Nick spent four days in the hospital due to his lung being punctured when the bullet went through it. It had been a miracle in it self that Nick's lung didn't collapse, which had the doctors curious and confused, but grateful that it didn't. Monroe hadn't left his side outside of using the bathroom, showering and getting better changes of clothes. And that only happened when either Hank or Wu were standing guard with Nick. The young detective had gotten medical leave off and Monroe planned to spoil his little Grimm rotten for the next couple of days, possibly weeks if nick didn't through a fit.

Currently, Monroe was carefully carrying a protesting Nick into the Grimm's house. Angela had invaded their other territory, so now it wasn't safe until Monroe fixed that. The Blutbad struggled slightly to get the keys before unlocking the door to the too big, lonely house that Nick didn't really stay in anymore.

"You didn't have to carry me Monroe, I could have walked," Nick mumbled crossly, arms folded over his sore chest and pouting. Monroe glanced at his mate before stalking into the house.

"Yes, I did," Monroe replied, shutting the door with his foot before stalking up the stairs. They hadn't been to the Grimm's house in almost two weeks, to busy dealing with Monroe's heat cycle and also dealing with his possessive behavior. Nick grunted in pain as he was jostled slightly, making Monroe flinch at the sound. Monroe gave the Grimm an apologetic noise as he gently placed Nick in the king size bed that was in the master bedroom. Nick always liked to have room when he slept, it made him feel better. Monroe pulled back and stared down at his smaller mate, pleased with how beautiful and relaxed the man looked. He frowned when he noticed Nick flinch in pain again. As soon as Nick eased up, he looked at Monroe and spotted the angered look on his older lovers face. The Grimm smirked gently and gently reached his hand out to cup Monroe's cheek.

"I'm alright Monroe, I just need some rest," Nick said, grin spreading across his face, though it looked like it was a partial grimace. Monroe's angered frown deepened before he crawled into bed and curling around Nick.

"No, you're really not Nick," Monroe replied nuzzling Nick's slender neck gently.

"But I will be," Nick responded, clinging to the wolf.

"You almost died," Monroe growled out, baring his growing fangs and his eyes flashing red. Nick's eyes flashed in understanding and his mouth softened lovingly.

"And I'm still here because of you," Nick replied, one slender hand rubbing Monroe's broad back soothingly.

"It could have been worse," Monroe grumbled, nipping Nick's neck, right where his first mark had been put, gently. Nick gave him an appreciative noise before he replied.

"But it wasn't, because of you. I'll always come home to you because I know you'll always be there to bring me back. I promise you I'll fight tooth and nail to come back to you, because your home for me," Nick replied, kissing Monroe's forehead. Monroe made a wet sound before pulling back to kiss the Grimm tenderly. The soft and gentle kiss made Nick's heart melt and his breath catch in his throat at the sweetness of it. Moments later, they pulled apart and gazed at each other lovingly.

"I love you Mine," Monroe groused out, kissing Nick once more before laying down and pulling Nick into his arms.

"I love you too wolf-man," Nick replied kissing Monroe's chest before snuggling carefully into the wolf's chest. His teasing remark got a small pinch to his ass before they both cuddled down to sleep.

And done. I have a question, does anyone wanna see Monroe taking Nick home to meet his parents? As kinda like a third entry to this little shebang? Please, let me know, I'm kinda wondering about it