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A Romeo and Juliet love affair

Warning: Yaoi (boyxboy) Not for homophobes!

Sikowitz had just decided to make his students do Romeo and Juliet. For the girls, Cat took the part of Juliet. Tori was the nurse. Jade was playing Lady Capulet while Trina played Lady Montague. For the boys, Andre played the prince. Beck took the role of Tybalt while Robbie took the role of Mercutio.

Right now the students from another class were setting up the stage, props, noises and scenes. Beck and Andre were standing next to the stage in their costumes while the girls were still dressing.

"Boy, these tights are tight!" Andre complained about the weird clothes he was wearing.

"You'll get use to it." Beck offers as comfort.

"Let's hope so because-" Andre was trying to stretch out his tights but they ripped. "Aw man!"

"Go man. You still have some dignity left in you." Beck offers again in comfort and patted Andre's back to get another set of tights made for him.

"Thanks man." Andre walks away with his heart printed underwearing showing from behind.

Beck holds his laughter as Robbie walks towards him. "Boy, these are tight!"

"My advice, don't stretch them." Beck told him with a smile. Robbie didn't quite understand but shrugged it off. "Hey, where's Rex?" The Canadian notices the puppet missing.

"He's at Manila with his girlfriend." The glasses boy told him sadly. He pouted his lips and made puppy eyes.

Beck put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, it's okay."

"So I can visit you?" Robbie asked hopefully.

Beck smiles at him. "No." He rejected.

"Robbie! Beck!" Sikowitz called. The two walked over to him. Robbie being quirky and Beck staying cool greeted him and asked what's up. "I need the two of you to practice your role together. As you can see, the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio is the climax where the whole play takes the turn of a beautiful romantic story to a story of bloodshed tragedy and horror so I want the two of you to hate each other."

"Okay." Beck nods always ready to be in act.

"Wait. Hate each other. I don't think I can really hate Beck. I can hate Trina! That I can do!" Robbie nods.

"Dude, it's fine." Beck tells him. "Just try thinking of anything bad I would do to you."

Robbie takes a moment to think. "Oh, like stealing all the girls I like without meaning to."

Beck takes a moment to think of what Robbie said and then nodded. "Yeah. Something like that."

"Okay then!" Sikowitz clapped his hands catching the their attention. "Hate each other. Instead Robbie, you hate Beck because your best friend hates him."

"Oh right! Rex hates you! He thinks you're cool but you're too pretty!" Robbie points out and the two guys just stares at him for a minute.

"Good!" Sikowitz said at last. "And Beck, you hate Robbie because of his best friend."

Beck looks up in wonder. "I can do that." He smiles.

"Now I leave the two of you to hate each other. But know that Andre may stop you and you'll have to listen to him because he's the prince. Andre!" He shouts and then walks towards the dressing room.

Robbie and Beck stares at each other. "Want to start?" Beck asked.

"No, because I need a ride home. Some crazy girl ran over my bike."

Trina walks by with a classmate saying, "And then some idiot parked his bike at my parking spot."

"Wasn't he still peddaling?" She asked.

"How should I know?"

The mystery was solved and Beck holds his laughter. "Sure. We'll start tomorrow."

Robbie nods. "Okay."

The next day, The group had been separated for their roles. Cat was speaking with Tori while Jade was acting like a high lady pointing out sloppy people and then insulting them. Trina was trying to be sweet by complimenting a lot of people which led to scaring some guys. Andre was standing in the middle of the hall in the police outfit to be a sign of the peace like the prince.

Robbie walks around wondering who he could hang out with but sadly Andre was busy chasing a guy down the hall and the rest of his friends were Capulets. Trina wasn't a choice but she was obviously busy flirting. Rex was still in Manila saying he's going to stay as long as he could satisfy his girlfriend. And it happens that the girl is rich so it could be forever.

Robbie sighed but then looked to the brighter side of things. He could play his guitar, finish homework and study more. Plus, he's suppose to be Mercutio! A trickster and a person with high spirits! Robbie picks his head high to a bright day which darkened when he accidentally bumped into Beck.

Beck turns back and was about to say an apology but saw that it was Robbie. "Robbie! What brings you here? You know that this is Capulet territory!" Beck growls in fury. Cat's and Tori's face turned into fear of a fight starting. Jade smirked to see what Robbie would try to do. When Robbie said nothing, Beck says, "Well!"

Robbie reminds himself that he's suppose to be in character as a confident person but that's the problem, he wasn't but he wants to be an actor so shook of his fear and smiled. "Capulet territory?" He scoffs. "I hear dogs claiming territory but a cat like you, too? No wonder why it stinks here."

Everyone went, "Ooooh!"

His friends' eyes widen expect for Trina and Andre still chasing after people. That's the first time Robbie stood up for himself. Beck still stood in character with a glare but his eyes held a spark. "You better watch your mouth!" He takes a step forward but Robbie doesn't move.

"Watch my mouth? That's impossible! But I'll tell you what I can do! I'll watch your mouth because I believe I've seen them upon a certain woman under holy matrimone!" Robbie nodded towards Jade. Robbie feels his lips swirl into a grin and felt a fire in him for the first time without fear! He wasn't getting out of this! Robbie played the scene in his mind. He hated Beck because Rex hated him. Rex was his best friend since he was a child and he shall fight all his enemies!

Of course, after what Robbie had said, everyone had gasped. Beck was at lost of words as suspense in his act. After a few seconds passed, he raised a finger and poked Robbie on the shoulder yet the glasses boy didn't sway away from his confidence. "You will listen to me! Cross me again and I will smite you and your puppet!"

Now that got Robbie boiling. No one but Rex will call him a puppet! "No you listen to me! Cross me again and-"

"Whoa! What's happening here?" Andre finally joined in to restore the peace.

"Nothing." Robbie replies to Andre and then looks back at Beck with a lop sided smile before walking away.

"Is that right?" Andre turns to Beck.

"Yeah. Everything's okay." Beck answers respectfully to Andre and then looks back at Robbie. That was certainly a part of Robbie he hasn't seen before and he liked it!

The bell rang for Sikowitz class. As Beck entered, a bucket of cat food fell on his head. Everyone laughed as he took it off. Robbie stood up with a grin. "Learned your lesson?" He asked smugly.

Beck grinned with determination in his eyes of revenge but Robbie was not effected. "Very funny."

"I do love being funny." Robbie interrupted him. "But this deserves a praise than laughter because the cat food most certainly smells better than where you've been making." He claims relatively to earlier conversation. "Come on everyone! Clap with me!" He clapped and everyone claps as well since they felt good in the mood by Robbie's shining personality despite dark deeds.

Beck was angry that there was cat food on his hair but Robbie was really getting in character which made the game much funner. "Silence!" Beck growled and glared at Robbie. "You will regret this Robbie!"

"I'm already regretting." Robbie interrupts again. "That I didn't put the cat food in your mouth instead of you hair since your hair is much more useful than your mouth." Everyone gaped.

"Ooooh! You just got burned!" Tori hollered. Beck glared at her. "I'm sorry."

"Hey, is there another disturbance?" Andre walks in. Both guys rejected there was. He nods. "Okay, better get along."

Everyone took their seat and the class continued and Robbie's tricks continued. Robbie repeatedly played tricks on Beck throughout the week after they had a fight. It started out lightly from making his bag inside out, filling his locker with a cannon of chocolate pudding, sabotaging his car to make a cat appear out of the engine and posting cat pics and videos with his head online. The most popular was the cat playing the piano with his face on it.

But of course, Beck had tricks of his own but not as good as Robbie's. He finally called war when he was blasted with chocolate but Robbie was able to dodge many of them. Beck had tried launching water balloons filled with cake frosting and switching his shampoos to blue hair dye that back fired because the dye from a special company also made Robbie's hair straight and uncuttable after a few minutes in affect. It shocked Robbie into breaking his glasses so he had to wear contacts showing off his brown eyes.

They had a lot of harmless fun together...

"Aren't they suppose to hate each other?" Cat asked Tori as she was watching Robbie and Beck having another argument.

"Yeah. They hate each other right now." Tori points out.

"Hmm. Doesn't look like it."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know how we're suppose to play our parts right now because Sikowitz told us to."


"Robbie is suppose to hate Beck and Beck is suppose to hate Robbie then why do I see them fight one time and then catch them smiling at each other after a prank is pulled or any time for that matter."

"Wow. I never notice that." Tori realizes and watches the two boys fight. Now she saw it. Despite them arguing. Robbie's confident poses and Beck's angry glares was like watching a reverse of Jade's and Beck's use-to-be relationship. Robbie would spur out anything for Beck's reaction and Beck would retaliate in anger and revenge. But this time she could feel the light atmosphere and hidden meaning. The scene just became ironic to her. "But what does it mean?"

"Does what mean?" Cat asked cluelessly.

Tori was about to say a suggestion but Cat was innocent in her own way so said, "Never mind."

"I didn't do it." Robbie said confidentally.

"Who else would put jello in my hair gel?" Beck asked hypotetically holding his anger streak. He was so getting Robbie for this. It happens that Robbie's blue hair began fading back to black giving him slight blue highlights now.

"You have no proof I did it." He retorted.

"You wrote on my mirror 'I did it! Love Robbie!' with lipstick! Where did you find lipstick?"

"That's none of your business." The bell rings. "It looks like we're done here." He turns around but Beck grips his arm. Robbie turned to Beck.

"We're not done here. Meet me at the theater room." Beck sounded threatening and Robbie would ordinarily whimper but he held in character constantly keeping Rex in mind and hatred closely to him but also held a mischievous gleam of fun just like a trickster.

Robbie merely smirked. "I'll be there." He pulls his arm out of Beck's grip before walking away towards class. Beck grinned watching Robbie walk away tweeking something in Tori's mind but couldn't put her finger on it.

Robbie walked into the theater room to see students working on a water fountain that was working. "Hey, is that a prop for the play?"

"Yeah, it takes part of Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene." A girl said.

"I don't remember there being a fountain."

"This is just for decoration. Look at this." She presses a button on the wall and the dark scene, flowers and trees lit up with twinkling lights. The balcony's room lit up a golden light and the vines trailing down enhanced the magical romance bound to happen at the end of the month. "Like it?"

"Yeah. This is so cool." Robbie walked up on stage looking around and then at the fountain. "You guys did a great job!"

"You're also doing a good job yourself." The girl complimented.

"Huh?" Robbie arched an eyebrow.

"You're whole pretend fight with Beck. I never knew you could be devilish."

Robbie blushed and tried to hide it by looking away acting like it didn't matter. "Neither did I. Usually I make Rex do all the planning but..." He shrugged not really knowing what to say.

"You do know Rex is just a puppet?"

"He's not a puppet! Why does everyone say that?"

"Whatever." The girl with her friends walked away leaving the fountain on.

"Hey wait, you're fountain is still running!" Robbie warned them.

"We'll turn it off tomorrow!" They left the room.

Beck walks in with a bag over his shoulder on amazing cue seeing the twinkling lights and the fountain. "I was expecting a stage on fire with cat running lose all over the place but this works!" He comments and Robbie couldn't help but smile.

"I'm glad to know how evil I can be unlike you." He insulted.

"So you say but we are not here to chat! We are here to fight!" He reveals two fencing swords and threw one to Robbie. Beck jumps onto the stage clashing his sword against Robbie's. They charged and backed away as their swords and shifting feet made the sounds. They fought with anger and focus but then they couldn't help but smile. Beck got the advantage of twirling their swords to let Robbie's sword fly out of his hand.

Robbie looked at Beck and then the sword that was stuck between a chair and then at Beck again. He jumped off stage. Beck followed in pursuit. Robbie jumped onto the chair and got his sword clashing against Beck's sword. Robbie charged forward with much vigor to bring them back to the stage.

The fight felt like it went on forever but they were having so much fun fighting. But then Beck charged causing Robbie to slip in the fountain. Robbie grabbed onto Beck pulling down with him into the water.

"I can't swim! I can't swim!"

"Robbie! Robbie!" Beck holds Robbie's arms.


"We're in a fountain." Beck brought him back to reality.

"Oh." Robbie blushes from both exhaustion and embarrassment. He lied his back against the pole of the fountain catching his breath. Unknown to the reddened boy was Beck's instant trance when he lied back his white shirt became transparent showing the hardened nipples and pale skin. Beck instinctively licked his lips but bites his tongue reminding himself to stay in character!

He reminded himself that he was Tybalt. A Capulet with complete hate for the Montagues and whoever befriended them! But...seeing how Robbie was so vulnerable. For Tybalt to see Mercutio so vulnerable. Mercutio who could charm into any maiden's dress and a close friend to his arch enemy left into a state to be dominated. To dominate such power. Tybalt loved feeling powerful. How far would Tybalt go? How far would Beck allow his emotions in his character go?

The hardness in his pants answered him. Beck claimed Robbie's lips without a word. Robbie struggled and muffled for Beck to stop but he wouldn't. He as Tybalt wanted to control and dominate this boy who had played tricks on him. This will fulfill his revenge.

Robbie tried to stop Beck but it felt good being kissed. He never had a first kiss so he was clueless of how to fight back other than pushing. Robbie pushed that away from his head and reminded himself to stay in character. Mercutio wouldn't want this! He would not betray his friend for this but oddly it felt good to betray. He felt sick in his stomach but his groin was another thing. Beck was an amazing kisser and Mercutio was spoiled. He would want to have all the best of it. He was spoiled, arrogant, charming, and other stuff that Robbie couldn't think of. He wanted it so bad! And he just betted that Mercutio would also.

Robbie stopped struggling and clumsily tried to kiss Beck kissed more eagerly knowing he caught his prey. As he kissed Robbie passionately to make him moan, he ripped the shirt halfway open to expose the chest. Beck moved down to take one of the buds in his mouth sucking and licking at it while tweaking the other with his hands to not feel neglected.

"No." Robbie moaned out but held Beck in place. He felt his groin tightened in his pants the further Beck began layin hickeys all over his neck to his chest. He kept repeating "No." but he never really meant it until Beck's fingers unzipped and unbottoned his pants. "No! Don't!" Robbie tried to stop him but Beck held his wrist against the pole with one hand and had the other hand fetch Robbie's cock.

Robbie stared helplessly as Beck stroked his cock repeatedly as he stared at him with determined eyes. Robbie closed his eyes but that only enhanced how good Beck was stroking him. Beck was a guy so of course he would know how to stroked him so good that Robbie knew he was bound to come in mere seconds of being a virgin. Robbie bit his lip but couldn't stop the moaning sounds coming out of him. He came like as he said all over the water and Beck's hand.

Robbie opened his eyes. "Beck?"

"Are you okay?" Beck asked out of character because he realized he got too into character if Tybalt would do something like that. Beck let go of Robbie's wrist inspecting them to see bruises done to the delicate skin.

"Uh...yes." Robbie answered out of character.

Beck frowned. "Sorry, I got out of control."

"Oh, yeah. I also got out of control but that's life." Robbie smiled and shrugged. "I did not not like it. And Shakespeare was rumored to be gay. His characters may have been also considering the modern movie of Romeo and Juliet that starred Leonardo Dicarpio."

Beck stared at Robbie who he had just molested to take this smoothly. That was Robbie for you and the idea of that made Beck chuckled. "What's funny?" Robbie asked.

"You! I had just sexually molested you and you are so calm. I almost can't believe this whole week I've been with you is Robbie."

"Is that a bad thing?" Robbie asked warily.

"No. I like this Robbie. I like you." Beck smiled for him.

Robbie blushed. "Thanks. I like you too." After speaking those last statements, Robbie and Beck stared at each other and then kissed again. "I really like you a lot." Robbie said and they kissed again.

"I like you a lot too." Something finally snapped as they repeated those lines. After almost an hour, Robbie and Beck found themselves lying naked on the stage under the twinkling lights.

"Hey." Robbie called to Beck.

"Yeah?" Beck looked towards Robbie with his laid back expressions.

"Have you ever heard of anyone else ever having sex in a fountain?"

Beck thought about this with an arched eyebrow. "None, that I know of."

"Huh." Robbie looked up at the twinkling lights. "I just hoped we can clean this all up so no one will suspect anything. What time is it anyway?"

Beck looked at his watch he discarded on the floor. "It's a quarter after four. No worries."

"We should probably get into the dressing room and find dry clothes to wear." Robbie suggested but he found himself snuggling onto Beck's chest keeping them in place.

"Yeah." Beck said half-heartedly.

"We're not going to tell our friends are we?" Robbie asked warily.

"Of course not. Andre will avoid us. Tori and Cat may start treating us like girls and Jade will definitely kill us." Beck responded nonchalantly.

"Why would Tori and Cat start treating us like girls?"

"It's the many mistakes girls who had never had gay friends make sometimes."

"We're gay now?"

Beck looks down at Robbie looking up at him like an adorable confused puppy. "Well, I don't specifically like men. Do you?"

Robbie thought about it. "None of them except you."

"Same here but we both still like girls right?"


"I guess that makes us bisexual."

"Oh. So we'll keep our relationship a secret and continue acting our parts. I don't know how I'm going to hate you now though."

"Just continue your tricks but avoid my hair products okay?" He ordered as if Robbie was a child.

"Okay." Robbie smiled innocently. "This is the most fun I had without Rex."

"That reminds me. Why do you keep him around?" Beck asked.

"What do you mean?" Robbie didn't understand.

"You know he's a puppet Robbie. Why do you keep him around?"

Robbie sighed and shifted his position so he was looking down at Beck. He ran his hand down Beck's cheek and then kissed him to make the decision easier. Beck kissed him gently making Robbie feel loved in Beck's arms. He retured his position on his lover's chest.

"Rex is my escape-goat." Robbie finally said.

"What?" Beck didn't exactly understand.

"Rex was a birthday present when I was kid. As a kid, I was always shy that I didn't make any friends so I made Rex. I perfected my skills in ventriloquism so if I said something wrong, I would use Rex to say something else so if people like Rex, they wouldn't leave me. They may not actually like me but it was nice knowing someone was there."

"If that's true then why make him such a jerk to you?" Beck asked as he ran his hands over Robbie's hair to soothe him.

"I made Rex a jerk because girls were more into the bad boy type and to get me out of trouble. Whenever I was mad, I would use Rex to take the blame just like the time I sabotage Trina to have the room fall down on her."

"That was you?" Beck interrupted in disbelief.

"Yes and no one suspected me because you know, I'm sweet or uncapable. And I truly made Rex his own character that people actually do treat him as one. I'm able to get away with any insult and they won't hurt me." Robbie answered.

Beck sat up making Robbie sit up too. Beck looked him in the eye. "That is evil. You were one seriously bad cookie my friend."

"I know." Robbie pouted. "But life was so much easier and.." He looked like he was close to tears.

"Hey, there's nothing to be sad about. If I was that bad and smart, I would've done the same thing." Beck put Robbie's head on his shoulder.


Beck smiles. "No." And then rubs Robbie's arm.

"That's okay because I don't think you'll have to be worried about Rex anymore. That crazy but hot girl he's with is really facinated with him." Robbie wraps his arms around Beck.

"That's good to here. Now let's make daddy happy." Beck pushes Robbie down on the floor.

"Yes sir!"

For the next two week, Robbie and Beck continues to bicker and play tricks on each other. Robbie had suddenly gained popularity with the girls because he was more confident and charming as he played his part despite his hair turning back to normal and returning his glasses back on. He said words of flattery and jokes having the girls fall for him. He even went on a date with one of them to piss of Beck.

Beck wasn't the jealous type but Tybalt was. Their sex life were sometimes role played. They both need it three or more times throughout the weeks. Like right now on the day before the play, Beck was plunging himself into Robbie from behind without mercy in his RV after his lover's date with a random girl.

Beck kept continuing to say, "Mine!" as he thrusted deeply into Robbie causing tears of pleasure and pain to fall.

"Tybalt! Fuck me harder!" Robbie pleaded.

Beck fucked harder to throw Robbie's mind abyss. Beck pulled Robbie head back and whispered huskily in his ear, "You're such a slut aren't you Mercutio? You say you hate the Capulet but here you are taking my cock in your tight hole to be filled with my essence. You cum without shame. What will your friend, Romeo think of this?"

It was so wrong but Robbie just got harder. Feeling so dirty and dominated. It was becoming a drug. He came hard on the sheets and Beck followed afterwards.

"Does you ass still hurt?" Beck asked as he reached for the tissues.

"Not so much since you started using the lotions. I still can't believe you researched on how to do that!" Robbie blushed while Beck wiped his behind.

"Anything to keep my lover satisfied." Beck chuckled at how cute Robbie is and gave a kiss to his cute butt.

"What if Mercutio and Tybalt were having a secret affair?" Robbie asked out of the blue.

"Huh?" Beck threw away the tissues and the laid next to his glasses lover.

Robbie looked away from Beck. "You heard me. What if they were lovers?"

"If they were, why did Tybalt kill Mercutio?"

"It was an accident... or maybe not. You know how Romeo interrupts them. They were just kids and maybe Tybalt only wanted to just win. Not kill anyone. What if they were lovers?" Robbie looked at Beck caressing a hand down his chest just for the sentimental feel of it.

"So what if they were?" Beck answered with a question.

"I know its stupid but after the play, when we don't have to pretend to hate each other. Will we still be together?"


"I know it's stupid! Forget I said anything!" Robbie turned away with his arms wrapped around his chest glaring at the fishtank in Beck's RV.


"Mmh!" Robbie faced his face to the pillow. Beck wrapped his arm around him anyway kissing his neck up to the back of his ear.

"Robbie, I still want to be with you." Beck told him sincerely.

Robbie glared at the fishtank again. "How do you know? You had no interest in me before this play!"

Beck chuckled at how childishly cute his lover was being. "Robbie look at me."

"No." He grumbled.

"Come on. Look at me."

"No." He grumbled again.


"Fine!" He turned on his back looking up at the tan boy. "What?"

Beck smiled. "I love you." That got Robbie teary. He looked so hopeless with those three words. Tears fell down his cheek. Beck wiped one tear with his thumb and kissed the other. "I love you." Robbie broke into more tears and Beck kissed Robbie running his hands up and down his body sending delightful shivers through his lover. "Robbie, I love the you that's not hiding behind a puppet. The real you. Like I said, acting is just how far you'll let yourself go. Everything was you. And I love it so much."

Beck trailed kisses straight down Robbie's body till he reached the peak of his cock. "Ah!" Robbie gasped completely sensitive. Beck chuckled and stared fiercely into Robbie's eyes as he engulfed his cock. Robbie wanted to look away but Beck had him locked. Beck knew it and moaned to cause delicious vibrations. Robbie clenched the sheets.

"Ty- Beck!" Robbie bit his lower lip staring down at his lover licking him up and down and tugging at it. He dipped and licked with his tongue inbetween the slits of the head knowing how much Robbie loved it. Then Beck suck it while swirling his tongue at the head.

Robbie knew he was coming. "Wait, Beck. I want to try something." Beck let go and looked curiously at his glasses lover. He immediately blushed. "Please." He whimpered.

Beck smiled. "Sure."

"Then lie on your back." Beck lied on his back and Robbie positioned on top of him.

"I think I like this position." Beck grinned holding Robbie's hips to position himself correctly. Robbie sunk himself slowly inch by inch. "Mmph!" He reached the hilt taking a second to get used to it and then slid up. As he sunk back down, he swayed his hips in a circular motion.

"Now where did you look to know that!" Beck smirked up causing Robbie to turn redder.

"Shut up." Robbie breathed out as he began riding faster and faster. Beck began thrusting up setting a rythm between the two. Throughout it, Robbie showed to be straining his legs as he bounced on his lover's cock so Beck pushed him down having Robbie's head hang down the edge of the bed grabbing onto the bed sheets and his cock to masturbate as Beck plundged into him.

"I'm going to die!" Robbie cried when Beck hit his sweet spot feeling himself come closer to the edge.

"Robbie!" Beck moved erractically in and out looking down at Robbie's crying expression. They both couldn't take the undeniable pleasure that Robbie came and Beck followed half a second later.

The next day the play had been set. Cat had acted out her part as sweet Juliet threatened by her mother, Jade but was hopeful by her helpful nurse Tori. Andre in his short scenes showed authority and wisdom in his movements. For Robbie and Beck. They played there playful parts. Beck showed anger and bloodlust while Mercutio showed playfulness but also bloodlust.

When it came to the part of the battle between Tybalt and Mercutio. People were drawn to this part mostly. They payed close attention because action was much more appealing than romance to most. Romeo had showed to the battle not looking for a fight but a chance of reconciliation.

As Robbie watched this so called Romeo putting his arms around Tybalt and suddenly speaking of love, he started to feel a weird burning feeling in his chest. He couldn't believe it but feel jealous. Robbie wouldd have none of that. He furiously pushed Romeo away realizing what he had done but covered it by proposing a match to Beck.

Beck saw this act of Robbie's anger as defending Romeo. His jealousy boiled thinking that Mercutio cared for Romeo more than him. Their fight started on miscommunication. The crowd was entranced by the fight from how daring and dashing the fight became. Until Romeo came between and held Mercutio, Tybalt took the chance to rid of Romeo but pierced Mercutio, his love, instead.

Out of complete guilt but reminder that their love should never be discovered, he ran from the stage. After Mercutio's furious speech, he dies. Romeo revenge him and then both boys are shown dead. Andre held his role and the crowd's ears perked and eyes unblinked throughout the entire scene.

When the curtains fell to change scene, everyone clapped despite it not being over. Beck and Robbie walked into the dressing room while be praised for their performance. Robbie blushed finally having to be praised for his work. Beck smiled seeing how happy Robbie was.

They finally reached it being all alone while others were getting the next scene on. Beck immediately trapped Robbie to a wall with arms side to side against it. "You were amazing." He praised and saw how Robbie's mouth awkwardly try to not smile.

"Th-thanks." Beck's praise meant the world to Robbie.

Beck leaned close placing his hands on the costumes buttons and zippers. "I believe you deserve a prize."

"Here?" Robbie questioned knowing the door was unlock.

"It's only a kiss." Beck smirked as he carressed his lovers cheek and then placed under his jaw to pick it up and kissed deeply. Robbie didn't resist as he wrapped his arms around Beck's neck and opened his mouth for Beck to work his magic.

"Hey guys-"

"AAAAH!" Robbie screamed and pushed Beck down on the floor when Andre came in.

Andre stared at the situation. Robbie's red face and Beck's position before he was pushed down the floor. The couple knew they had a lot of explaining to do.

To be continued...

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