I woke feeling groggy as fuck. Both my forearms stung, my head hurt like a bitch and I felt like shit. Not a good combination when you're as moody as I usually am.

"Ali-Cat.. You good?" I heard my brother ask softly. Not feeling up to using my extremely dry throat, I nodded, which only made me nauseous.

"Yeah.. Yeah, I'm good." I croaked after I stopped reeling. Opening my eyes slowly, I flinched as the harsh hospital light burned my retinas. I looked over at Emmett once my eyes adjusted. He didn't look as pale and sickly as I imagined he would.

"Hey Emmy. You don't look like you just gave a couple hundred ounces of blood." He shook his head and chuckled.

"That's cause I didn't, but I'll take that as a complement short stuff." I scowled at him. Wait..

"They had a few pints in the bank then?" I ask. Shaking his head again he jerked his head over to the other side of the room. I turned as fast as I could without feeling like I was about to barf. And what do I see?

Bella, looking worse off than I felt. Why did Emmett look fine when she looked like death itself?

"Emmett!" I shrieked despite my sore throat. "Get her some food and something to drink, now!" Emmett blanched at my tone and scurried off to the cafeteria. Rose just shook her head and followed him out.

"I'll make sure he doesn't get any junk food that doesn't do her any good." I nodded.

"Thanks Rose." I smiled weakly at her. She nodded back and let a rare smile slip onto her features.

"Anything for my little pixie."