They sat in King's office still bruised but none the worse for the wear. Six found it hard to believe that just yesterday he left the premises feeling empty. Now, his heart felt full to the brim. And the blonde who made it possible was sitting next to him. This was like The Princess Bride, a cheesy romance novel.

"So, have you thought about my offer? You both are amazing. Bending the iron bars of a cage is definitely a qualifier. Though, no one knows about that, but me."

Kyntak appeared to be mulling it over. He burst out laughing.

"I would be an idiot not to." King chuckled at his words.

"Where are you staying? You have the million credits and the pay from that last unofficial mission. I'll bet it is nice."

"It is nice. Six lives there." King raised an eyebrow. "Six needs company."

"Okay." King looked at Six. Six merely nodded. It was saddening. He needed Kyntak. He needed a person to talk to. It was difficult to come to terms with. It all felt very surreal.

The funny thing about people is that, you can go you whole life without them. But once you get a taste, you're addicted to them.

He stole a glance at Kyntak.

Not that I mind.

Syntax. Six/Kyntak or Kyntak/Six

Wall is up.

I suppose I should mention that the identity of the stalker is never expressly mentioned. The identity can be seen by re-reading chapter one. Thank you.