Athos waited intently for Aramis and Porthos to return with a solution to getting him out of the prison cell. D'Artagnan waited impatiently at the entrance of the room.

"Patience boy, they'll be here soon. I should be the one on the edge with impatience; not you," Athos said as he watched the boy.

"But what if she's hurt? Or worse?" D'Artagnan asked throwing his arms up in the air as he gave up from waiting at the entrance.

"We have more important things to worry about at the moment," Athos said.

"Oh, yes. Of course we do," D'Artagnan mumbled.

At that moment, Porthos and Aramis walked in with two sticks of dynamite. "How's this?" Porthos asked as he held one of them up.

Athos glared. "You don't know how tired I am of seeing those wretched-"

"I'll take that as a yes! Aramis, do you have the match?" Porthos asked.

"Indeed, I do," Aramis said as he showed him the match in his hand. "Stand back, Athos," he ordered.

"I wouldn't want to get blown to bits as I almost did earlier," Athos grumbled as he leaned against the back wall of the cell.

"Please forgive us if you accidentally die in this process," Porthos said as the laid the sticks of dynamite around the front of the cell. Athos said nothing. Death was the last resort for him at the moment.

Aramis stood in front of the bars and stuck his arm through as if to shake Athos's hand. "It's been a wonderful adventure being your friend, Athos. Don't worry, we will take the best care of your wine-"

"Aramis, get out," Athos scolded. Aramis smirked and left the room with D'Artagnan so they would be protected from the blast. Meanwhile, Porthos was lighting the last stick of dynamite. He nodded to Athos and ran out of the room.

In a matter of seconds, the loud sounds from the dynamite sticks sounded and the whole room was filled with after effects of the blasts. Once the smoke and dust settled, D'Artagnan poked his head back in the room.

"Athos, are you alive?" He asked. Athos responded with a coughing fit. D'Artagnan smiled and turned and Aramis and Porthos and nodded. "He's alive."

"Oh, good!" Porthos said and walked in. "Let's hope there is a way he can get out now," He walked closer to the cell where Athos was and examined the entrance. "It's broken."

Athos cleared his throat and staggered over to the entrance. "Good, get me out of here," he said and began coughing again. Porthos jolted the cell door and it fell out of its place. Athos quickly walked over it and headed out of the room with Porthos following behind.

"Now what?" Aramis asked as the four walked through the stone halls together.

"We find Buckingham and Milady. Where are those blasted guards from the palace?" Athos asked.

"Outside," D'Artagnan said.

"Well, they're not doing their job then. Get them in here!" Athos said.

Arabella slowly opened her eyes and tried to get her sight focused. Everything around her was blurry and unfamiliar. She slowly propped herself up on her elbows and looked around. That's when she felt the throbbing pain from her head and she lay back down. She carefully placed a hand on her head. There was some blood and she realized she must have hit the ground hard when she fell. That is; if she fell. She couldn't really remember anything at the moment. Once again, she propped herself up and stayed still till her eyesight was clear. After a few moments, she could see things clearly again. She sighed and slowly stood up. Her wounded head made her off balance so she held on to the wall for support. She blinked a few times as her eyes scanned the room for a door. There was one. It was closed. She silently prayed that it would be unlocked.

She trudged towards the door and pulled at the handle. Locked. She silently cursed and decided to search around the room till she found something to open the door with. Maybe there was a pair of keys lying around somewhere or maybe she could use something heavy to knock the door down. Unfortunately, there was much, but, she would not give up. She would keep on her search.

After a while of unsuccessful searching; she heard footsteps outside the door. A shadow was creeping from underneath the door and flooded the room. Someone was standing directly outside the door.

"Arabella?" A voice called out. She was saved. She went to the door and leaned against so she would be able to hear better.

"Yes? I'm in here," she said hurriedly and weakly due to her injuries. "Please let me out. There is no way to get out and the door is locked."

"She's still alive," the voice said. Whose voice was that? She couldn't remember.

Arabella looked confusedly at the door. "What are you talking about? Of course, I'm alive! What did you-"

"Leave her in there then. She won't survive the rest of the day, anyways," Another voice said.

Her memory returned. It was her brother and Milady De Winter. She pounded her fist against the door. "Please, please. Let me out of here!"

"After the way you almost killed me?" Her brother was speaking now. "That would be worst decision of my life, now wouldn't it?"

"It would probably also be your last," Milady said. "How are you feeling, Arabella?"

"Angry and terrible." Arabella answered coldly.

"Good." Milady replied. "Now, we hate to leave so quickly but we have to go get those Musketeers. They're still wandering around the here."

"They're still here?" Arabella asked.

No one answered.

Arabella called out for them but once she heard no reply, she slowly sank down to the floor and stared at the window. She was afraid. She never expected to end up like this. This is how she was going to die, she thought to herself. Then, she suddenly realized, there was a window in the room. It was a fairly large window, at that. She smiled to herself as she began to devise up a plan.

"We all know the plan, yes?" Athos asked.

"Yes. I'll get to the roof with the dynamite and wait for Buckingham." D'Artagnan said.

"I'll remain in the tower with the other guards and see if there are any other guards of Buckingham to get." Porthos said.

"And I'll be outside doing the same." Aramis said.

Athos nodded. Finally, everyone was listening to him. It had taken about ten minutes to get them to devise a plan and to get the King's soldiers to listen. "And I will find Milady," he said and turned to the King's guards, "Once we have Buckingham and Milady, you shall have them both arrested," he finished. The guards agreed.

Aramis silently prayed. "Let's hope that this plan actually works."

"It'll work. Let's hope for the best," D'Artagnan as he put the pack of dynamite over his shoulder, "I'll get to the roof then."

"Careful," Athos said.

D'Artagnan smiled and went back into the tower. He went up all the staircases till he got to the highest point of the tower. He was now standing in front of a large window. Since it was the highest window, he would have to reach to get to the roof. He lean out and looked down. He was fairly high up and if he fell, he would surely be seriously injured or killed. All he had to do was carefully walk along the stone ledge and turn to get to the roof.

"I've climbed higher. This is nothing." He said to himself as reassurance. He closed his eyes and sighed so he can collect all his thoughts of what he was about to do. His heart was racing with anticipation. He opened his eyes and picked up the dynamite.

No turning back now, he thought to himself and carefully began climbing out the window.

Arabella clung to the window's rim and slowly lowered herself out. She winced in fear as she swung her legs over the window. Now all of her body was out of the tower. She was seated out of the window. She bit her lip and looked down below her, which was a big mistake. The stone street was just waiting for her to fall. The color drained out of her face and she felt her vision begin to blur again. Was she fainting?

No! Arabella, don't do this! Wake up! She screamed in her mind. She felt herself jolt and she was wide awake. She looked away from below her and looked up instead. There was a stone ledge she would be able to get on if she stood up. Once she was on that stone ledge, she would be able to get to the roof and then find her way back down to another window where she could escape. When she thought the plan out, it seemed fairly simply, but now she felt it was the worst idea known to man. She went back into the room she just was in. She stared out the window and thought about how she was going to stand upon the sill of it. There was enough room for her to stand upon it so she decided she had nothing to fear, except, losing her life.

She mustered up every ounce of courage she had and moved her body out the window again. Once she was out the window, she held onto the rim and slowly stood up.

"Don't fall. Don't fall. Don't fall," she repeated over and over again. Before she knew it, she was standing straight upon the sill. She let out a sigh of relief but now was not to time to be calm. She looked up and saw the stone ledge she had to grab hold of. She held her breath and held onto the ledge and slowly lifted herself up. She lifted herself so she can be standing on the top rim of the window. When she did just that, she lifted herself onto the tower ledge and carefully sat there.

"I can't believe I'm not dead yet," she mumbled.

"I can't believe I'm still alive," D'Artagnan said as he held onto the stone rim of the roof. He lifted himself up and swung himself over and fell onto the roof with the dynamite.

He lay there for about two minutes to catch his breath before he got up. After that, he stood up and grabbed the dynamite and slowly made his way across the roof. Buckingham's airship could be seen from the other side of the roof. D'Artagnan figured he must have landed it there so no one would be able to notice it. As he was walking he heard noises from the roof and he stopped walking and listened. It sounded as if someone was kicking the stone. He was going to ignore it until he heard a scream.

Arabella had reached for the edge of the roof but missed and had almost fallen back but luckily balanced herself out before it was too late. She clung against the wall and her eyes watered. She was so frightened. Her hands were shaking and her head was hurting again. She was so close to the roof but if she were to almost fall again, she would not be able to balance herself again. She stood there on the rim, trying to calm down.

D'Artagnan ran to where he heard the scream and looked down. He stared, shocked, to see Arabella standing on the rim in such a distressed state.

"Arabella? What are you doing?" He asked as he lowered himself so he can extend his arm out to her.

Arabella didn't answer but looked up and saw D'Artagnan extending his arm out to her. She could collapse from happiness right there but, that would have ended badly. She grabbed onto his arm and with his help; she was on the roof.

D'Artagnan stood in front of her as she stared blankly at him. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Are you trying to get yourself killed, Arabella? If I had not heard you scream, you probably would have fallen-"

"Oh, D'Artagnan, it's you!" Arabella cried and hugged him. She hugged him like she hadn't seen him in forever. She never wanted to let go. In his arms, she forgot about the reality of the world and she wanted it to be like this forever. D'Artagnan held her tightly close to him, as well.

"Arabella, I thought you were dead. I was worried sick about you," he said quietly.

"I thought I was dead to," she said pulling back from him but was still in his arms.

D'Artagnan stared into her eyes and then looked at the side of her head. "What happened?"

"I fell and hit the stone floor. I blacked out and I woke up with that."

D'Artagnan's eyes narrowed. "It was Buckingham wasn't it?"

"It's always him," Arabella answered.

D'Artagnan inhaled deeply and looked troubled. "Where is that damned man now?"

"I'm not sure. When I woke up, he and Milady said that they were going to find the Musketeers."

D'Artagnan chuckled. "Not if we find them first, which, we will."

Arabella gave him a faint smile and saw the pack of dynamite. "What is that for?" she asked as she pointed to it.

D'Artagnan turned to see what she was pointing at. "Oh, that? That's part of the plan. I have to be up here so that if Buckingham arrives, I'll be able to carry out the plan."

"May I join you?" Arabella said.

D'Artagnan smiled and kissed her hand. "Of course you may, Mademoiselle."