Arthur's note: this story sets back 6 months before Donkey Kong goes to the ark enjoy!

It's a tiny world chap 1

It was a peaceful day on Dk island. was bested and defeated and the Kongs enjoy the peace

*in Dk's hut*

Tiny: *eating a whole box of pizza*

Diddy: *sitting on the couch*geez tiny, aren't you worried about getting fat?

Tiny: diddy, look at me…*pulls up her pants* I'm freaking skinny, so I need to eat more! Dixie is too!

Diddy: I still don't think that's the answer…

*Dixie comes in*

Dixie: *holding a board game* hey guys…tiny, you better share some of that pizza!*drop the game and jump on tiny*

Tiny: NO THIS IS MY PIZZA!*throws Dixie to the wall*

Dixie: OWW, *gets up* MOTHER….

Diddy: WILL YOU TWO BREAK IT UP!*push both of them in separated corners* geez… now Dixie what's that? *points at the game*

Dixie: this* picks it up* is a game called attack. Chunky gave it to me and I thought we might enjoy it.

Tiny: what is the objective?

Dixie: you have to go around the board and activate all the switches.

Diddy: ok lets play!