New story! I will not say anything else in case I bore you… Code word: Fuzzy sheep :) Review and tell me if you think it's funny.

It's a Plan: Chapter 1

"The trap is set!" cried Horace triumphantly.

"What are you doing?" Will asked curiously, looking over to what Horace was doing. It seemed as if he had rigged a cage with some strings and whatnot to make a death trap. At least, that's what it looked like to Will, who actually knew how to make a trap. "And what poor, innocent animal are you trying kill with it?"

"A fuzzy sheep!" he exclaimed like a little kid.

"Horace, why on Earth would you want to kill a bloody sheep?"

"Because it's fuzzy. And cute. And we can sell the wool for profit!"

"Horace, as I don't think you know, you are a freaking prince. You live in a great big castle with people waiting on you. You don't need to make profit."

"Oh." was all he said. The breeze rippled through the trees, and the dappled light that filtered through looked like coins scattered around. "Well, I thought it would be fun!"

"I don't think killing fuzz y sheep is considered fun,"

"I'm not killing it, I'm just capturing it. See? I even made a little bread crumb trail to lead it into the cage. Then, BAM! It closes shut and there you have it."

"Horace, that is a death trap. It spells the end of its life."

"Well, how would you do it?" the simple bash-and-whacker challenged. He then realized that was the wrong thing to say. Will, being a ranger and all, knew this hunting stuff. He saw the look of understanding cross Horace's face and smiled smugly.

"I have two things to say: 1) BURN! 2) it's on," Horace sighed, he hated it when Will got the better of him. Oh well. Getting to work, they split the supplies and started constructing their traps. Well, in Horace's case reconstructing the trap. During their rather friendly conversation, it had fallen apart to pieces.

Lol, I can totally imagine this happening between two British people and their accents… hehe, I am laughing now :)