Kyntak hit the ground running. The white robe he wore was leaving an uncomfortable breeze but he pushed harder. The cobblestones were cool and smooth under his feet but that didn't stop the stones from cutting. He risked a look back and saw the guards on motorbikes. That's not fair. I'm just super human not Superman. He rounded a sharp corner and skid to a halt almost barreling a man over.

"Sorry!" He looked up and saw The Face.

"Yes, now out of my way." The figure was Kyntak's height and only slightly heavier. The long, dark coat flapped silently in the fog. Kyntak heard the sound of tires screeching. The scent of burnt rubber hit his nose. The other man looked over his shoulder. "What is that?"

"If I land a punch, would you protect me?" Kyntak was desperate.

"No. Why would I?" The face contorted only slightly to be even more guarded. Kyntak took the chance and punched the person in the gut. Simultaneously, he whispered the gentleman's house code. When a sharp intake of breath met his ear, Kyntak knew all the surveillance paid off. He felt his knees go a little weak. This was actually happening. He was standing so close. The arms tightened around him in a bear hug.

"They're here." The person's whisper came out hoarse. And, the sound of guns clicking hit both of them.

"Release the prisoner!" One cried. He was a muscular fellow and slinging a Swan 158. The newest model, Kyntak noted grimly. From the sound of it, the detachment was only three soldiers all armored. The heart pressed against his chest thumped a bit faster but the grip didn't loosen.

"Why?" That person sounded threatening but passive. Typical.

"He escaped transport. Return him." Kyntak knew that was true. But, he wasn't a criminal. Far from it. And they knew that.

"Bail?" The guards stiffened. ChaoSonic didn't post bail for large offences. Since the arrest was a lie, where could they go?

"One million credits," they wearied. That would make a dent in any pocket book. But not this one, Kyntak grinned watching the conversation through a reflective, trash-bin lid. The person didn't let go.

"Wait a second." The grip loosened only slowly and reached toward a pocket. He tossed a loose wad of bills at the soldiers. They scattered, blinding them for a second. Gunfire tore though a few bills. Only a few bills. The targets were long gone.

And then two fists slammed into them. One smashed the shatterproof helmet sending cracks across the surface. The soldier was blinded by the web of hairline fractures. A quick knee to the chin knocked him out. He didn't even press the safety. The other got a soldier in the neck. It slowed enough to not crush his trachea but to effectively cut off oxygen. He tried to swing his gun around but had it yanked out of his grip. Kyntak sent a kick into the final soldier's abdomen while another fist pin wheeled into the side of the head and smashed it against a wall. A sickening crunch resounded as the plastic was crushed. The soldier staggered and fell dropping his gun, before dropping to the ground. Kyntak watched his rescuer check the bodies for a pulse. Satisfied, he stood.

"Who are you?" The dark coat set him out of the crowd gathering at the entrance to the street. Their eyes met. Kyntak nodded and started in a jog. The person kept pace.

"Kyntak." Kyntak kept up a brisk jog and the person stayed in pace. The person started to speak but Kyntak interrupted. "I know who you are." The face changed to contemplative. It was interesting to see.

"Agent Six of Hearts, may I say it is a pleasure to meet you?" Six pumped his legs and Kyntak not breaking a sweat kept up.

Kyntak made the skipping lope it took to reach the front steps. The land mines were activated and wouldn't deactivate until they turned off the keypad on the porch. Six made the steps look easy and Kyntak cautiously followed. Six stepped aside at the keypad. Kyntak entered the code and scanned his fingers. A perfect match. Kyntak chuckled and knew he had the right man. It couldn't be anyone else. They disarmed the many locks and bolts that kept the door shut. The door popped open and Kyntak stepped in after Six.

"Let's get you some clothes." Soon Kyntak was out of his robe and into Six's clothes. He wore a pair of gray sweat pants and a dark t-shit. They were a perfect fit of course. Six stared a bit and his face morphed.

"Who are you?" The voice was measured and concealed all that was underneath.

"You heard of Project Falcon? It was a division of ChaoSonic Labs." And Six's eyes almost pooped out of his head. "Yeah, I blew them up. I thought you might appreciate it. They had your DNA. Well, our DNA." Kyntak looked at the room. It had a closet and sparse furniture. There was a firm, metal framed cot. In the corner sat a desk with a computer. "Sparse, huh? You know, for an insanely rich guy you don't spend a lot." Kyntak stroked the computer chair. "How much do you have?" He looked back to see Six leap at him. Kyntak dodged and swing his leg out. The foot caught Six and Kyntak pulled him into a tight grip. Six struggled and managed to free an arm. A fist slammed into Kyntak's face and sent stars into his vision.

He slammed down, reaching for the arm. When he caught it, Kyntak slammed Six against a wall, both arms behind him. "I'd be gentler, if I had something to eat." His stomach growled a little. Six acknowledged it with a grunt.

"I will release you. Do not fight. I can pin you down a hundred different ways and torture you a hundred more. That is just what I learned in the past few days. But, I only need one to make you scream my name got it?" A grunt came from Six. Kyntak, taking it as a yes, released him.

Six turned and pitched a punch. Kyntak grabbed it and threw Six's arms over his head. "The slave trade teaches you things," he growled. Six paled visible when he realized Kyntak was holding his arms up in an iron grip. There was no struggle only determination. Kyntak grinned.

"I'm not going to rape you. Just shake you up." Kyntak released Six's arms. Six didn't fight but he stomped on Kyntak's foot, on his way past.

"Kyntak, I suppose you can tell me everything over dinner?" Six stood in the doorway, fighting the instinct to bolt and start a new life as Argent Soh. A murmur came from behind.

Kyntak followed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Six dug around his refrigerator and pulled out some homemade GM vegetable soup. He watched it twirl in the microwave and pondered the situation. A person he didn't know crashed into him in a narrow alley wearing nothing but a white robe. The person then proceeded to extort money and protection from him. Then, came the big reveal: they were test tube twins.

King is going to have a field day with this. He thought bitterly. A random stranger dropped into his life expecting help. Great. To tell the truth, the story was plausible. The intruder, as he referred to Kyntak, was physically fit. The standard that was achieved by vigilantes, assassins, and the ChaoArmy was etched into the man's every muscle. Six wasn't surprised to see a body as tough as his own when Kyntak changed. He had looked away for modesty's sake, but a strategically placed mirror completely voided any assistance the gaze aversion had done. The intruder looked like him, if you dyed the hair black and removed the stubble. Then there was the fact, he bested Six in a fight and kept up in running. Six had been full out sprinting but this intruder kept up easily. The last bit about Project Falcon really sealed the deal. He had a twin, he didn't need Sherlock Holmes to tell him that.

Kytak sat at a little table in the kitchen, eyes glued to the television broadcasting the news. He barely looked from the screen as Six slid him a cup of soup. They were broadcasting the new developments of Chaosonic policy. The ad for Chaosonic Citizen Cards appeared on screen. Kyntak finally started slurping the chalky mixture.

Six realized this was easy to believe the thing sitting across from him wasn't real. Just a sleep deprived hallucination. He recalled that he clocked in five hours of sleep the night before. That was more than enough. Damn.

"So how did you end up in the Lab?" Six asked keeping his tone level.

"We were all separated by an orchestrated fire. You see I was picked up by a carrier and left in an orphanage. I realized I was different and it didn't take long to see there were people after me. But, in a sea of grimy, greedy faces how can you pinpoint one? So I grew up pick pocketing and eventually I decided to find out whom or what made me. Childhood stupidity. I joined the army because the last place they would look would be amongst their men. I worked up to private security. Captain, if you would like to address me as so." Six sent him a withering look. This was turning into a memoir, not a summary. Kyntak took the hint.

"Oh, I just got promoted. I worked at a diversion Lab a few months after I passed training and was at the right place at the right time afterwards. I figured out where the people who created me were. It was easy and soon I was sipping tea with Crexe, head of the project." He clarified for Six's sake. When Six nodded he continued, "I found some C4 planted, it in the Lab, and blam. They were gone. I checked the rubble. There is no case of our DNA structure left." Kyntak stirred his soup. "Did you make this yourself? It's a little pasty." Six's glare stopped his Iron Chef-esque criticism.

"Okay, back to the story, I saw a few reports on you in a database. You had stellar statistics and money beyond any orphan's dreams. And you were my age? I knew you were like me. So I started surveillance on you as a part time thing. Eventually, I blew them up because, hey, I thought you might like the gesture. Unluckily, I was not trained in explosives. It detonated a little late sending me flying, which is a great feeling by the way, and the guards caught up to me and my many bruises. They didn't' know what to do since everything was destroyed, Sevadonn, our brother but he wasn't as nice or as handsome as myself, Crexe and Ludden were dead, best move was to sell me off and say I blew myself up. I was just a stupid kid right? So I got into the slave trade. I escaped, met you, and am sitting in your kitchen drinking watery chalk."

He wrapped up his story and planted a big red bow on top. Six let his brain process the information. So there was another one. Sevadonn. Interesting. Everything sounded right and if it was true then Six owed the intruder.

"Do you have anywhere to go?" Kyntak shook his head.

"I sold my place for C4. It didn't fetch much and I didn't expect to survive. It was supposed to look like I found the bomb and was running away for help when it went off." Kyntak laughed bitterly, "You can't die when you want to." He turned suddenly serious and looked into Six's eyes. Six felt naked under his layers.

"I'm glad I met you, even if it was by extortion." The words rang true and surprisingly Six didn't feel disgusted that this man was so close. Too close. Six leaned back in his chair giving some space between himself and the predator closing in.

"You know, you are exactly as I imagined you." Kyntak picked up the cup and walked over to the sink. The heavy atmosphere was gone. All that remained was a stale, bitter taste.

"Sleep on the couch. I'll give you a million credits. Just be out by morning. The deal was to protect you and I have done that." Six placed his cup beside Kyntak's and started on the dishes. Kyntak grabbed a towel and started drying the spoons. When everything was done, Kyntak flopped uncomplainingly on the couch. It was already past midnight and Six needed to be in the office at seven. Six hiked up to his bedroom and fell asleep clutching the gun under his pillow.

The next morning, he woke at five, as usual. But as unusual, there was a rich, salty smell that wafted from the kitchen. He quickly showered and changed noticing the bath stall was still a bit damp. At least his tooth brush wasn't. Down stairs, he saw one of the most surprising sights. Kyntak was in nothing but a pair of navy boxers and cooking bacon.

"I used your shower." Kyntak checked the sizzling bacon before flipping it. When turned again he took a good look at Six's face before looking down. "Crap! Sorry, I'm used to wearing nothing but boxers in the morning."

"Each to his own," Six said flipping on his laptop. His gloved hands deftly typed in a code and accessed his bank account. "What is your private account code? One that you are sure ChaoSonic isn't watching." Kyntak called out a series of senseless numbers and letters. Six keyed it all in and clicked send.

"One million is in your account." Kyntak placed the bacon strips on a plate and placed the plate on the table. It joined a mouth watering bounty of toast, scrambled eggs, omelets, sausage, and pancakes. Kyntak grinned as he poured cups of coffee for the both of them. Six's face reverted to calm and composed as he bit into the toast. Warm, buttery, and crisp it was just as he liked it. Six didn't indulge but it brought back memories of Sunday mornings with King when he was a kid. The bacon was crispy and salty and the eggs were cooked to perfection. Kyntak looked at him smugly as he ate his own breakfast.

"I went to the market. I hope you don't mind that I took your car."

"As long as you weren't conspicuous, I think I'll be fine." Kyntak seemed to consider him for a moment while drinking his coffee.

"What about you?" Six looked up.

"What 'what' about me?"

"Where's your big tragic back story?" Six fingered the dog tags around his neck.

"I was picked up by King of Hearts. He raised me and I repay the favor by working for Deck." Kyntak nodded.

"You are the vigilantes that shut down a few companies. I heard Earle Shuji died last month. I suppose that was your doing?" Six nodded grimly. Kyntak finished his toast and coffee. Six thought of how their tastes were similar despite their upbringings. Kyntak grinned as he cleared his place at the table.

"You are everything that I imagined. Cool, calm, and collected." He started the tap and Six finished hurriedly glancing at the clock. He would still be early if he avoided the traffic. They finished cleaning in a companionable silence. Six went upstairs to change and grabbed the bag he packed the night before. It was filled with clothes and an application for a triple C. He tossed the bag at Kyntak as he opened the door. Luckily, fellow decided to get dressed. They exited the small armored house and locked up.

"What's this?" Kyntak looked though the bag. Six went to his car and slipped in.

"A new start," he said. The form was blank. A new identity, a new life was waiting for Kyntak.

"Thank you." Kyntak was out the door and walking on the street. Six was in his car driving away.

They went in opposite directions.

Syntax. Six/Kyntak or Kyntak/Six

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