I dot own Austin and ally Disney does

Austin's POV

"AUSTIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY" dez, Ally, and trish all said running up to him and hugging him

"thanks guys but could you stop hugging so hard I think im losing oxygen"

"sorry" they all let go

dez and trish had to go and austin b-day present for his party tomorrow so it was just the nervous austin and ally left lone in the store since her dad was at a convention. It was now closing time so ally closed up the and her and austin went up to the practice room.

Austins POV

"Hey ally do you wanna know the one thing I really want on my birthday"

"what is it austin to be discovered by some famous producer and get a big record deal"

"no... theonething iwant isyou" he said very quickly


"ally don't make me repeat it if I don't have to"

"no I really didn't hear"

"fine I said the I want you" my face got hot I think im beat red

shocked as ally is I hear her say something

"austin you do know that if you said that to anyone else they would of thought you meant sex"

"wait you don't think I meant that do you ally"

"of course not austin I now you wouldn't ask me to have sex with you"

"oh good"

"austin did you really mean that thoe I mean that 'you want me'"

"yeah but in the none perverted way in the way that im in love with you"

instead of saying anything else ally kissed him and austin quickly kissed back seeing as they were sitting on the couch austin layed ally down while still kissing her there eyes closed and ally didn't seem to mind him being on top of her. Ally loved this feeling and she slowly started to unbutton austins shirt and helped her take it off then he took of Allys short coat she slid her tongue across his bottom lip begging for entrance he gladly excepted they fought for dominance as she took austins shirt off. Austin now topless took the strap's of allys dress and pulled then down brushing his thumb down her arm the top of her dress now at her waist.

"Ally... I guess maybe I was asking"

"maybe im ok with that yours already topless and im partly topless and of course or socks and shoes" she said the last part laughing

"ally are you sure about this what happens if we go any further" I asked worried

"its ok austin I don't care anymore"

"you sure ally I don't want you regretting it"

" austin im not gonna regret it I promise"

"ok ally if your sure"

"I am austin lock the door"