Live for Today, Love forever

Raven sat in Nevermore, at a podium in the center of the realm, at the head of an ampitheater. Gathered before her were all her emotions. A very important issue was at hand, one that would affect the rest of her life. A choice that would determine her future. Even Rage was here, at her insistence.

Raven looked down at her gathered selves. "I call this meeting of my mind to order. Knowledge, if you would present the issue?"

Knowledge started to step forward, but Rage stepped ahead of her. "We all know what's at stake here. They can not be allowed to interfere with what is ours! THey know nothing!"

Raven stared at Rage. THis was the last she expected from her most volatile emotion. She was even more surprised to hear a rumble of agreement from the others.

Bravery stepped forward. "Rage is right. We have to act. We know what's at stake."

Wisdom stepped forward. "We know the consequences. Our hesitation is understandable, but we know there is only one choice we will accept."

Knowledge stepped forward. "You know what's at stake, Raven. But you also know what you have to do."

Raven looked at them all, shocked. " give up my future..."

Timid spoke up. "We are needed. We can't turn our backs this time. We'll never forgive ourselves if we do."

Raven stared at the manifestation of her fears. This was the last side of her she expected to vote to act. Finally finding her voice, she turned to the pink robed emotion beside her. "What about you Happy?" Then to the magenta robed emotion next to her. "Or you, Affection? Neither of you have spoken yet."

Happy looked up at her. "I have nothing to add here. Either choice can lead to joy or pain. I don't know what to do."

Affection did not face Raven, but she spoke up. "If we do this...we lose our future...will we lose Garfield, too?"

There was dead silence. Raven sighed. "There is no way to know what the future will hold. Only the choice is left. All in favor?" Nearly every hand went up. "All opposed?" No hands went up. "...Very well. The decision has been made." She stood up and left Nevermore.

Sitting at her desk, Raven filled out the paperwork. Staring at the blank half, she sighed sadly. "This is it. No turning back."

"Are you okay, Raven?"

Raven jumped and spun around. She hadn't heard Beast Boy approach. "What are you doing in here?"

"You've been quiet ever since you got back today. More so than usual. I was worried about you."

She hesitated, then glared at him. "So you just let yourself in?"

He grinned at her, and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. "You left your door open."

Glancing over, she saw she had. She'd had so much on her mind and was in such a hurry to get to Nevermore she'd left her door wide open. Sighing, she turned and saw Beast Boy examining the papers on her desk. Leaping forward, she said, "That's private!"

He looked at her. "Is this what's been bothering you? We know how you feel about it, but...are you sure about this?"

She looked at him, then sighed. She wasn't going to try and hide this. "I'm sure."

Glancing down at the papers, he smirked at her. "Gonna be kinda hard with it half blank like this." He reached for a pen.

"Well, it's not like I have anything to fill in there-What do you think you're doing?" She lunged forward and looked down at what he'd added to the page. Shocked, she turned to look at Beast Boy. " you realise what you're doing? You're signing away your future!"

He smiled at her. "So are you. Raven, life may be full of hard decisions, but no one ever said they had to be made alone."

She stared at him. "You'd do that...for me...?"

He continued to smile. "Like you said, I'm signing away my future...but if it means spending it with you..." Reaching into his pocket, he placed something in her hand, "...then I'm not losing anything."

Looking at her hand, she let out a gasp. Looking up at him, she couldn't speak.

"It's not how I meant to ask you, but...well..." Suddenly he was silenced, as she discovered she didn't need words to show him what this meant to her.

The next day, the government building...

"Well, Miss Roth, Mr. Logan, everything seems to be in order here, but...I must admit, we didn't even know you two were a couple."

Raven blushed a little, and Beast Boy said easily, "Well, you know how these things happen."

"Yes," the staff member said, "but...given the situation, and that both of you lack regular employment, we'll have to do a check of your financials. Just routine.

Raven winced. She had no financial records to speak of, because she had no finances to speak of. She thought this would be it. Everything she tried to do...everything that came of it...lost right here. How could Garfield be so calm about this? He never had money for anything.

After some typing, the lady turned back to them. "Well, it looks like everything checks out. Just sign here the both of you," she pushed a form at them, "and I'll fetch them."

Stunned, Raven reached forward and signed the paper. Beast Boy signed as well, and the woman directed them to wait. She headed into the back. Turning, Raven stared at Beast Boy. He smiled sheepishly. "My folks left me a bit of a nest egg. I never wanted anything enough before now to be worth tapping into it. As for now," he turned as the woman came back in, "what better way to use a gift from the past then to invest in the future."

The three children the woman was leading looked up, then ran forward, shouting, "RAVEN!"

She kneeled down and embraced her kids, three children that had anchored themselves firmly into her heart. Looking at Melvin, Timmy, and Teether now, she knew this was truely the right decision. As she and Beast Boy scooped them up, the lady smiled at them. "I see you already know your new parents."

Looking back up at Raven and Beast Boy, Melvin could only say two words as she embraced them, her eyes full of tears of joy. "Mommy! Daddy!"