Hi everyone! My brief vacation is now over, and I am back to writing. I hope you're all frothing at the mouth in anticipation! Without further ado, here's the first bit of IN THE REALM OF ICE AND FIRE! (By the way, this is a sequel. Be sure to read It Really Irks Me first, unless you don't mind starting part-way through a storyline)


Do you miss me? The voice was familiar. Someone I knew? It couldn't be; I hated everyone I knew. So who was it?

I think you know very well who I am. I knew that chuckle. That irresistible, evil chuckle that always made my stomach feel fluttery. Where was he? I had to find Zim! Wherever I was, it was stupidly bright…so bright I could hardly see, no matter how hard I squeezed my eyes shut.

Where are you, Zim? I shouted to the horizon, which was the source of the blinding afternoon light. A hard gust of wind whipped my clothes around me and covered me with sand. I tried rubbing it off. A laugh sounded in the distance.

I'm right here, Little Gaz. I'm always with you. One of Zim's gloved claws poked me just in front of my heart. His arms encircled me and I felt lips brush my forehead. A tear of loneliness escaped me.

Why won't you like me back, Zim? Why do you hate me? I felt his breath flutter my hair. His shadow engulfed me, shielding me from the harsh light. I saw his shadowed silhouette.

Maybe you and I are more alike than even you can imagine, Gaz-love. You should try analyzing me a little more like you would analyze yourself. He chuckled throatily as his Pak legs extended, and then he launched himself towards the horizon, taking the light with him. I was left in darkness.

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