"Yes, Sir."

Quickly, I backed out and stood by the daughter. The portly man raced out and froze when he saw me.

"What...Who.." He seemed flustered.

"I came to talk to Leon Kagamine."

"Yes," he mumbled. "Of course."

He hurried off, muttering about complications.

I stared after him for a moment and then shook my head and went in.

"Sir? Mr. Kagamine?"

"Ah, Len. Come in, come in." He seemed composed, smooth, like nothing had just taken place.

"I wanted to talk about my schedule...?"

"Len," he said suddenly. He had an absent look in his eyes that suddenly flared into determination. "I have a task for you, as you're one of my star students. Could you carry it out?"

"Of course." I said, bewildered. "Anything you need, Sir."

"Can you find a girl by the name of Rin? On school campus? I'm sure she's here..." He drifted off again.

"And when I find her?"

The anger on his face made me think he was going to ask me to murder her. But then he let a faint, thin-lipped smile cross his face.

"Tell her to come see me."

Was Rin his daughter?

"Yes, Sir."

I walked out of the office and down the now crowded hallway.

"Yo, Kagamine!" Kaito, one of my friends, sauntered towards me lazily. "Why're you coming out of Leon Kagamine's office?"

"I had to schedule change. In any case, Kaito, have you heard of Rin?"

Kaito almost dropped his ice cream. Then, he gave me a look. "Rin Kagamine?"

"Is that her name?"

Kaito had to take a moment to bang his head against the wall. "You- Are- An- Idiot."

"Why?" I blinked.

"Rin Kagamine is the picture opposite of her sisters. Like..." He struggled for words. "Actually, why don't you see for yourself? I'm sure her hangout is somewhere around..." He waved his hand towards the door leading outside.

I headed outside with a careless wave towards Kaito.

Fresh autumn air brought the smell of rain-wet leaves curling towards my nose. I breathed in the smell and grinned.

"Hey!" I yelled at a girl who was running towards the door. Her fingers were bruised and her cheek was swelling. Her ankle was bloody.

"Whoa. Hey. What happened to you?" I asked, bewildered. She shook like a leaf. "What idiot did this to you?" I asked angrily. It was one thing when boys got beat up. But to beat up a girl...

She just raced inside. There was a yell and a boy came flying out of the head of an alley. He landed on his back and scrambled to his feet. He too dragged himself into the school without even looking at me.


I cautiously went to the alley. First, I saw just darkness. Then, I saw upside down darkness as someone grabbed my ankle and swung me upside down. I ended up looking up into the face of the ugliest human being I'd ever seen.

"Hey there. Ever considered plastic surgery?" I asked, all the blood rushing to my head.

"Shut up," he sneered. "I'm taking you to the Boss."

"Who's your boss?"

He actually grinned, his teeth the color of corn and the shape of it, too.

"You'll see."

He carried me for a while. If I didn't want to meet this boss so bad, I would have killed him by now.

"Who is it this time?" Asked a light, female, voice.

Wait, it was a female.

She lay draped along the hood of an abandoned car, eyes fixated on the sky. She had one leg over the other and the most bored expression ever seen on a human being.

She cast a clear, steely, blue-eyed glance at me.

Whoa...She's pretty...REALLY pretty...

Her blond hair was spiky and fell to mid-back, and her lithe, petite figure was standing in front of me.

"I'm guessing you're...Rin Kagamine...?" I asked, feeling dizzy.

"That's me." She raised her eyebrows.

Oh, man. She was the opposite of her sisters. Just that she was pretty.

"There's this thing... Um... It's called school...?"

"Drop him."

The thug dropped me on my head.


"Look, pretty boy, I don't give a fuck if school is going on, okay? I really don't. Now get out before I throw you out on your face."

Man, was she cute when she tried to be tough. Oh, wait. She really was tough. She cracked her knuckles sharply and cocked her head, teeth in a bared snarl.

"In any case," I stood up. "As pleasant as this chat has been, I believe your father wants to talk to you."

"He's not my father." Rin said calmly, filing her nails with a sharp switchblade. "Throw him out." She commanded to her thugs.

They grabbed my legs, but this time, I was ready. I shoved my elbow back into the chest of the one on my right, then kicked the one on the left in the shins. As they let go, I punched them both in their jaws, then crushed their chests under my shoes. They lay groaning in the mud, and I turned to Rin.

She let out somewhat of a slight groan herself and dragged herself to her feet.

"Oh, did someone have to move a wittle bit...?" I taunted.

WHAM! I was thrown out of the alley with one kick from her.

"Aw, did someone learn to fly the hard way?" Rin sneered. Impressive. "Get out of my sight," she said dismissively.

I raised my hands in surrender.

"Are you really related to Lily and Neru Kagamine?"

There was a slight, tense, pause in the long distance between us before she answered, her tone light and airy.


"They call her 'Rin 'Rebel' Kagamine." said Kaito, smirking. "Did she give it to you?"

"You talk like she handed over her virginity."

"What? Len the playboy extraordinaire didn't get a girl? For once? The fuck?"

"Shut up, Kaito."

"I'm hurt," Kaito dramatized. "In any case, Len, there's no way a girl like Rin Kagamine would ever come to school. Forget it. I would have warned you, but I didn't know what you were aiming to do, unfortunately. Anyways, I doubt you- Ah...Ah..." His eyes bulged as he stared behind me. I turned to see gangsta girl herself step into the cafeteria, flanked on both sides by the same thugs that took me to her.

I swear the whole school fell silent.

Rin looked around coolly, then walked across the ceramic floor, her boots making ominous click noises with each step she took. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her leather vest. She looked a tad bit different from when I'd seen her an hour ago, with her white ribbon tying her spiky hair into a ponytail.

"You," she snapped icily at a boy who almost wet his pants standing up.

"Yes?" She glared at him.

"Where is my father?"

The boy pointed a shaky finger down the hall. Rin headed in that direction, glaring at each student, including me, before disappearing into the door with her father's name on it. Immediately, whispers darted through the crowd.

"First time in two weeks, who does she think she is?"

"She's terrifying, I swear. Did you see her eyes?"

"I think she's gorgeous. Drop-dead stunning."

I shook my head and turned to look at Kaito, whose eyes were still mimicking that of a bug. "What was that you were saying about her never listening to me?"


"I hate your fucking guts," I said coldly to my 'father.' Poker face on as usual, he crossed his arms as he stared me down.

"I don't approve of yours either," was his response.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Can't you go a day without using foul words?"

"No, I fucking damn well can't. Now tell me what the hell you-"

"I want you to come to school like normal kids. Every. Day. Get it?"

"You're not the boss of me. Never have been, never will be. Get it?"

His face turned slightly red. "Never speak to me like that again."

A light, merciless, grin played across my lips. "Never talk to me, period." With that, I spun on my heel and walked out of the room without a backwards glance.

Pretty boy and his blue-haired friend were whisper-shouting, and almost half the school was watching my every move.

"What the hell are you all staring at?" I sneered. "What, you've never seen a girl in combat boots?"

They turned away predictably.

Suddenly, I heard a sound behind me. I barely moved my head to the side as a fist went flying past my head. I grabbed the wrist, cracked it between my fingers, and spun the person over my head and onto the ground, face down. He let out a groan as I crouched down, onto my knees, and gave him a friendly smile.

"I'd say you were lucky, hm?"

He paused, then nodded slightly.

My voice went dark, low, and feral. "Then don't do it again and find out how unlucky you are the hard way." Standing up, I strode easily to the exit. What an idiot.

This school is a bunch of bullshit.

I must be an idiot to start a new story.

That Day is in progress...XD