9. Happily Ever After

"Mom! I'm home, and I brought ~somebody~!"

"Oh, that's good-" Raven stopped. "Did you say somebody, or ~somebody~?"

"~Somebody.~" Melvin said, holding hands with the boy next to her. At 16, Melvin was quite the looker, although the boy next to her definatly fell into the nerdy category.

"Ah," Raven said, looking the boy up and down. "SO did you meet him at school, or at work?"

"Work," Melvin said blandly. After the incident with Malchior, Raven and Gar had decided the kids were ready to start training for hero work, and all three had excelled.

"I see," she said. "And what might be your name, young man?"

"Uh, I, er..."

"Marcus!" Melvin elbowed him. "My Mom doesn't bite...except for Dad." She laughed at her Mom's blush. "This is Marcus, aka Black Thorn. YOu know, the plant manipulator?"

Raven nodded. "Yes, I'm aware of him." She watched Marcus carefully, then nodded. "Alright, you two, have fun." Turning, she headed back towards her own room, before shouting back over her shoulder, "But the door stays open!" Melvin giggled in response.

Stepping back into her room, she smiled at her husband, who had taken a few weeks off work for 'personal reasons.' Garfield grinned as he held their miracle twins, Mark and Marie. "Open doors? Isn't that how we got into all of this?"

"Exactly," Raven said, snuggling up to her husband and taking her 1 year old son into her arms. "Nothing bad ever comes of leaving the door open."

Smiling, she let herself doze, surrounded by her family.

The End