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Title: A Monster

Authoress: Rickashay

Genre: Romance/eventual tragedy

Rating: T

Word Count:1,256

Warning(s): there will be mentions of sex, not graphic. An eventual character death. *Sigh*

Character(s): Inu no Taisho, Izayoi, with some Sessmom here and there.

Summary: Day One…

Story Summary: There was always a time when they felt they could be most free in their relationship. An exploration, a curiosity felt so strongly. This is the beginning of their story.

A.N: This is another series for written Fifteen Minutes a Day. The reason why I am doing this is because I have been sorely lacking inspiration for fanfiction writing so I need to do an exercise for more creative stuff to happen to me. While I am writing this I will be working on another series, which is actually an original story. So, the chapters will have 700-1500 words depending on my inspiration for that day. The Fifteen minutes excludes editing time. That means if you see any mistakes, feel free to tell me! I won't take offence if you do. ^_^

It would be a great shock to her parents had they known that Izayoi enjoyed wandering through the forest. She would listen to the critters and hide among the trees, just so that she could enjoy a few moments of sanctuary from her busy life. As a princess there was a certain amount of meekness and behavior she must maintain. But in the forest, she did not need these manners. There was no one to see whether she spoke out of turn or even laughed. It was merely her and the few creatures that dwelled there. There was no need for politeness.

When she first met him, it was not what she expected. Instead he merely stood at the bough of a tree and stared at her without malicious intent. A curiosity glittered in his eyes, amusement curling at the ends of his mouth, and the faint lines of laughter that crinkled at the corners of his eyes. But there was no anger or evilness that betrayed his nature. Despite the long, white hair that was held up in a ponytail, the claws that bore a striking resemblance to that of a beast, and the golden eyes that bespoke his heritage...

The only thing she could think was to say…beautiful.

She had been trained from an early age to see the beauty in a face, the distinguished markings of nobility. Whether it was a nose, the eyes, the arch of an eyebrow, or merely the cheekbones that gave such a notable look. The youkai looked like a noble, a classic example of beauty.

But beauty could be misleading.

It was just a brief thought, something that was spoken within her consciousness. She had heard stories of beasts and tales of tormenters that stalked through the night. Youkai. Ones with razor sharp claws and fangs that glinted in the night. Shadows that bore recognition to their true forms, masks solemn, and beautiful faces disguised as beasts. Usually they were in their true forms and when they were not they were wishing for the freeing feeling that they partake in their animal or beast. It was rare to come cross a youkai in a humanoid form...and it was a much more dangerous youkai to even have a human form.

"Sir?" the words slipped past the barrier in her throat so easily, so effortlessly. Immediately she wished she could grasp back those words and stuff them in the back of her throat. She said nothing even when his amusement heightened, bringing brilliance to his eyes.

"Little Hime," the words came out in a breathy chuckle, "You are far from your home."

The words squashed any thought of his beauty.

A beast.

Yes, a beast lies underneath that mask."I am not. You are intruding on our lands." Izayoi insisted, ignoring that laughter curling at the ends of his mouth or the clicking of his claws, even though her insides were squirming unpleasantly at each click of his fingernails. Danger…the thought breathed through her consciousness. "I have come here since I was young and I have never seen a youkai here before." Confusion clouded her brown eyes.

A surprised glance directed at her, his eyes darkening with sharp intelligence and cunning. "You are aware that you are speaking to a monster, a youkai?" the words were spoken in a droll tone. "Are you aware that you are speaking to the one that has claimed this land?"

Whatever he could mean, she had not the faintest clue. "I don't know what you're speaking of, but I assure you that these are not your lands." Izayoi said, knowing quite well that this was speaking out of turn...but to a manner-less beast. They were her lands...and she was rather proud of that fact. Pride always breeds stupidity. Immediately thoughts of fear and images of what a youkai could do filled her mind.

A mocking eyebrow arched in the youkai's face. After all, he was directly above her, within striking distance. Yet he did not crouch down like an animal, or even move with that cat-like grace that she had so often heard about. Instead he merely stood, observing her through sharp and cunning golden eyes. He shifted, the light darkening his face and highlighting the white clothes he wore. He was handsome, unfortunately.

"I am here to claim my lands," the youkai repeated. He tilted his head to the side and stared down at her with a rather interesting mixture of disgust at her ignorance and amusement at her obvious discomfort. "Why do you not run, Hime?"

"Is there a reason to run?" the words tumbled forth from her lips, spilling like a rich wine. A mistake. Fear and confusion tightened her throat.

White fangs glittered in the shadows, his white hair flipping behind him as he shook his head at her. "Your naiveté is astounding. My prey always runs from me."

Monsters…the thought spurred her into action. "Then I am not your prey." Her chin jutted out. "If I leave, will you try to catch me?" Perhaps it was a rather idiotic question, but she could not help the instinct to flee and the desire to stay. Curiosity was damning. Both such a contrast, the immediate confusion as she gathered her skirts in her hand and stepped forward, further into striking distance.

Even with his face obscured in the dark, she could feel the smirk that betrayed him. "You will see." Glee brightened in his eyes… He did not stir, did not crouch down, or even click his claws. He merely gave a sinister, frightening smile. He still did not move, even when she shifted away to leave.

She gave a short bow and said with a tone of utmost respect, "Sir" and walked steadily back to her village. There were no sounds of following footsteps, not even the noise of a deep chuckle, merely the wind brushing its hand through her hair. A last look was shot in his direction…but he was not there. Fear tightened in her gut. He disappeared as quietly and sinister as the monster he was.

A monster…

A youkai…

She would have to keep that thought.

As she hurried through the forest, listening for the sound of clicking claws or a dark chuckle, but she heard none except for the sound of her steady breathing and the rustling of branches from the tree overhead. There was nothing she could do but to head toward her castle.

"Where were you?" her brother asked as she came into view.

Izayoi looked up, her brown eyes wide as she watched him sprint toward her, a dark frown marring his usual pleasant expression. "I was merely strolling through the grounds." She responded innocently, watching as the frown dipped into a scowl.

"Well, be careful. Our Mother was looking for you, you've missed your morning lessons."

Of course I did, that was the entire point of leaving the castle.

And yet even when her mother scolded for the missed lessons, the sound of a chuckle filled her ears and thoughts. It had been such a pleasant sound, even though it was more of a thrill of fear than anything else. The thought of his beauty continued to plague her thoughts, like a famine that had been spreading through the lands or the rumors of a rogue dragon at the border of the west, slaying villagers and youkai alike.

A youkai…


Tales of beasts continued to spur in her thoughts…but the man did not seem like a beast, merely sinister in a way that was not quite describable as being dark.


Beautiful…even with scorching words ringing in her ears, she couldn't help but allow the secretive smile to spread across her face.

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Next chapter will touch on the Inu no Taisho's view of things,

Some thoughts for chapter two, not sure to add or not tomorrow:

There was a mere passing thought to the woman that was so bold and daring, yet meek too.

Why did I not kill her for the insolence...he had been told long, long ago that he was too softhearted.