"HARDER MONROE!" Nick screamed wildly as Monroe thrust into his willing body in deep but slow movements. Monroe let out a pleasured grunt as he complied with his smaller mates demand. Nick let loose a happy moan as he older lover began to really pound into him. They'd been at this for the last three hours, and Nick was completely wrecked, but it felt to good to stop. The Grimm's prostate was bruised and way past over stimulated and every brush of Monroe's thick cock made Nick groan in pleasure. Monroe rubbed the tip of his cock against Nick's prostate before pulling back and slamming into it with a fierce precision. Nick let out a weak scream, hands tightening on Monroe's head board to hold on as the pleasure racked his slender body.

"We're not even close to done yet," Monroe snarled out, large hands tightening around Nick's slender hips.

"Please, please, oh god please," Nick whimpered back, hips meeting Monroe's harsh thrusts with his own. Monroe grinned lecherously as hi lifted Nick's hips a little higher for deeper penetration.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck-" Nick babbled out as Monroe managed to hit places Nick didn't know he had. Seconds later, Nick gave a pleasured moan as he released onto the ruined bed. Monroe threw his head back as one long, low moan spilled from his lips. The Blutbad felt himself beginning to swell but held back as best he could, he wanted Nick to come one last time before he bred him. Monroe continued to thrust through the Grimm's orgasm, making Nick groan in discomfort, his body still over sensitive.

"One more Grimmlock," Monroe grunted out breathily.

"N-no more, p-please," Nick stuttered out, exhaustion evidant in his wrecked voice. Monroe smirked darkly before slamming into his mates body, spearing the Grimm's prostate in a harsh movement. Nick shouted weakly, voice trembling in desperate pleasure, and eyes rolling back into his head.

"Mine," Monroe snarled out, voice deep in a growl. The growl went straight to Nick's weakly stirring cock.

"Yours," Nick moaned back in response. The Grimm tilted his head just right, exposing a long, pale column of throat, offering it to Monroe for marking. Monroe let out an appreciative growl and leaned down to clamp sharp teeth on the offered throat. Nick gave a pleasured shout and weakly went into another orgasm. The younger man didn't exactly come, but it did ripple through his body in harsh waves. Monroe grinned into Nick's neck and let go of any control he had left. The Grimm let loose another groan as he felt his mate swell up inside of him, pleasure rippling through his bottom.

Moments later, Monroe was coming into Nick's oh so willing body, filling the waiting Grimm. Nick moaned in pleasure as his insides were drenched in the wolf's hot seed. The Grimm swore that his insides always descended after Monroe knotted him, filling him so much it was almost painful.

"Gods, I'm so full," Nick moaned out in pleasure, inner muscles clenching in appreciation.

"Your just tight," Monroe grunted out as he laid them down on their sides, and out of the giant wet spot on the bed.

"I wont be if you keep knotting me," Nick muttered, trying to snuggle closer to the male Blutbad. Monroe grinned and wrapped his arms tightly around Nick's body.

"Oh, you love it," Monroe replied, grinning as he nuzzled the back of Nick's slender neck.

"Funnily enough, I do. Love you Monroe," Nick mumbled out tiredly, kissing the arm that was currently pillowing his head.

"Love you too," Monroe replied and listened as Nick's breath evened out in sleep. The wolf grinned once more, kissed the back of Nick's neck one last time, before following Nick into sleep. Both lovers were content, but very unaware that someone had been watching them. This was someone that they knew, someone who was completely and utterly pissed at the both of them