Chapter 12 – My Crush Was With Me


Ugh. I sighed. It has already been one week since Neru's funeral. One week since that person led me to mom's grave. I will never understand why he or she did though. I roll around on my bed. It's hot and humid. My tank top and shorts cling to me with sweat.

Ring! Ring!

I grab my phone. Oh Hiyama's calling. My heavy eyes begin to open more. Hiyama's calling! I haven't spoken to him in weeks. I try to open up my phone but it ends up slipping out of my hands. My phone is doing acrobatics again. I catch it finally and I answer it.

"Hello!" I sound too nervous.

"Hey Gumi meet me at the vacant lot, okay?"


He hangs up.

Ring. Ring.

He's calling again?

"Oh I forgot bring track suit!" He hangs up again.

A track suit; do I own one? I think I do. I open my closet door and go swimming in the pile of clothes.

I pull something out. "He he, I found it!"

I pull out a green track suit. The jacket has short selves and the pants aren't too long either. Good for the weather today. I put on a new tank top before the track suit; an orange tank top. I zipper up the zipper of my jacket and put my goggles on my head. For some reason I've always had my goggles on my head, where ever I go. I put on some socks and run downstairs. I'm going to ignore my dad but he is with Luka again. I put on my sneakers.

Thump. Thump.

I bang my heel on the floor to make sure my foot goes into the sneaker all the way in. I put my phone in my pocket and run out of the house.

3rd Person POV

Kaito walks home from the ice cream shop. Gumi runs past him. She notices the ice cream all over his face. He is depressed because he got banned from the shop. He went in the parlor with a scarf on. Just a scarf nothing else on. Kaito passes a pole. Something catches his eye. The flyer of missing Miku had caught his attention.


I run up the hill. Once I make it up I stop and pant. Due to the humidity it makes it a little harder to breathe. The monster comes up and greets me. It reeks of blood and fear. But once Hiyama gives it some ice cream everything should be fine.

"There you are!" I turn around. Hiyama wears a dark gray track suit.

"Glad you could come!" He says as he approaches me.

I feel uneasy.

"Why did I need a track suit?" I ask him.

I wait for a response.

"Tag your it!" He shoves me to the floor.

I get some mud on my knee.

"Oh that's it you're so going to get it now!" I say angrily.

"Oh I'm so scared."

We begin to chase each other around. We laugh and have fun. I feel as if I begin to know him. We run over the fields.

3rd Person POV

"What is the meaning of this?" Kaito yells at Miku's parents.

He slams the missing person flyer on the coffee table. Kaito had gone to Miku's house fully clothed to get some answers.

"Mr. Kaito, would you please calm down!" Miku's mother yells.

"Calm down? Calm down! How can I calm down when I know that my girlfriend is missing! How do you expect me to calm down, Miss. Hatsune? How!" Kaito yells enraged.

"Boy, don't talk to my wife that way. Do you not think they are upset as well? We miss Miku too!" Mr. Hatsune says as his wife cowers in his arms.

Kaito notices he made Miku's mother cry and attempts to calm down. He sighs and places himself back on the couch.

"Can you explain to me how this happened?" Miku's mother uses a handkerchief to wipe away her fragile tears.

"Well..." she sniffles, "Miku went out with Yuki to go to the movies and, a ..."

She burst into tears. "And they never came back!"

"May I ask when this had happened?"

"A few days after Neru's funeral." Mr. Hatsune replies.

"Um..." Kaito approaches another question.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave Mr. Kaito. I'm sorry I don't think my wife can handle it anymore." Mr. Hatsune looks franticly worried.

"I understand."

"You might want to check with Yuki's parents though." Miku's father offers.

"Thank you very much sir. Bye now." Kaito exits the living room and exits out of the Hatsune residence.


"See you next week Gumi-chi!"

He yells as I begin to walk away from his grasp.

"See you next week!" I yell back at him.

I walk down the hill of the lot. Next week we're going swimming! I spot something blue hanging from a tree. No wait maybe teal! Yup it's definitely teal! What is it though? I'm too far away to see. Right now I don't feel any curiosity and I don't really care if I find out or not. My emotions are slipping away again. I ignore the teal object and continue down the lot. It begins to drizzle. Something bothered me today even though I had fun. The monster... it was staring at Hiyama. It looked hungry.

3rd Person POV

He arrives at the doorand it's raining cats and dogs. He had no umbrella to shield him. He rang the door bell. It was such a hard rain that Kaito could not hear the doorbell ring. The front door opened.

"Hello, Kaito." Miss. Kaai greets.

He didn't say a word.

"You may come in." She says softly.

Kaito enters and removes his shoes. He walks into the living room where Mr. Kaai awaits along with his niece Iroha. Miss. Kaai sits next to Iroha and tells Iroha something.

"Iroha its bed time for you."

Iroha nods and she rubs her eyes. She very tired. She's waiting for Yuki to come home. She is such a poor little girl.

"I assume you want information about their disappearance, right?" Mr. Kaai asks.

He has a deep voice.

Kaito nods.

"She and Miku went to go to the movies. She contacted us before and after the movie."

"Times of movie?" Kaito keeps it sweet and short.

"5:30 was before 7:00 was after."

"What happened after?" Kaito asks.

"She told me that she had met up with someone. She also said that the three of them were going to a candy shop. She wanted to get candy for Iroha. But..."

"She never returned." Kaito finished Mr. Kaai's sentence.


"Poor Iroha she's only nine years old." Kaito comments but Mr. Kaai doesn't hear.

"Who was this person they met up with?"


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