WOW: hope. In honour of the long-awaited arrival of little Thomas Colton Padalecki, I am delighted (and a little nervous) to present my very first Wee!Chester fic.

A glimpse back to happier times, and Dean's a bit underwhelmed by his very first introduction to his new-born baby brother.

First impressions ... they don't always last, you know.

Disclaimer: Don't own, never have, more's the pity.


Dean had hoped for a puppy.

But he wasn't impressed by the wriggling grub in Mommy's arms.

Baby Sammy wasn't a puppy; he was pink and squashy, made squeaky snuffling noises and smelled funny.

Dean wasn't entirely sure he liked Baby Sammy very much.

Clutching his favourite toy, he reflected. Yes, he definitely liked his blue truck better than Baby Sammy; at least it didn't squeak or smell.

But Mommy seemed to like Baby Sammy and Mommy was generally right about stuff.

So Dean decided he would try to like Baby Sammy.

Just not as much as his blue truck.