DISCLAIMER: I do not own the TV series Sonic Underground. The only person I own in here is myself, Ryan Perreault. I have read Joanie Rich's "An Author's Nightmare" when she herself was sent into the AoStH world, faught bad guys and met Sonic and the good guys. I thought why not do a fic like that based on myself going into the Sonic Underground world. With Joaine's permission, I was able to write a sequal to her original story. I hope you enjoy my Author's Nightmare and I also hope you enjoy Joaine's Author's Nightmare too, enjoy...



Written by: Ryan Perreault

CHAPTER 1: Night Fight

It was late at night. Below in the basement of this old house in the town of Feeding Hills, Massachusetts is a 16 year old red headed boy wearing military camoflague pants and his favorite black T-shirt tucked into it. He is also wearing his white Nike sneakers double knoted. Also, he is wearing a handgun chest strap with armor piercing bullets loaded in an M9 barette with the safety on. He always tells himself he always feels safe to have his weapon with him at all times, besides school.

This boy is named Ryan Michael Perreault. He is sitting on the couch in the basement in front of his Panasonic big screen television set. On the television is a VCR hook up and he is hatching his favorite all-time show, Sonic Underground! He likes AoStH and SatAM too, but he was in a Sonic Underground mood.

He is watching the end of his favorite episode, "Six Is A Crowd." Too bad the episode ended.

"That episode always gives me a laugh," Ryan said to himself. He turned off the television, the VCR and headed topside. By the time he reached the top of the stairs, he nearly bumped into his small shih tzu female dog named Roxy. Roxy was all excited that she jumped and tried to climb up Ryan's leg.

Ryan laughed as he picked her up. He moved her face closer to his so that Roxy could lick it. His family finds that gross, but Ryan always thought of Roxy licking him very cute.

"Ooh, Rock-a-roni. I'm back, how have you been since I've been watching my shows?" Ryan said happily to his puppy letting her lick him more.

* * *

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of shadows are slowly moving toward the house where Ryan is.

* * *

Inside the house is all darkness and black. Ryan layed on the couch petting and playing with his dog. He kept on saying cute names as she kept on licking him. After a while, he got tired.

"Okay, Rocky, my face is moist enough. Good night," Ryan said giving Roxy a few more pats.

Ryan got up and slowly walked to the galley. He opened the refridgerator hatch and held it open with his hand still on the handle. He bend in to find himself a midnight snack.

"Hello, Mr. Chocolate. Fill me up," he said to himself. He pulled out a bottle of chocolate syrup, popped the top, leaned back his head and squirted the delicious chocolate syrup in his mouth.

Once he was done, he put the syrup back in the fridge and pulled out the carton of milk. He just popped the top and drank about a cup of milk right from the carton. After he finished, he put the lid back on and put the milk back in the fridge.

"Nothing better than a good glass of milk chocolate, minus the glass," Ryan said to himself.

He closed the refriderator hatch and opened the freezer. He looked around and saw a half eaten chocolate Easter bunny. He picked it up, took a bite, and put it back.

He smiled to himself knowing he has the best life in the world. Once he closed the freezer hatch, he saw a horrifying sight standing right next to him.

"No, it can't be. You don't exist!" he yelled. Right next to him was none other than Sonic Undergrounds own bad guy, Sleet! He was almost as tall as Ryan, but Ryan was still about a hair taller.

"Good evening," Sleet said evily, "by orders of Doctor Robotnik, you are placed under arrest and taken to Mobius for robotosization!"

"What shit did I do?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing, we just wanted a human citizen from Earth for first robotosization. Now, come with me," Sleet said.

Before Sleet grabbed Ryan, Ryan still had hold of the freezer hatch and opened it as fast as he could. The hatch slammed right into Sleet's face as Ryan saw blood dripping down the bottom of the hatch on the other side.

"Ow! You broke my nose!" Sleet cried.

"I'll get him, Sleet!" a familiar voice yelled. Ryan turned around and to his surprise was Dingo. Where there was one, there was the other.

Dingo held out his arms to grab Ryan, but Ryan instantly kicked up his foot ramming it into Dingo's crotch! Dingo bent down on his knees and held his groin in pain. Sleet was also on the floor holding his bloody nose.

Then Ryan saw coming out of the living room in the kitchen was an SU version SWAT Bot! They were about Ryan's hight but a bit taller.

They fired on Ryan. Ryan soumersaulted behind the kitchen counter to prevent getting hit by the blast.

"Don't shoot at him! We need him alive!" Sleet called.

Ryan pulled out his M9 barette with the armor piercing bullets from his body holder under his armpit. He quickly flipped the safety off, pulled back on the gun chock, stood up and fired a round at the SWAT Bot. The bullet shot right through the SWAT Bot which short circuted it and it fell dead.

Two more SWAT Bots appeared coming from the living room portholes. Ryan spun around and fired three bullets at them. Two bullets hit one killing it and the other bullet hit the other killing it.

Next thing Ryan knew, Dingo grabbed Ryan by bear hug from behind.

"I got him, Sleet!" Dingo yelled as Sleet tried to get up.

Ryan quickly dropped his weight a little, bent forward and brought Dingo up and forward, he gripped Dingo's arms tightly, streightened his legs and teisted at the same time throwing Dingo over his hip and onto the floor.

Ryan spun on his heal and kicked Sleet in the nose again making them both fall on the ground.

Ryan quickly ran into the family room where the exit was. But there were already a few SWAT Bots at the door. Ryan fired three bullets at the Bots. Only two died. Ryan quickly ran the other way to the galley only to be stopped by more SWAT Bots! Ryan ran the other way and was face-to-face with a bot.

The bot grabbed Ryan's black T-shirt with its right hand and prepared to fire its lazer with the other. Ryan quickly twisted slightly to the right, brung his left arm up and over the top of the Bots arm and struck it down with his hand on the Bots elbow hinge which pulled the bot down knocking it off balance. Ryan kept his face down and he rammed his elbow in the bots face causing the bot to let Ryan go.

Another bot came from behind it to fire on Ryan. Ryan noticed he was standing right next to the below hatch. He grabbed the handle and rammed it open knocking the bot backwards. Ryan ran down the ladder with his barette in his hand ready to fire.

Ryan looked around the basement and noticed there was no way out. He looked back and saw a Bot coming down. Ryan fired two bullets at the bot killing it. Ryan quickly ran into the laundry room and ran toward the bulkhead below hatch.

Upstairs, Sleet and Dingo got to their feet.

"Stop standing around, you metal heads, go after him!" Sleet yelled.

Sleet, Dingo and the other bots ran below after Ryan.

Ryan already made it outside to the aft of the quarters. He ran around to the fore and just continued running.

Meanwhile, Sleet and Dingo looked around the aft and saw that Ryan wasn't there.

"Uh, Sleet, I don't see the boy," Dingo said. Sleet grew angrely knowing it was obvious.

"Oh really, how about you try to find him rather than saying he's gone!" Sleet said angrely. Dingo looked around until he saw Ryan's shadow running far away down the street.

"Uh, Sleet, how can the boy's shadow move all by itself?" Dingo asked stupidly.

Sleet noticed Ryan running and grew angry.

"You idiot, that's him! SWAT Bot's seize the boy!" Sleet yelled. The SWAT Bots ran after Ryan using jetpacks.

Ryan ran down the non-busy road as fast as he could. He looked behind him to see the SWAT Bots coming. He pivoted, aimed his gun and fired three bullets at the bots. Two of them exploded. Five more came flying toward him and Ryan turned and ran.

Sleet got angry seeing the bots being blown up.

"How can he do all this, Sleet?" Dingo asked.

"I don't know and I don't care, we'll catch him ourselves!" Sleet said. He pulled out his remote, pointed it at Dingo and fired it. Dingo morphed into a motorcycle. Sleet got on it and drove off in persuit of Ryan.

Ryan kept on running and noticed the bots were gaining up on him. Ryan slowed down a bit. Just as one was about to grab him, Ryan grabbed the SWAT Bot's arm and flung him around causing the two to explode in mid-air.

There were three more bot's flying toward him. Ryan fires his gun. After shooting three bullets, the gun clicked showing it was empty. Only two SWAT Bot's exploded. One was left.

Ryan ran around the block. He shifted his eyes everywhere hoping to find something he could use to get rid of that bot. He noticed that the bot was at a low incline to dive on him to grab him. Instantly, Ryan skidded to a stop and the bot missed Ryan causing to accidentally crash into the non-busy road.

Ryan saw the blaze in front of him hoping someone would take care of it.

He clicked a switch on his gun and the empty magazine fell right out. He reached in his pocket for a fresh one. He slid it in the handle, locked it, chocked it up and got it ready for another shooting. Ryan now only has three fresh magazines in his pocket.

Sleet and Dingo were driving all the way to Ryan. Ryan turned around to see them coming. Just as they were close, Ryan soumersaulted and held his leg out.

"Uh oh," Dingo said.

Dingo accidentally tripped over Ryan's leg sending both Sleet and Dingo airborne. They both his the road face first.

Ryan snapped his gun in his holder under his armpit. He got into a fighting position right in front of them.

Sleet and Dingo slowly got up and they look right at Ryan.

"Dingo, grab him!" Sleet ordered.

Dingo ran toward Ryan to grab him. Instantly, Ryan grabbed both of Dingo's arms and flipped him over before kicking Dingo's legs knocking him off balance. Dingo fell to the ground on his back.

"Whoa," Sleet said to himself.

Dingo quickly got up and grabbed Ryan's neck. Ryan quickly grabbed Dingo's left arm with his right hand, threw all his weight to the right and brung his arm over both of Dingo's arms breaking him free. Ryan had grip of Dingo's left hand and he twisted the hand joint causing Dingo to scream in pain. Then Ryan kneed Dingo in the face causing Dingo to fall on his stomach.

Sleet was surprised seeing all this.

Dingo got up and faced Ryan again. Dingo began to throw a punch at him. Ryan quickly grabbed it, wrapped his arm around Dingo's arm and he rammed his fist right into Dingo's face. Then Ryan kneed him in the groin knocking him down again.

Sleet was amazed seeing Dingo knocked off his feet three times by someone who was less muscular than him. Dingo quickly crawled back to Sleet.

"Sleet, could you hurt him for me?" Dingo cried.

Ryan got into his fighting stance again ready to fight Sleet. All Sleet did was pull out his Dingo transformer remote and shot it at Ryan.

Ryan didn't turn into anything, he just fell to the ground stunned.

"There, that was easy," Sleet said. Dingo slowly got up after his pain was gone.

Ryan moaned a bit as his eyes began to slowly open.

Sleet and Dingo picked up Ryan and walked down the street with the weak Ryan in their arms. At the end of the street was a blue portal.

Ryan moved his head and saw they were heading into it.

"No, no. Fuck you, no," Ryan bairly said.

Soon, the three stepped in the portal and it disappeared behind them!



A/N: Okay, I must state out that I do NOT have an M9 barette with a chest holder and I'm not THAT good of a shot. I DO however have a puppy named Roxy, watch SU THAT late at night... and I DO have the ability to punch and kick like in this story. So if you take my ideas without permission, you will end up like Sleet and dingo did! :-)