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Part 2: What about Pokémon gets us fans in a roar and ready to write fanfictions?


She smells like the ocean.

Like warm mornings and starry nights.

Like salt wafting on the wind and

the cool water on a summer day.

She is beautiful.

"What about this one, Lucian? Anthem?"

"Excellent. A young man's quest for indiviuality in a world of collective nothingness." Came the Elite's reply. He smiled up at the girl that waved the slim book. She was perched on a high ladder, clinging on with one slim hand. She nodded and tucked the book into a bag slung around her shoulders and returned to the mountainous bookshelf. She drummed her fingers against the book bindings and snagged on more before lowering herself from the ladder.

"This place is amazing." She breathed as her toes touched the tiled floor. "It's like I'm in the library from Beauty and the Beast. I can't believe this is your private study, Lucian!" The girl giggled, soft and melodic. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and locked a forest gaze on the bookworm infront of her.

"You know, you're the first person to come in here other than my self." Lucian smirked and readjusted his spectacles. The girl flushed and cast her gaze to her simple white flats. "What books did you collect, Jasmine?"

The Johto Gym Leader shrugged out of her bag and held it open for the Elite. Inside ranged many works of literature from To Kill and Mockingbird to Princess Academy. "I really want to read this one." She gestured to the latter.

"The main character is quite interesting." Lucian mused. "She reminds me off you. Strong-willed. Curious. Beautiful."

Jasmine turned the color of roses and hushed the mauve-haired trainer. "I can't wait to start reading then." She laughed and floated on light toes to a plush loveseat couch colored a royal blue. She begged Lucian's company with large hazel eyes. The Elite crossed the room and planted himself next to Jasmine.

She placed her head on his chest and curled her legs to her chest. Flipping through the book, she hummed as Lucian absentmindedly played with her hair. It wasn't long before Jasmine gave a short yawn and wrapped her frail arms around the Elite.

Lucian smiled, combing his fingers through the Steel Master's locks. She was so interesting. So peculiar.

What a character this girl was. Simply beautiful and undeniably loveable.

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