So I was going to write a Daryl/Tsugumi (Dargumi?) fanfiction during the airing of this Guilty Crown, but I have a rule to myself to write only after the series ended or that all necessary requirements for the ship to happen are canon. I'm regretting that now…

Oh my Shoe! Haha! I just had to throw that out there after being served a whole "what the hell?" from Guilty Crown's ending, which I'm currently pretending that some aspects do not exist. My opinion with the finale is somewhat "eh…no." for many reasons that I will only briefly mention. (Bad storyline, inconsistent character development, sinking my ship, plothole-filled epilogue, sinking my ship, ridiculous numbers of plot twists, SINKING MY SHIP) Mainly the Daryl/Tsugumi ship… Fuck Production IG! I'm fixing this shit up in my own little world of fanfiction!

Disclaimer: I don't own Guilty Crown.


It had been years after the attempted coming of the Void Apocalypse. Life returned back to normal in Japan. After Shu absorbed the entire world's cancer and, as a result, destroyed GHQ headquarters, the UN definitely did not wait long to enter Japan. Soldiers from UN ships and planes dropped in complete with their Endlave gear, and they searched out for any remaining GHQ soldiers. The entire process took only a matter of weeks to complete. By then, Shibungi, the current leader of Funeral Parlor, and GHQ, whatever's left of it, are currently working together on creating a new government: one that is free and does not oppress.

That was going to take time.

In the meantime, Japan was healing. Everybody was healing. Shu was still trying to get used to his new arm and loss of sight. Luckily, Ayase, a fellow handicapped, helped him cope with his loss. Yahiro, Kanon, and Souta resumed being students, graduated out of college, and were now working and living their lives. Tsugumi would soon join them as she was nearing the end of her college years. She just had to take the teachers exam and everything was set for her.

Except she was missing something…which was her little study-buddy/rice cooker…

"Funell!" The still petite cat-girl bolted from one room of the apartment complex to another. "Funell!"

Funell's "wife" also followed along with her, making whirring noises and making tread marks on the floor. The "kids" also followed along like ducklings would to their mother duck.

"This is ridiculous! Where can he be?" Tsugumi mumbled to herself and she quickly pulled open her closet door. "Funell!"

"Tsugumi?" Her roommate tiredly wheeled over to her. She must have been awoken from her slumber. "Tsugumi…It's too early in the morning for this…"

"Sorry Aya-nee!" Tsugumi clasped her hands in front of her in a begging fashion. "Funell disappeared on me! I haven't seen him since yesterday!"

"Do you know how he disappeared?"

"No. And I checked Funelli's memory and it seems like he went out yesterday and never came back!" Tsugumi yelled back in her frantic state.

"Are you absolutely sure you checked everywhere?"

"Yes! Even the washing machine!" Tsugumi began to wail and she latched onto Ayase's arm. "Oh! What if somebody kidnapped him? What if he got run over by a truck?"

"Don't worry Tsugumi." Ayase gently patted her best friend's head. "I'm sure he's okay. He might turn up sooner than you think. And if it makes you feel better, I'll contact Shibungi and have him keep an eye out for Funell."

"Shibungi? It's been a long time since we last talked to him. Is he busy?" Tsugumi wondered out loud.

She and Ayase were given a special pardon out of Funeral Parlor because they were still so young and they needed to live out their lives away from the troubles of the rebuilding country. Argo decided to stay due to loyalty and mostly everyone else in Funeral Parlor was old enough to take part in further Funeral Parlor activities. Only Tsugumi and Ayase had taken the offer to leave honorably. Both of them attended schools and lived normally like regular students. Now, Ayase has graduated and even with her disability, she was able to find decent work with a really good pay.

Ayase sighed. Okay. Maybe contacting Shibungi may not be a good idea since he's already such a busy, busy man. "How about Haruka? She manages general security now. We can ask if she spotted Funell recently."

"Mama Haruka…okay!" Tsugumi happily clapped her hands. "Thanks Aya-nee!"

"You're welcome. Now if you continuing wasting time here, you're going to be late for class." Ayase pointed to the clock. It read nearly ten o'clock.

"Oh my god!" Tsugumi quickly changed out of her sleeping clothes and into a pencil skirt with a maroon top and her unique cat-eared hairband. "See you later Aya-nee!"

"Right." Ayase gently smiled as she watched her friend run out the door. She suddenly yawned and started to wheel back into her room. Time to go back to bed.


A tired Tsugumi wavered in her steps slightly due to her very long student-teacher shift and she promptly planted her butt onto the nearest bench. Today, her kids were as unruly as ever. They just don't listen! She personally thought they were just as bad as those thugs who thought they ruled the school back when Tsugumi and Ayase were trapped in Loop 7.

Loop that brought back memories. Most of them she would rather forget, but others, she fondly remembered: the animal cafe at the festival, the yummy food, Inori's concert, and finally, the mysterious boy who helped her carry boxes. Personally, she did not like that boy at first since he was impeccably rude and unappreciative of the gift she bestowed him. But she guessed he might be the same pilot who saved her so he wasn't all that bad. But then again, he attacked her and Ayase during that final battle so, in the end, she absolutely did not like him no matter what he did for her in the past. But she still wondered, what did happen to him?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a thin rod swinging in from the left and hitting her foot. Tsugumi looked up at this man.


"Ah Tsugumi! How are you? Can you hold my coffee for me please?"

"Of course", Tsugumi grabbed the cup of coffee out of Shu's hand and led the blind man to a seat next to her.

"Thank you", Shu took back his hot coffee and took a nice, long sip. "Ah! This is actually pretty good."

Tsugumi glanced at the coffee cup. She recognized it. Her female students frequently brought cups of coffee to their morning classes. Recently, this particular brand sure was getting popular.

"So Tsugumi", she suddenly slipped back into reality for Shu, "What brings you to such a peaceful place like here? Aren't you usually in the city library for more studying?"

"Oh I came to get some peace and quiet. You know some relaxation can help better your thinking!"

"Tsugumi, is something wrong? You seem so down."

The smile on Tsugumi's face cracked a little bit. So, even a blind man can still distinguish a lie. Great. Tsugumi said, "I lost Funell and I can't find him anywhere. Have you heard about him?"

"I'm sorry. I haven't. But I'm sure he'll turn up eventually." Shu warmly reassured her.

"I hope so..."

"Hey Tsugumi?" Shu asked the young woman. "How about I treat you to some coffee to clear your mind? The barista who gave this to me is such a gentleman. He insisted I have my drink for free!"

Tsugumi glumly glanced back, but she pitched her voice a bit higher than usual. "Thank you Shu for trying to cheer me up. But I have so much work to do with exams coming up and everything, I don't think I can pack that into my schedule. Maybe next time?"

"Ok. Promise?" Shu held up his pinky finger in her direction.

Tsugumi wrapped her pinky finger around his and shook. "Promise."

Shu finally stood back up and he grabbed his stick. "Okay I'll leave you alone for now. Good luck on your exams!"

"See you later!"


Ayase yawned again as she wheeled herself to the front door. She was still in her pajamas and her hair was still a mess. She found no reason to put it up since today was her day off and she planned on sleeping the whole day. Ayase leaned forward with one hand on the door handle and the other on a wheel. When Tsugumi was gone, she had to figure out how to open a door and this was the system. Surprisingly, it worked pretty efficiently sans having to wheel away quickly before the door could hit her wheelchair.

"Shu!" Ayase exclaimed.

"Hello Ayase. Have you slept well?"

"Yeah." She sheepishly replied. Good thing Shu was blind or else she could never live down her attire right now. "Come in! Come in!" She grabbed onto Shu's blind stick and led him to the living room, down the ramp, and towards the couches.

"I'm surprised you managed to get here all by yourself!"

"I am getting used to reading Braille and people in the streets often help me find my way. And there was this kind barista today who gave me a free cup of coffee. Everybody does become nicer to the disabled."

Ayase chuckled, "Maybe I should go to that coffee shop and get myself some free coffee too!"

"Well you go ahead and try." Shu laughed as well.

"So... What made you decide to visit?"

"I ran into Tsugumi today and I heard about Funell. Is she alright?"

"I'm not sure. He's such an important friend to her. He was probably her first in Funeral Parlor. Gai gave it to her as a gift when she joined." Ayase sighed and picked up the female version of the same robot. "To be frank, I think Funell is okay and he'll turn up somehow. He still has his advanced robotic weapons in his hardware so I'm afraid of whoever happens to find him."

"Right. And I see Funelli is not as worried either."

Ayase smiled as she ran her hand on the smooth metal of her pet robot. The children robots were also wheeling around their feet like they were almost begging to be picked up.

"Hey Shu? How about I give you one of the children when they grow up? They can act as your personal guide dog." Ayase reached down and picked up one of the children playing at her feet.

"Huh? Are you sure?"

Ayase nodded, "Yep! And besides, they all seem to like you a lot!" She carefully placed a little robot in his open palm. The baby robot wheeled around in his hand before settling in the crevices of his fingers and taking a nap.

Shu smiled and he softly petted his baby robot with his finger. "How cute! Tsugumi did a splendid job creating this little family. I wonder, what made her want to give Funell a wife and kids."

"I don't know. Maybe it had something to do with the Apocalypse incident." Ayase suggested. "While I was searching for you, Tsugumi was running around ruins of the headquarters searching for something. She was trying to find someone else and I knew it was not you because she kept looking after you were dug out. After a while, she gave up and said something like she was glad he was gone."

"Who is 'he'?"

"I don't know. As far as I know, everyone from Funeral Parlor escaped. She seemed so down after she gave up looking for him, so maybe she made Funelli and the kids to fill up the void in her heart."

"Was Tsugumi ever aware of the survivors that were found underground?"

"By that point, she didn't care since she was preoccupied with her studies." Ayase sighed. "I just hope she's happy with her life now."

"Yeah..." Shu sighed as well.

Ayase suddenly jumped in her wheelchair and she wheeled away. "Let's not be so down right now! How about I make us tea and we watch some TV? Have you seen the drama Kanon is in? It's been getting high ratings!"

"No. It better not be some romantic chick flick." Shu scowled in disgust.

"Oh! You're such a boy!" She happily teased back. "Besides, you can't leave! I closed off the ramp entrance and the stairs."

"Ayase! I'm blind!"

"And I'm crippled! That makes two of us!"


A young employee stacked the empty coffee cups onto her little tray and she quickly wiped down the table. If it weren't for her fellow employee's fear of germs, she wouldn't be playing the busboy right now. No matter how good-looking he was, she still resented him for pushing this responsibility onto her. She emptied the cups into the sink, rolled up her sleeves, brushed her bangs away from her eyes, and began to wash. The evening was setting in and the shop usually had little to no customers at the end of the day. At this time, she would wash the dishes, sweep the floor, wipe all the tables and the countertops, throw out the trash, change out of her uniform and organize everyone else's, bid her manager a farewell, and walk with her friend to his other job.

How tiring!

Sometimes, if she was really tired, she would touch her fellow employee to piss him off. If it weren't for his phobia, she wouldn't be stuck with her chores now would she? Sometimes, she even questioned him if the mysophobia was for real and he would get as equally mad as if she had touched him. He seriously needed some anger management classes.

But, other than that, he was a pretty decent guy. She could tell that underneath that constantly scowling face, he was a good person. He just didn't know how to express it. But that troubled persona of his gets a lot of female customers in the afternoon so she didn't try to help change him. As far as she was concerned, more customers equated to a higher paycheck.

The university student employee tied her wavy brown hair from a messy bun into a side ponytail. Unfortunately, at this time, he came in to chastise her.

"You know it's against the rules to have your hair down while on shift, Jessica."

"Oh shut up Daryl Yan! I work so hard, it's not my fault my hair is falling apart." Jessica finished drying off the dishes and she dangerously shot a glare at him with her cerulean eyes. "Now don't make me touch you."

"I'd snap your neck."

"As of now, I want to try the same thing with you!" She glared back at him. She was glad she could stare him down and not be awestruck by his good looks. She did admit that happened to her at first when she saw him again, but his horrible personality sort of turned her away at the same time. Besides, he was too old for her to have a crush on.

Jessica grabbed a pair of gloves and tossed it at Daryl. With her bare hands, she grabbed a bag of garbage out of the bin, tied it up, and intimidated him to the back door. "Now if you would please, throw this away for me. I got a huge exam to study for tomorrow and I need to get clean-up done as fast as possible."

"Hey!" He did not look happy.

She didn't care. She chucked the dirty bag at him and slammed the back door shut.

What a brat! Daryl huffed in irritation as he foregone the gloves and simply kicked the trash bag into its respective barrel. She absolutely did not have any respect for him and his condition. She also worked him like a dog! Does she not realize the position he holds? How did such a demure little girl turn into such a brat after these long years?

Preferring not to anger the little mistress any further, Daryl decided to walk out of the alley and into the maze of this block. He knew this place quite well because it was his little shortcut to his bartending job. He didn't even need to become a barista and a bartender because he was already stinking rich, but he needed to spend his spare time doing something. Thus he was enjoying his days here. It was not that bad. He got to continue his other jobs. He liked messing around with little Jessica. And barely anyone recognized him as a previous GHQ Endlave pilot and hated his guts for it. He was content.

Daryl turned the corner and was about to take a step forward, but a rock suddenly smashed into the brick wall next to him and he quickly rounded back into the corner. What was that! The blonde man peered out once again. It was a girl, probably in high school, crouching to the ground and holding something in her chest. She was getting harassed by a bunch of thugs. One of them lunged forward and grabbed onto her shirt and another tried to grab onto whatever she was holding in her chest. Normally, Daryl would leave because he usually felt no sympathy to something like this. But every time he tried to turn away, the words of his former comrade echoed into his head:

"If you get another chance, be more kind to people! Deep down, you are a nice guy, Daryl!"

Clenching his teeth in disgust, he made his decision. Daryl quickly ran out from his hiding spot and in a matter of minutes, all of the delinquents were running away for their lives.

"Open your eyes."

"Huh?" The little girl finally opened her fearful eyes and saw a shadow on the ground. Next she saw a pair of nice shoes. This was someone else.

"Go back home." He brushed past the young girl and he walked back into the alleys.

"Th-Thank you Mister!" She called back at him.

Daryl sighed. He might as well give his welcome to this little child. Screw Rowan! He's probably feeling all bubbly inside up in heaven. Daryl turned around and began to wave back.

He froze.

He saw it.

In the girl's arms was a robot.

And thus continues the story of Guilty Crown. Note that this story takes place roughly around eight years after the end of the story. That should give Tsugumi enough time to go through high school and almost finish college. So she would be around twenty-two years old and Daryl, being three years older, would be twenty-five years old. Everyone else should be twenty-five years old. And then, there's my OC, Jessica, who is a freshman in college, making her eighteen years old, and will become very important later in the story. Since this show wasted/demonized its wonderful characters (I honestly liked Arisa before she got crazy), I figured one more character wouldn't hurt.

I'm adding this story with two other stories from different fandoms. Yeah…I'm a genius. Let's hope I can write all three and not collapse in exhaustion. Please review for more!