A Matter of Money

Louise bit into the crepe joyfully, as Saito smiled at her. Louise smiled back, but then a thought passed through her head. "Saito... where did you get the money for this?"

Saito looked at her surprised, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, you've been in my world for the past four seasons... I mean, the last year or so. So why do you have money on you?"

Saito waved his hand, "Oh, you know, I just had some left in my pocket."

"But didn't you say you got attacked, and they searched you for money when I sent you here?"

Saito looked surprised, and realised the truth. "Well... I dunno, I just happened to have some left somewhere."

"That reminds me," Louise said, "You've been wearing the exact same clothes every day for the last year. You've only taken them off to sleep, wash and get married. How have they survived this long? When did you wash them?"

Saito stared at Louise, then put his hands on her shoulders, and looked her straight in the eyes. "Louise, we spent the past year living together as master and familiar, in a world full of magic, where we've fought evil megalomaniacs, psychotic uncles, evil dragons, and just about every kind of clich├ęd villain in the metaphorical book. Now you're asking me where my money came from?"

"But all that stuff can be explained because magic exists. You can't explain how you have money which shouldn't exist."

"I asked Tabitha to create some!" Saito replied, swinging his arm to point at Louise.

Louise shook her head, then spoke in red, "There is no spell which can create money out of nothing. If it existed, then money would become worthless."

Saito stared at her, "Why were you speaking in red?"

Louise spoke in red again, "Because what I say in red is true."

"Only witches are allowed to use the red truth! Also, we shouldn't cross over into another fandom!" Saito spoke in blue.

In red once again, "I'm close enough to a witch!"

In blue: "But anyway, you can't show that those muggers didn't just miss my money!"

In red: "They weren't stupid enough to miss money in your pockets."

In blue: "Then I had some in the mansion, which I didn't take with me on the first, unexpected trip here!"

In red: "Knox's third: It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented. You have never shown me that money! Therefore it cannot exist!"

Blue: "Then I picked it up off the street!"

Red: "I would have seen it! I did not, therefore you did not!"

The two stared at each other, panting as onlookers looked at them oddly.

"Anyway, the point is you should eat that before the cream melts," Saito said.

"Oh, yes!" Louise bit into the crepe again. "It really does taste nice, even if it was bought with impossible money."

Saito sighed, "Yes... of course Louise."

A/N: Just something I noticed. Where the hell does he get that money from? Fridge Logic much?

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