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I opened my eyes blearily.

What...what happened? The last thing I remember… I was on some weird planet, chasing after Zim. I was fighting… a robot? What the heck kind of dream is that?

I reached up to rub my eyes, noticing how oddly light my limbs felt. Must be low-blood sugar. My stomach roared. Geez, when was my last meal? My eyes flickered open and I launched into a sitting position. When was my last meal? I looked around... and sighed, relieved. My room…yep, it was all a dream. Maybe I had skipped dinner. My door creaked open and the light turned on. I flicked my eyes to the door—and almost fainted.

"Hello, love-pig. Good to see you are awake." I blinked deeply. Zim was in my room…calling me love-pig? I curled into the corner, pulling my knees to my chest.

"Why—what—what's happening?" Zim settled on the edge of my bed, smirking playfully.

"Tsk-tsk, Gaz… Don't you remember me saving you? And what you mumbled in your sleep all the way home from Floist?" I couldn't feel it, but I was sure I was blushing.

"W-what did I say…?" The memories were starting to flood back. Good God, I'd been darn near all over the universe!

Zim leaned forward, placing a hand on either side of me. He smiled, his blue contacts glittering. I started to get dizzy from his scent—spicy and dark…like chocolate. He pressed his lips against my ear.

"You said you loved Zim." He pulled away and studied my reaction. My lips were pressed together in a tight line, my eyes wide. No… I didn't say that…he's just bugging me…right?

"Now Gaz-love, how do you expect Zim to kiss you when you're hiding those soft pink cushions from me?" He reached up with a gloved hand and began to squish my face with his thumb and index finger. My lips slid out. He grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Much better." He leaned forward, closing the gap between us. The memories of our last kiss returned to me, and I felt that familiar ice-fire sensation run through me. I shivered. Zim pulled away breathily and smiled.

"Zim is a good kisser, eh?" At that moment, the strangest statement to ever pass my lips slipped out.

"I'm a clone of my dad!"


The ruckus upstairs made me uneasy, but I was glad my sister was awake…and probably good as new, judging by Zim's pained shrieks. I shrugged, shaking my head. It was a weird situation, but I'd get used to it eventually. I couldn't really fault Gaz for loving an alien anyway. I turned to the short green girl next to me and kissed her cheek lightly. Her eyelashes fluttered as she looked up at me, smiling despite being roused from a quiet rest.

"I think," she began hesitantly, "I'm happy you gave up hunting 'aliens'." I chuckled at the comment and waved a hand, motioning towards the general world.

"There are plenty of other supernatural phenomena…. You guys deserve a break." I winked at her and she smiled, resting her head against my shoulder, our fingers interlaced.

I followed Zim around his lab as he recounted his many adventures and explained his theory, entitled "The Not-conquering Conquering". It made a lot of sense: just live somewhere, and you've already conquered it. Minimoose squeaked at me from the computer and began typing up my notes. Zim and I rode the elevator to his living room, where we discovered Gir teaching Pik about tacos and how they seemed to annoy his master. Zim ranted.

Mimi and I packed up our base, having decided to move closer to the Membrane residence. I watched my A.I. companion, smiling at her helpful nature. I broke the fourth wall and wondered what she had been up to during the main story arc. Hmm, fan-authors can be weird. I shrugged, absently wondering if my little robot would strike up a mutual friendship with Gir and the TDR. That'd be cute. She smiled at me and I grinned back.

So what became of us all, you ask? Well, that's a long story. You could always ask Zim, as his "battle memories" seem to get more embellished each time he tells them to Skoodge. Pik would probably the most reliable, but he's a bit um…busy with discovering the emotion of "love"…most likely for a certain not-so-defective SIR unit in the possession of my brother's girlfriend. In the end, I guess you can ask whoever you feel like! Why do I care? I mean…my story's done. See you later; I have to go find Zim before he accidentally asks my dad for his marriage blessing.


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