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Part 1: Why do people our age (High Schoolers) still like Pokémon?

Gold was watching the rain fall outside his house while he sat on his bed, swadled in a faded blue quilt. He studied with intensity the plop plops of the droplets on his windowsill. For some peculiar reason, simply viewing the torrential downpour was entertaining.

"Gold, sweetie?" His mother called up from the kitchen with her honey dew voice. "Hot Cocoa?"

"Yeah, Ma."

"It'll be right up."

There was a rythmic thumping on the stairs that ascended to Gold's room, but the sound was off, as if the person delivering the cocoa was much lighter than his mother. With a slight creek the door swung open to reveal a familiar girl with crystalline eyes, carrying two mugs of hot cocoa. "Mornin', Gold." She smiled and took a spot on the bed next to Gold.

"Not much of a 'Good' Morning." The Breeder scoffed and held an arm open, the blanket extended in an invitation to the Capturer. Crystal chuckled and wormed her way underneath Gold's arm, pressing herself close to him. Gold drapped his arm around the girl's body, letting the quilt spill over her curled frame. "Well, now it's good."

With the research assistant pressed to his chest, Gold hummed his comfort and returned his gaze to the window. He hadn't watched the rain fall so intentively since he was young. Recently, it just seemed boring and childish. He pulled Crystal closer and took a swig of the steeming chocolate drink.

Never before was he so appreciative of such simple things.