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Summary: Owlflame is now recovering from the battle of United City and is willing to show her love to Redblaze. Meanwhile, a StarClan cat keeps an eye on them and recalls his time in the Clans. Great memories will come out, and this cat promises to watch over Owlflame as long as he is her guide.

Finishing Date: March 20, 2013



An Ancestor's Nostalgia

"Come on, Owlflame! You wanna go hunting?"

Owlflame looked up to see Redblaze standing at the entrance of the compound she had trained in. It had been a quarter-moon since Goldstar had given her Bending back to her, and she wanted to live each day now. She now knew all four elements, and what was even better was that she and Redblaze were mates at last. At first, she was worried that Emerald was angry at her about that, but the calico she-cat reassured her that it was fine; they had broken up before the battle.

And now...she felt free. Owlflame could hunt with her best friends whenever she wanted, and the cats of the Order could not deny her a chance for hunting in the arctic. Silverheart would make sure of that.

"Sure," she purred to Redblaze. "Should Stonetail and Emerald come with us?"

Redblaze shrugged with a smile. "I don't see why not. The more, the merrier, right?"

So Owlflame turned around and headed to where the visitors to the compound would stay at, noticing Emerald and Stonetail. Her friends were chatting with each other at the entrance to the guest room area, their fur ruffling slightly in the cold breeze; thanks to their thick pelts, they could endure the cold. When they saw Owlflame and Redblaze padding over towards them, they smiled and got up, padding over to them.

"Hey bro!" Stonetail called. "What's up?"

Owlflame replied, "We were gonna ask you two if you wanted to come hunting with us. So...do you wanna come with us?" Turning to Emerald, she purred, "And if you'd like, I can teach you some WaterClan fishing tricks."

The calico she-cat smiled. "Sure. The only thing I've hunted since you guys taught me were birds. Count me in."

Stonetail waggled his stubby tail. "Count me in too!"

"I think it's a great idea, you four."

The four cats turned to see Silverheart standing before them, her dark blue eyes swimming with affection and nostalgia. Owlflame recalled that her mentor and her friends had done a lot of hunting on their travels, either hunting true prey or scavenging in the streets. Now she was even more grateful for all she had done for her during her hunting.

"You really think so?" Owlflame asked her.

Silverheart nodded. "Of course. Emerald will need all the hunting lessons she can get. And I know you can teach your friends well in hunting in the tundra."

Owlflame blinked in gratitude towards her mentor and laid her muzzle on her shoulder while she did the same. She was always grateful for the old silver tabby's advice and motherly instincts; she also knew the importance of friends and family. When they broke apart, she saw her friends already at the entrance of the compound, waiting for her to catch up. So Owlflame gave a swift meow of thanks to Silverheart and raced ahead to join the hunt.

Little did she know that a certain cat was watching her on the rocks...


As he watched Owlflame and her mate leave to go hunting some more, Goldstar gave a sigh and sat up. It felt good to see his reincarnation enjoying life now that he had given her Bending back. Watching her grow into a fine Avatar Cat reminded the golden tom of himself when he was a young warrior. He recalled back when he fought against Darkstar and took away his Bending with the power Firestar gave him. And he in turn gave it to Owlflame to use it for good, for the good of all the Clans.

So Goldstar crouched low on the rocks and leapt up, feeling his paws leap from one star to the other, as he thanked StarClan for this power. Once he saw the entrance to StarClan, he leapt inside until he found himself surrounded by lush forests and several hills. Goldstar looked back below to see Silverheart watching his reincarnation and her friends leave with joy on her face, thankful to have had a kind and motherly mate while he was alive. He turned back around and headed deeper into the forest, leaping over tree trunks and stones.

Noticing a chaffinch in the lowest branch of a birch tree, he crouched low, preparing to catch it. But as he bunched his muscles together, he heard a voice ring out.

"Hello, Goldstar."

Goldstar looked around in time before the chaffinch flew off to call an alarm. The golden cat ignored it and turned to face Firestar, whose green eyes were filled with the same wisdom and kindness he had shown before. His (Goldstar's) friends, Ashfeather and Nightfoot, were beside him, their faces kind and supportive.

"I was just wondering what StarClan would approve of Owlflame being who she is," Goldstar greeted them. "I believe she's a very fine warrior."

Ashfeather chuckled, "Come on, Goldstar. You're a StarClan cat too."

"And she's an awesome warrior," Nightfoot added. "She's your reincarnation, after all."

Goldstar nodded. "True."

"And besides, she's in good paws," Ashfeather meowed, his ear flicking away a moth with a smile. "I still can't believe it after nearly a year...my own sister...training the newest Avatar Cat."

"Come," Firestar meowed, turning around. "It's time to share tongues with the other warriors of StarClan."

The golden tom nodded as he followed his ancestor and his friends through a great rock that leaned against two trees. He was strongly reminded of the shelter Nightfoot had EarthBended for Silverheart when she gave birth to her kits. Goldstar leapt into the hole, following the three other cats through the short tunnel and feeling the soft moss under his pads. When they arrived at the end of the tunnel, he gave a small happy sigh; this was one reason he loved being a StarClan cat.

Many cats were in the large clearing, either sharing tongues or eating prey. Some of them were warriors that lived ten years after the Fourteen Year War came to an end; others were those who lived before the War came around. There were even cats that lived beyond the new Clans, now living together as if there was no problem with it. Much of the tensions that had been amongst the Clans had long been forgotten as nine Clans had joined together after death.

As soon as the four cats reached the others, two toms and two she-cats joined them. They were Silverheart and Ashfeather's mother Seamist (a silver tabby-&-white she-cat with blue eyes), Hollyleaf (a black she-cat with green eyes), Seamist's mate Emberstar (a dark gray tom with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye), and a large white tom with black paws. Goldstar wondered what they wanted.

"Did you hear?" Seamist purred, her blue eyes shining. "Owlflame and Redblaze's relationship is growing strong. Let's hope their kits look up to them well in the future!"

Hollyleaf's green eyes were glowing with nostalgia. "Yes, it's really great..." But her voice trailed away as she looked to the side.

Sensing this, Nightfoot padded over to the other black cat and asked, "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah." But then Hollyleaf meowed, "I was just reminded of how my brothers and I were born from an inter-Clan relationship. I'm not really obsessed with the Warrior Code anymore," she added quickly. "It's just...part of me is afraid Redblaze might leave Owlflame..."

"He won't," Goldstar reassured her. "He's already shown her how much he loves her. Besides, with all four Clans in peace and working together, things might turn out better than before. And the Clans are now surviving."

"And what about United City?" Emberstar spoke up. "What'll happen to it after the battle with the Equalists?"

Firestar told him, "It'll regrow again. Just like flowers blooming in newleaf after a harsh leaf-bare, so will the city. Just give it some time."

"Not only that, but the Clans aren't in danger anymore," the white tom (Blackstar) added. "Well, that can take some stress off our paws. So...who's up for hunting?"

As soon as the word "hunting" left Blackstar's mouth, many cats pricked their ears up and chanted stuff like "We wanna come along!" and "Sure. I'm hungry." Several, like Sandstorm and Billystorm, had come forth to join in with the hunt. And several medicine cats like Jayfeather, Echosong, and Spottedleaf had offered to heal any wounds picked up on the hunt. Besides, there were plenty of other medicine cats that could stay and heal others.

The patrol moved off, and Goldstar hared away with them. This was also what he liked about being a StarClan cat: he would never get old and stay as his middle-aged adult stage. He ran beside Ashfeather, Nightfoot, and an ancient WindClan leader named Tallstar. They ran through the forest among the undergrowth, their whiskers quivering and their ears swiveling around for prey. Goldstar watched some of the cats split up into pairs while he and Tallstar went into another small group.

Not too far away was a rabbit nibbling on grass, looking up now and then to check around. Goldstar watched Tallstar creep up towards the brown creature, staying low in the tall grass and lifting their tails to prevent any noise. But Goldstar felt his tail brush accidentally against a grass stalk, startling the rabbit into flight. With a hiss, he and Tallstar leapt away after it, but it didn't take too long to see where it had gone to.

The rabbit had already been caught, and Goldstar saw who caught it. A young pure white she-cat had pinned it down to the ground with one forepaw, looking up in surprise at them. Her blue eyes softened when she saw the hunting patrol approach her.

"Sorry, everyone," the she-cat mewed with an embarrassed smile. "I didn't know you were out hunting. I was just resting near the Lunar River, and I saw it running towards me. So..."

"It's fine, Moonfeather," Tallstar told her, dipping his head politely to her. "I can't get angry at the Moon Spirit for catching prey around here."

The beautiful white she-cat purred before looking at the rest of the hunters. "I've just seen how some of the stricter StarClan cats acted about Owlflame and Redblaze. They're still not entirely happy about cats being from different Clans."

"And it's a good thing too!"

A skinny tom had burst out of the bushes, his black pelt bristling. He spat, "Don't you see what interbreeding with the other Clans is doing? It's ruining every bloodline our Clans had fought for to preserve!"

"Swallowflight, that's all in the past now," Ashfeather growled, having just arrived to confront the SkyClan cat. "Besides, if you breed with another cat, there won't be just blood that matters. What matters more is how they're raised; that's what counts."

Goldstar nodded with his old friend. The dark gray tabby had always been smart, but he had become even wiser in StarClan.

"No, of course he's right." A she-cat with an orange tabby pelt and unfriendly green eyes had leapt out of the bushes and faced them angrily. "For far too long, the Clans have interbred with each other instead of staying true to their own Clans. We should make a rule in the Warrior Code that cats should mate with cats in their own Clans! That way, no cat should ever create mistakes like Sunstar and those two rogue friends of the Avatar Cat!" And as she said this, Swallowflight was nodding with her with a smug look on his face.

Goldstar could hardly believe what he was hearing. This was a very veiled insult at Owlflame's friends, his son, and his family, but what she was proposing was even worse. He had recalled tales of an unused rule in the Warrior Code that barred kittypets, rogues, and loners from ever becoming warriors. Plus, the time for inter-Clan prejudice had been long gone ever since the four new Clans were formed.

"Are you insinuating that you want to separate the Clans because of breeding, something ALL cats do?" Goldstar retorted with a hiss. "And it seems that you're insulting my mate, kits, and grandkits too. AirClan would have been gone forever if Silverheart and I didn't have kits together. Is that what you would have wanted? A whole Clan to go extinct just to keep all the prejudice?" He turned around to the other StarClan cats, who were listening, and went on, "Listen to me. You can choose to not my words if you want, but why should we let the same old racism continue even among StarClan? The time of the old Clans is over, and if the new ones stuck to the old ways, who knows how that would've turned out? So the new Clans adapted to their new world, and it's thanks to them that they still remember us. We must not remember what divides us, but rather, we must remember which draws us together."

"He's right," Nightfoot added, standing beside him. "Besides, Firestar and I've been kittypets before becoming warriors. Yet we've done good in our lives, and now we're among friends here. Interbreeding with the Clans doesn't change that."

Swallowflight and Honeyleaf shared angry looks before looking back at the patrol. Finally, they just gave a snort and stalked off into the bushes, not bothering to look back.

"I think they're at a loss for words," Moonfeather meowed. "But they'll get over it."

"Moonfeather's right," Ashfeather meowed quickly, and Goldstar knew his old friend was mates with her and Echo In Quiet Storm, who lived with both Clan and Tribe ancestors. "Now come on! I'm getting hungry here!"

The cats purred at this as they raced off towards the bushes opposite where Swallowflight and Honeyleaf disappeared through. But Goldstar didn't follow them; instead, he looked over at the pond Moonfeather had been swimming in and padded over. Once there, he sat at the edge and looked deep into the water, thinking of a certain memory.

It was when he and his friends were travelling through FireClan and stopping at the volcano that killed Whitestorm the Second. The Avatar Cat before him and Shadowstar, both of these cats as Bearstar's great-grandfathers, had been friends before they fell out. While there, Nightfoot had asked him a question:

"Do you really think friendships can last throughout eternity?" Nightfoot had been the one to ask this question.

Goldwing had padded over to the young blind she-cat and twined her tail with his, giving her a smile. "I don't see why not."

Silverheart padded over to the two cats and joined them in the twining of tails before Ashfeather joined in. Goldstar knew that it had come true now; he recalled moons ago about a vision he had when he was a young warrior. He had seen a blue-gray she-cat and an elderly silver tabby saying good-bye and embracing; those were Owlflame and Silverheart.

Nightfoot was right all along, the golden tom mused, looking into the depths of the water as he recalled the night Owlflame was born. Friendships really CAN last through eternity.

"Owlflame will be fine." Goldstar turned around to see Firestar standing before him; the tom with the flame-colored pelt must have read his mind. "She's in good paws as long as she has faith. Now come; we better get back to hunting."

"Okay," Goldstar replied.

And with a last look at the pond, he raced off after his ancestor into the bushes of StarClan.

The End...for now.


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