Title: Figure me out
Pairings: Viktor/Harry
Warnings: Not much in this chapter.
Summary/Notes: This is basically testing the waters for this story. Enjoy, and review!

The darkness in my room makes it hard to see the photograph. My favorite photograph. It includes me, Fleur, Cedric, and... Viktor, the Tri-Wizard tournament champions.

We all won the tournament together, all grabbing the cup, and being transported to the graveyard together. Too bad Cedric died, he died protecting me. While Viktor protected Fleur. He looked so hot while he protected her.

I hear a loud thud on the stairs, and know at once its Uncle Vernon. My fat Uncle, who despises me. I pick up the loose floor board, and go to put the photo under it. Too late, Uncle Vernon opens the door to my room, and catches me.

"What are you doing boy?" Uncle Vernon screams, his face red for no reason. His clenches his fists, and stalks over to me. "Come on, get up!" He screams. The lights of the neighbors turn on, and he lowers his voice. "Hand it over boy!" He screams, though his voice is lower, and silenter.

Shaking, I hand him the photograph. He looks over it, then notices something on the back.

"To my boyf-f-f-f? WHAT!" He forgets that the neighbors are curious, and looses his temper. "ARE YOU GAY?" he screams, full of rage. His fist comes up, and connects with my stomach. "I WILL NOT HAVE A-A-A A FREAK LIVING WITH MY SON!" This is so like him, caring more for Dudley than for me. "Get out of my house!"

"I have no where to go," I say quietly, and calmly. I honestly don't. The Weasleys are in vacation with the money I gave them from the Tournament, and Hermione and her family are in Austria. Besides that, the only person I have left is Viktor, and i doubt he wants to see me. We haven't talked since the end of the tournament when I unwillingly kissed Fleur. He looked mad, and walked away. Muttering something about never wanting to see me again.

Then again, he did send me the photograph with the heart already on him. Maybe he was over it, maybe he hoped to see me again.

"You have three hours to leave," Vernon said, clapping his hands together, in an effort not to touch me.

"What happened Daddy?" Dudley asked, as he stepped into the room with the two of us.

"Dudley don't get near Harry," Vernon warned. I'm never going to call him Uncle Vernon again, he's not worthy enough of being my uncle. "He's sick in the head son."

"H-How?" Dudley questioned, fearful that my "sickness" would somehow be transferred to him. What a chump.

"He-he is... He's umm...-"

"Dudley I'm gay!" I shouted out. He took a couple of steps backwards, and then broke off into a run, saying he was going to be raped. It was kind of funny actually, Dudley screamed "RAPE, MUMMY HARRY'S GOING TO RAPE ME. HELP ME ANYONE. HARRY'S GOING TO RAPE ME." All over the house, and he only calmed down when uncle Vernon finally assured him i wouldn't do anything to him.

I packed my bags(which wasn't hard, considering all I had to do was mutter "intus sarcinulis"- the ministry changed the laws of underage sorcery since the end of the tournament, when I said Voldemort was back-). Uncle Vernon's face had gone white when I muttered the spell. Almost like he thought intus sarcinulis meant 'i'm going to kill you in Wizard'.

Hedwig fluttered happily when I was done, she probably thinks we're going to Hogwarts. "Come one girl," I say, opening her cage to let her run free. "I need a moment Vernon," I mutter coldly. He turns around and walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.

I sit down and write a letter, I'm surprised when i read it over, and wrote it to the wrong person. I re-read it again, and stop at one specific part;

Viktor I know we haven't talked for a while, but I need a favor. I kind of got kicked out of my house, and I need a place to stay at. I don't want you to take me in for ever, I just need a place to stay at until I can find my own. I'll be at the Leaky Cauldron if you can help.

I tie the leg to Hedwig, and send her off. I only mutter 'to Viktor' and she seems to understand. She takes off, and I bring my luggage out of the house. I mutter 'finem domum' as I walk out the house, and it disappears. Even though they don't want me anymore, I'm grateful for the time they took care of me. Now they can't be found by wizards, unless they know about it.

The Night Bus appears a little after I make it to Magnolia Crescent, and i board it. Everything looks like the last time I went on it, even Stan Shunpike.

"Well well well, look who we got here, It's Harry Potter," he says, his voice is noticeably deeper. "Where'd chu wanna go?" He asks.

"Leaky Cauldron Stan," I say before I can even think about it. I pay him, and I go up to the last bed on the second floor. I pull out the picture of Viktor, and falls asleep with it in my chest.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Viktor's Point of View~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

The sound of an Owl's beak rasping my window wakes me up. I open the window to let it in my room. I recognize it at once, it's Hedwig, Harry's owl. Why would he send me an owl? Did he get my hints? Maybe he's accepted my marriage proposal.

I untie the letter from Hedwig's leg, and I cant say I'm not disappointed, it says nothing about my proposal. It says:


Hows it going in Bulgaria? I hope this letter finds you well, and if it does, I wish I could say the same. Everything's kinda messed up back here at I know we haven't talked for a while, but I need a favor. I kind of got kicked out of my house, and I need a place to stay at. I don't want you to take me in for ever, I just need a place to stay at until I can find my own. I'll be at the Leaky Cauldron if you can help. Please Owl me as soon as possible. I really need to know sooner rather than later. I hope you can give this some thought, and get back to me.

He needs help, and I intend to give it to him. He doesn't have to worry that I'll reject helping him. Doesn't he know I'll do anything for him? I put on the first things I find which happen to be, a white wife beater, and some ripped jeans, my boots are combat style and my jacket is leather. I probably look like a gang member, so I change into something more comfortable.

It's been an hour since i started getting ready, and I can't find anything. Finally, I give up and put on another wife beater, and some Spongebob pajama pants. To make myself look even more childish, I put on my Spongebob fussy slippers. This a side of me, not many people get to see, and I intend to show it to him. He's already that special to me.

I finally decide I look OK, and make my way through the door. The closest apparation point near me is two blocks away, but they don't allow owls, so I'm forced to go to the closest owl friendly apparation point, which is about an hour away. Thankfully, I learned about cabs from the Muggles, and take one, cutting down the time by 45 minutes.

I give the cab driver his money, and step out. He still looks at me weird when I take Hedwig out with me. The apparation points in Bulgaria are very hard to notice, you have to find three items, before they show themselves to you. I have to find a blue stone, that i no longer have ( I left if in my bedroom), a blue bird feather, which i remembered to bring, and my apparation ID.

"Accio blue stone," I mutter, and look around. It takes a while, but I finally find the blue stone rushing towards me. I catch it in mid-air, and put it in a rock. The apparation point shows up in front of me, and I step into it.

I concentrate on the Leaky Cauldron, and everything starts spinning around me. The Leaky Cauldron appears in front of me, and I open the door.

The inside of the Leaky Cauldron comes into view, and i can't see anyone. It's dark for a few moments, then lights turn on.

"Good evening Mister Krum, I'm Tom," the innkeeper says, stretching out his hand. I grab onto him, and pull him close.

"I never came. I'm just here to find Mister Potter and then I'm leaving. Here are seventeen galleons, tell me vhere Harry's at, and forget you ever saw me," I say, handing him a bag of galleons.

"He's in the second room on the left in the second floor."

I walk up, and knock twice on the door.

No answer.

I knock once more.

Still no answer.

I grow worried, and try to open the door.

It's locked. Of course it is, Harry has special protection.

"Alohomora," I say, and the door swings open, revealing a curled up figure on a nearby bed.

I walk over it, and mutter 'Lumos'. The figure's face is barely visible, but I can tell it's Harry. I can see the spot on his neck where Fleur bit him that day. "Harry," I whisper into his ear, and he moves.

"Viktor?" He asks. I squeeze his hand in reassurance. He opens his eyes, and sits up. He looks up at me, and I can see the relief all over his face.

"I came to-" I say, before he grabs hold of my lips with his.

It feels good, as he moans into our deep kiss. And his body feels warm against my bare arms.

"Harry put some clothes on," I say, pulling out of our kiss. He looks disappointed, but I dont want him to get sick.

"Later," he whines, and pulls me into another kiss.

I refuse and he goes all grumpy on me, he puts his lower lip out, and pouts. He looks so sexy when he pouts.

-Viktor get a hold of yourself, he is not of age yet- I hear my voice inside of me say.

"Harry vait," I say. "Lets us go to my house," I say, pulling him out of his bed. He wraps his legs around my waist, and i pull his bags on my shoulder. "Am i going to carry you?" I ask, smiling.

He places his head on the crook of my neck, and nods. His head fits perfectly into that part of my neck.

I take him, his bags, and Hedwig to the apparation point, and apparate us back into Sofia.

After a while of walking with all of his luggage, we make it to my house. He looks surprised as we walk inside, and Serena welcomes us.

"Anything you need Master Krum?" she asks in her squeaky voice, and i nod.

I take Harry to the guest room, and turn to leave.

"Don't go," he pleads, grabbing hold of my arm.

I stay, and get in the bed with him. He puts the blanket over me, and cuddles in my chest. He's so cute.

We cuddle and he "unintentionally" brushes his ass over where my privates are at. I'm not going to lie, it felt good. But I'm trying as hard as I can to keep hold of myself. SO far its working.

I close my eyes, and slowly drift off into sleep.

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