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Instantly, about a hundred furries (1/4 female) ran to Manic and stood at attention. Once they were formed up, Manic did an about face and saluted Sonic.

"Sir, the recruits are formed," Manic said.

"Thank you, Sergeant Major," Sonic said as he saluted back. "Carry on."

Manic marched behind Sonic. Both Sonic and Manic are wearing camouflaged uniforms, with boots, but they had on forest ranger hats.

"I am Drill Instructor Sonic! You will take all order from us. We are going to spend the next twelve weeks training you to become top better Freedom Fighters! I expect to lose at least an eighth of you before training is over. Those of you who will make it will become members in our new elite force called Freedom Force! Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir!" the freedom fighters yelled.


The next few weeks, all the freedom fighters were crawling under barbed wire, climbing up rope, running through tires, shooting, and running!

Just like how Ryan taught the hedgehogs!


During light's-out hours, the three hedgehogs met up with their mother. They would tell each other stories about what they did while they had to be separate from each other.


One night, Sonia walked into the bathroom and kept wondering to herself, what does it feel like to go while standing up. She locked the door behind her and opened up a door. Behind the door was a men's/women's urinal. It looks like a regular urinal except it's on the ground, not on the wall. She knows that females crouch down, but this time she decided to stand.

She stood above it, lowered her pants and began to go. She smiled as she was going.

"So THIS is how men feel and what it feels like!" Sonia said to herself.


As the years passed, the Resistance finally organized their own military-like Freedom Force. They have two Boot Camps, over 100 air bases with stolen SWAT Bot air fighters, over 200 forts, even a Freedom Force Academy! All this and more was made while the triplets and their mother restored Mobius to its original estate!

The prophecy has been fulfilled!

"Yeah, but my nose hasn't!" the badger aristocrat cried.


At night, a concert stage lit up and the stadium lights dimmed. Stepping out onto the stage is Sonic the Hedgehog! The audience cheered for him!

"Welcome to tonight's Sonic Underground concert!" Sonic said in the microphone. The audience cheered.

"On drums is my brother, Manic. And on keyboard is my sister, Sonia!" Sonic said. The audience cheered.

"And we also have one addition. The prophecy has been fulfilled after Robotnik's defeat... give a warm welcome to our mother... Queen Aleena Hedgehog!"

The audience cheered rapidly as Aleena walked on the stage.

"Good evening, Mobotropolis! How are ya doing tonight?" Aleena asked in the microphone. The audience cheered. Sonic stepped up to the microphone.

"This song is dedicated to a helper of ours, just promoted in rank, Staff Sergeant Ryan Michael Perreault," Sonic said.

The audience cheered.

"1, 2, 3, 4!" Sonic said.

The music blasted into the song 'Born in the U.S.A.'

The audience cheered as the song played.



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