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Walking into his bedroom the only thing saving him from having his head taken off by the lamp that had been launched his way was his quick reflexes and sharp sense of hearing. Turning ready to spring into action he stops shorts of launching an attack when he realizes it's his very own pissed off mate, Joss.

"You son of a bitch!" She practically screams this out, she's so damn mad. She can't believe what she had to hear from one of the other pack members. They had been talking about how her mate had found the man responsible for infecting the wolves and that he had been trying to get to her and John didn't even bother to inform her of this! Oh no, he acted like she was a fucking child that needed to be protected. She had been protecting her and Taylor for years before she met his overprotective ass.

Growling out a warning to her; John slams and locks the door. He was really not in the mood to deal with his pissed off mate after just returning from hunting and killing Elias; he was still in a very violent mood. "Enough!" He growls out in anger but leave it to his stubborn ass mate to always push him past his limit. He's thinking this as he once again ducks another lamp that flies just a bit too close as she was standing at the end of their bed.

Launching himself at her he grabs the bookend that she had just picked up. Tossing it aside he grabs both of her hands in one of his and brings them behind her back but she still bucks and bites down on his neck hard; drawing blood. He and the wolf howl in pleasure and pain as he notices her handcuffs still attached to her hip. He quickly snags them and pushes her down towards the bench at the end of their bed and cuffs both her hands over her head to the iron bench.

"John, you'd better fucking let me out of these cuffs or I'll kick your ass!" She's yanking at the chains but it won't do her any good and she damn well knows it…which just pisses her off even more.

Watching his mate - spitting mad, hand cuffed to the bench, and still fighting him tooth and nail fills him with a need that only this woman, his mate can bring out in him. He and his wolf both feel the need to claim her as his once again; after her being targeted by Elias and his group of thugs. Giving her a smirk he slowly removes his clothes, thinking of a way to relieve some of the tension that killing that bastard Elias just didn't do.

She shoots him an incredulous look as he slowly but surely removes the last of his clothing to stand before her completely nude and extremely hard. Shaking her head no, she screams at him. "Don't you even think it, you son of a bitch, because I swear this time your balls really will be in a sling!" She's practically foaming at the mouth and both he and the wolf take this as a personal challenge.

Growling he lets his claws extend as he reaches down and proceeds to rip her clothes off leaving her completely nude as well. Dropping to his knees in front of the bench he dodges one of her legs as she kicks out at him; aiming for his head. He ducks in time and grabbing both legs; he spreads her thighs and leans down inhaling the unmistakable scent that's all Joss.

Moving up, he sits atop her, straddling her waist and fisting her hair as he practically growls out. "Get pissed off as much as you want but know this; you are mine. Mine to protect and mine to fuck!" His wolf growls in agreement as they both are chomping at the bit to claim her tonight.

God help her but she can't help but be turned on, as she usually is, when he and his wolf get all possessive and dominant. But she refuses to give in too soon and make it easy on him. Hell no, if he wants her, he and his wolf are going to damn well have to fight to have her. She bucks once again but is stilled as he yanks her head back growling out a warning but she refuses to give in.

Still fisting her hair he decides that she needs to be punished, for challenging him - her Alpha and mate, in the most delicious way possible. Standing with her still clenched in his hands, he spreads her thighs once again with his knees and growls at her glistening heat. She's so wet and he can't help but be turned on as he and his wolf purr knowing they're the ones responsible for her lust filled condition.

"Joss, you know the consequences of disobeying your mate don't you?" Leaning down as he raises her up to him, he whispers against her lips. "Exquisite punishment!" After saying this he takes his index and middle fingers licks them and then taps her clit hard wringing a surprising moan from her throat. He watches as the blood rushes to her clit and the tiny nub becomes hard. Licking the same two fingers once again he smacks her clit yet again and again. She cries out as the sting mixes in with pleasure and she can't believe she's getting turned on by him spanking her clit.

Smack! Smack! Smack! She moans as he growls, their combined lust growing but he wants her to come with him just smacking her clit. He continues his assault and she bucks up begging him for more, so he stops. She moans in frustration as she realizes he's playing with her. She shoots him an evil glare and yells. "Bastard!"

Smack! Smack! "Yessssss!" Joss screams out. This is exactly what she knew would happen which gets her one step closer to an orgasm but her mate knows what she's is up to. Shaking his head he says. "You won't come until I let you and not a moment before…understand?" He says as he pulls her head back further and slams his mouth on hers; kissing her hard as their tongues duel. Whipping his mouth off her he once again licks the two fingers and taps lightly on her clit not creating any friction only frustration. Standing up, he moves down to kneel between her thighs.

"John…please!" She's going crazy with the need to come but knows he won't let her until he's ready to let her…damn his stubborn ass.

He takes his tongue and licks her heat stopping just short of touching her clit. She bucks trying to dislodge him in her anger but underneath he can smell her lust as well. Holding her down he repeats the action with his tongue and letting his wolf out at the surface, just a little, lengthens and thickens his tongue as he twirls it inside her heat mimicking the act of sex.

She lifts and bucks - this time trying to get closer and not away as he knew she would because no matter how mad his mate get he knows how to turn her on…and she always returns the favor. So it's always a win - win situation and he's always in favor of those.

He continues to drive her wild with his thickened tongue to the point that she has her legs wrapped around his neck holding him prisoner but he still toys with her; not giving her what she wants. Grabbing her thighs he pries her legs from around his neck and reaching down towards her shredded jacket; he finds the keys to the handcuffs and releases her.

She lays splayed out in all her glory body glistening with sweat as her chest heaves and she eyes him wondering what his next move will be. Licking his first and middle fingers yet again he brings them down once again on her hard clit. Smack! Smack!

She arches her back and moans. She's so close she can feel the orgasm making its way down her spine and with another smack on her clit she falls over the edge. Smack! She screams in pleasure so intense her spine arches and her toes curl as only this man, her mate can reduce her to this….completely…utterly…spent.

Breathing hard, coming down from her intense orgasm, she can feel John watching and waiting so she opens her eyes watching as his silver grey eyes are filled with lust and need. He leans down picking her up and stands her on her feet next to the bench as he takes her place sitting on the bench. He lays back on the bench in all his naked glory and reaching down wraps his hand around his cock stroking himself as she watches and he waits.

She licks her lips and straddles the end of the bench, reaching up she shoves his hand out of the way and leans down and licks the head of his cock. She encloses his cock in her mouth and sucks hard and hums in pleasure at his taste and repeating this action again and again.

He bucks his hips nearly knocking her over as she digs her nails into his thighs as she swallows him whole. He growls out in pleasure and then throws his head back and howls at the moon as his mate has her way with him. Grabbing a fist full of her hair he tries to dislodge her but his mate is relentless as she locks onto his cock and sucks just a tad harder. He thrusts up into her mouth making her moan and him growl as the pleasure becomes too much.

Giving his cock one last lick, she scoots up the bench over her mate and slowly lowers herself onto his hard cock. He grabs her hips and thrusts up as she slams down onto him. They both moan as she rides him like a wild stallion and he loves every minute of it if his howls were any indication. She continues to slam down on his cock hard moaning in pleasure and leans down to bite his nipple hard and then sucks to soothe the sting.

John decided to get into the action and play as well and as she slams down on his cock he takes his thumb and rubs up and down her clit as rides him. Throwing her head back she moans his name but continues her ride. "John!"

Grabbing her neck he brings her closer and latches onto one of her nipples. He bites and licks it as his thumb strokes her clit while she slams down on his cock. "John…please…oh…God…please…so…good…too…much!" Closing her eyes she screams as she feels the beginnings of another orgasm. But her eyes fly open as John sits up suddenly lifting her legs under each arm and laying her against the bench, bends her legs towards her chest and thrusts hard into her heat.

Moaning, it's her turn to throw her head back and howl as this new position lets him go deeper into her heat and he's relentless. He thrusts harder growling as he slams into her again and again and he can feel his own orgasm trekking up his spine. Licking his thumb he scrapes it down her clit and she cries out in pleasure. As her orgasm slams into her she tightens her heat on his cock which triggers his own.

"Joss! Fuck…so…good…baby…so…fucking…good!" He continues to thrust into her over and over. They're both thrusting, grinding, and grunting as the last waves of their orgasms leave them totally spent and trying to catch their breaths. After finally getting their breathing together John stands wrapping his arm around Joss and walks them towards their bed where he lowers her gently down and climbs in behind; spooning her as he wraps her in his arms.

"So are you going to finally tell me why I had to hear from one of the other wolves that you not only found the man responsible for the drugging, but that this was apparently a set up to get to me?" She turns over and looks up at him watching and waiting for him to answer her question because she's still pissed even after two mind blowing orgasms.

Sighing, he knows he could simply tell her it was his prerogative to protect her but that would only lead to more fighting and he doesn't want to fight with her on this issue. When he thinks about what could have happened when he was infected he feels both thankful that Elias's plan failed and a rage that the bastard would dare try and hurt his mate.

Cupping her face he places his forehead against hers kissing her softly before responding. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Elias and if a similar situation came up I would do things exactly the same." Laying a hand on her lips stopping her retort he continues.

"My number one job is to protect you and Taylor, then the pack, and I will do this with a viciousness that could rival anything in this world. It's engrained in my DNA as an alpha wolf to be protective of my mate and cub, so it can't really be helped and I for one wouldn't have it any other way. If that means leaving you out of the loop - then so be it because I will not lose you, and yes I know you can take care of yourself but now that's my job. And it's one that I relish because before you and Taylor there was just me and, of course the pack, but you both entered my life and filled the darkness with so much light. A light that I refuse to let be turned out by some bastard like Elias or anyone else who would try and take you away from me."

She watches him as he said the words and her anger melts as only this man can take her from extreme levels of anger and turn them to passion, and love. Loving this overbearing, kickass wolf that just so happens to also be an alpha male wasn't easy but she'd be damned if it wasn't worth it.

"Well, just like being overprotective is ingrained in your DNA being a stubborn, kickass, independent woman who will not sit quietly on the sidelines and let the "man" pat me on the head and treat me like a fucking child is ingrained in mine. I am your equal in every way John; so what that means is if something happens that affects us as a family and a pack then you'd damn well better keep me in the loop. Or your balls really will be in a sling…permanently."

She says this so fiercely that both he and the wolf purr in delight at the fierceness of their mate. Leaning down he nuzzles her neck purring in contentment as he settles down with Joss, who was his equal in every way imaginable. Raising his head, he shoots her his trademark smirk and says. "You're right, you are my equal in every way but that doesn't mean I won't do everything in my power to protect you no matter how pissed you get. So, I guess we'll end up like we did today with you screaming my name and begging for more." He winks, and flashes her a grin, which he knew was bound to piss her off but a pissed off Joss was just so sexy and irresistible.

Narrowing her eyes at him she leans down and bites him hard but it only turns him on…the bastard. "You're an ass, you know, even if it is a nice ass." She says this with a smirk of her own.

Throwing back his head, he laughs then howls as he settles down for the night he'll spend wrapped in the arms of his equal…his…mate…Joss.

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