After the Storm, continued Well, I gotta say, this is most likely gonna be the last thing I post here. Sorry, but I've been spending too much time writing fanfics and I can't afford to. It's been a lot of fun and I thank you all very much for your support and nice words.

I wrote a lot because I knew someday I'd have to give it up and I wanted to get out as much as I could before then.

Anyway, sorry I can't finish After the Storm but here are bits and pieces I wrote for it, plus notes, just so you can get some idea of what was GOING to happen. Sorry it's kind of bitty.

After the Storm, continued
by Leto

There are soccer tryouts, and Tai convinces Izzy and Matt to both have a try. The kids' various situations are revisited. Izzy takes on Jennai's last name, but still lives with his adopted parents. Kari visits the digital world a couple of times. Izzy and Jennai continue work. Here's a miscellaneous scene that was going to be in there somewhere. ^_^;;

Tai knocked on the door. He knew Matt was in there, he could hear him shouting something, but he couldn't make out the words. They sounded disjointed and angry. He suddenly became worried and knocked again, harder, but still no answer. Well, he wasn't going to take that. Tai opened the door and went in, trying to be quiet so he could hear what Matt was saying before he heard him.

He crept up to the door that led to the Ishida's living room and peeked around cautiously. His eyes widened.

The television was on, blaring music. And Matt was standing on the couch, glaring at the screen.

"I won't forgive you!" yelled Matt, "I won't forgive you!"

From the TV set, the screen of which Tai couldn't see from where he was, came a menacing laugh. Tai was concerned. Who was his friend shouting at with such venom in his voice?

"Moon Eternal, make up!"

Tai blinked as Matt jumped off the couch and started running around the room waving his arms in the air. He looked... weird. There was music playing from the TV set, and when it crescendoed, Matt struck a pose.

Someone on the TV shouted out something in a shrill voice, some speech about justice and punishment in place of the moon. Matt spun around to echo the speech and ended up face-to-face with Tai.

"Hi," said Tai.

Notes on humanified Digimon:


one is very demanding, expects too much of their friend
Gabe is chased by one girl who wants to go out with him
Angel babysits Kari... finds things hard!
Arthur plays basketball
Lilly quite popular, eclipsing Mimi
Tenjin similar to Izzy
Goma kind of a punk
Tori demanding one? little childish

agumon is very sensitive to the cold and can't hear very well
gabumon loves the cold
gomamon can hold his breath for, like, twenty minutes
tentomon has electronics ability and can puncture cans ^_^.
gatomon hates water
biyomon has to struggle to keep her wings lifeless, and has urge to fly... sometimes does soar
palmon eats like a bird, loves sunbathing

Here's the scene where the Digimon finally come to the kids' world. I wrote this before I wrote Kari's part, where she finds that Gatomon won't be coming to her world. I hadn't decided that then.

"Well, kids, it's the moment of truth. I should say something - they are still essentially Digimon, not humans. They have some characteristics of their Digimon selves. It is highly unlikely that they should ever digivolve, as there would be no need to in this world, but we can just hope they don't, because their current selves have been reconfigured already, and who knows what would happen if they changed forms?

Most Digimon have retained some properties of their previous bodies, but they ought to be able to pass for fairly normal human children.

They've spent most of today getting used to acting like humans, learning how to hold pens or walk properly in the real world. That sort of thing. We also went shopping for some appropriate outfits. They do not have human names yet, but they can choose their own if they like."

"Hurry up," said Tai, bursting with impatience, "are they around or aren't they?"

"Come along, then."

Tai was bouncing up and down on his toes, Sora and Matt were both shaking slightly, both with restrained impatience, desperation. Mimi was squeezing Joe's hand very tightly, and he was squeezing back, until all their knuckles were very white. Izzy was biting his lip, TK jumping up and down and Kari wide-eyed but maintaining her composure.

Jennai led them through a couple of doors to his living room. As the door opened, eight children leapt up, instantly turning to face their old friends.

And then there was much shouting, and hugging, and grabbing each other. A few tears, a lot of laughing, and even a broken vase as Gomamon tackled Joe against a cabinet in a big bear hug.

After the initial excitement, Jennai had all the children settle down and be quiet while he spoke of more important things.

"First, you should know about the things your Digimon have that differentiate them from normal humans."

The kids nodded obediently, and he began.

Agumon sat awkwardly next to Tai, knees drawn up under his chin. He was wearing a basketball shirt and tracksuit pants over his tall, gangly frame. His hair was short and red and fell back in waves. He still had claws on hands and feet, but that could easily be remedied, and was not as drastic as some of the other Digimon-human's problems. His ears were also very small, not much larger than those he'd had as a dinosaur.

Biyomon sat in Sora's lap, her expression as though it were caught in mid-laugh. She was pretty with a soft, kind face and thick, pink hair. She wore a light blue cotton dress. At first glance, she seemed perfectly human - until she turned around. Two pink, feathered wings spread from her back, holes cut in her dress to accomodate them. This could be a problem. Her wings had grown to accomodate her new, larger size, and were perfectly functional, but they wouldn't do much to promote the idea of her being an ordinary human girl.

Tentomon stood resting one hand on the couch - or what should have been a hand. Instead, three long silver, metal claws stretched from each hand - two fingers and a thumb. His feet bore similar protrusions, but then they were easier to disguise. His skin wasn't human skin, it was very hard. Tentomon was also wearing glasses, and had black hair in spikes, similar to Izzy's style.

Gomamon lay on his stomach, knees bent so his lower legs were sticking into the air, swinging back and forth. His appearance gave Joe a shock; he looked more like the type to give him a hard time at school than to be his best friend. Wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, Gomamon had wild, rather long reddish-orange hair in spikes all over his head, and the sort of carefree, cheerful expression that everyone had anticipated. But his hands, like Tentomon's, weren't quite human - in his case, they were slightly webbed between the fingers, with purple markings on the hand and short black claws. Jennai also said that Gomamon's respiratory system was somewhat unusual for a human, but that oughtn't prove a problem - the opposite, really.

Palmon sat with her legs neatly folded under her, and hands clasped on her lap. For some reason, Mimi hadn't expected her friend to be particularly pretty, but Palmon resembled her Ultimate form - dainty and slender - only a little younger. She had a pointed pixie face and long green hair, which Jennai said was not normal hair, but actually contained chlorophyll. He said that if Palmon went into the sun a lot, she would not need to eat very much, as she could photosynthesise. She also had unusual eyes - most of the Digimon could get away with having similar eyes to the ones they had, but hers were dark and oval-shaped, like her normal ones. She wore a green tank top and a long pink skirt.

Gabumon lay with his back against the couch and his legs stretched out, clad in a similar outfit to the one Matt had worn in the digital world, only with a midnight blue shirt and black jeans. He had light, wispy blue hair that fell down his face and had to be restrained in a loose ponytail. He wore a serious but very pleased expression. Gabumon had no visible abnormalities, but Jennai did warn that a potential werewolf ought not to be outside during a full moon.

Patamon was sitting on the couch, continually glancing at his hands as though he wasn't used to seeing them there in his Rookie stage. Indeed, he wasn't; Patamon was the last Digimon to be reconfigured for transportation to the real world. Patamon looked remarkably like TK, except that his hair was light brown and on two points it stuck out strangely. When TK tried to smooth the hair down, it was solid underneath - there was skin under the hair, the beginnings - or remainders - of wings.

All of the Digimon-humans - or humons as Matt dubbed them - still had their same voices, and similar eyes, and most were similar in age to their digidestined friends.

This is where Gatomon stood out. Perhaps it was because she was a Champion instead of Rookie, or because her life had been so different from the others, and made her grow up faster. Perhaps it was because of her identity as Angewomon. Whatever the reason, Gatomon was easily eight years older than her child charge - a pretty blonde teenager of around 17 - with a long white ringed tail protruding from her lower back.

"We must decide what is to happen now," said Gennai, "you new 'humons' will need names, some sort of plausible background, and homes."

"Well, Tai," said Agumon, "could you give me a name?"

"Try... I dunno... Agumon... what sounds like Agumon... A a a a a... Aaron... Aamon... Angus... nah, you look more like an Arthur. Art for short."

"Okay," said Agumon/Arthur easily.

"What do you think, Matt?" asked Gabumon.

"Gabe, of course," said Matt, "that's an easy name to remember too."

"Sora, what's a good human name for me?"

"Hm... how about Tori?"

"Tori! That's a pretty name. What does it mean?"

"It means bird, I think."

"That's great."

"What do you think, TK?"

"Pat's a human name, and it sounds kinda like Patamon, right?"

"It does?"


"Well, I don't wanna change my name, I'll just call myself Goma."

"That's a weird name."

"It's no weirder than the name Joe!"


"Palmon, I think you look a lot like Lillymon, so wouldn't Lilly be a good name?"

"Perfect, just what I was thinking!"

"There's only one name I can think of for you, Gatomon, and that's Angel."

"Is that a human name?"

"Sure is."

"Thanks, Kari!"

"How about me, Izzy?"

"Ugh... I don't have much experience in choosing which name would suit a person. What do you wish to be called?"

"I don't know people's names."

"Jennai, what do you think?"

"How about Tenjin? It has some resemblence to Tentomon, and it was the name of my older brother, as you know."

"Yeah, sounds good."

Later, as the kids walk to school with their Digimon for the first time.

"I should warn you, Palmon," said Mimi.

"Lilly," corrected Lilly, "you keep forgetting."

"I'm sorry! Lilly, I should warn you, there are a few of my friends who are kind of mad at me at the moment and things might be a little bit awkward. I have to apologise in advance if you should get caught in the middle at all."

"That's okay," said Lilly comfortably, "I'm almost kind of relieved! I was worried you might not have time for me with all your friends in this world!"

"Well, just so long as you know!"

"Oh no!" gasped Lilly.

"NOW what's wrong?" asked Mimi.

"This poor dandelion!"

"What, you mean that ugly yellow flower there? What's wrong with it?"

"It's not ugly at all, Mimi, and what's wrong with it is that it's got weeds choking it all around! How horrible!"

"Dandelions ARE weeds," muttered Joe, but nobody was listening.

"Well, who cares about some dandelion?"

"Flowers have feelings too, Mimi! I had a good friend who was a dandelion once!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

"So, pull the weeds away and let's get going," said Mimi, impatiently.

"But... I had a good friend who was a weed too!"

Everyone facefaulted.

"This is a real moral dilemma for me, Mimi!"

"Well, you can agonise over it during school, but if we don't get going soon we're really going to be late!"

Mimi took Lilly's arm and led her away, Lilly staring back at the garden, deep in thought.

"Just so long as we pass this garden again on the way back from school!" she insisted.

"Alright, alright!"

More miscellaneous thoughts/ideas:

-Tai ends up dying in one of his stupid dramatic risk-taking adventures?
-Patamon (or someone) wasn't configured perfectly and fades out or something
-Gabe/Gabumon in moonlight... Katrina, Mimi's "friend", wants to go out with him and tries to get him to go out on a certain night, although he doesn't like her, she tricks him into leaving the house and he turns into a werewolf-Garurumon-type thing, and terrifies her ^_^.
-someone digivolves

-Joe decides to study medicine after all, a course which can be extended to a psychiatry course, 'cos he's a good listener
-Kari goes insane?
-Tenjin/Tentomon is adopted by Jennai